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Americans Vanquished: The Damage America’s Ruling Jewish Elite has inflicted on the American Economy.

Since the illegal establishment of the jos in 1948, the economic damage that america has suffered through its bizarre allegiance to a country with another language, another culture, another religion, and a racist political system, is colossal. America’s jewish dominated institutions have pressured americans into making a colossal economic sacrifice for the jos.

Imagine a World without the Jos.
Whilst the jos possesses no natural resources the arab/moslem countries of the middle east possess a vast abundance of oil. However, since 1967, successive American presidents have provided military and political protection for the jos rather than the arab/islamic world. As a consequence, this has undermined america’s economic interests. It has undermined the interests of the arab/islamic world. The only country that has benefited has been the jos.

If the jos had not been established, it is likely that the middle east would now be peaceful, prosperous, and secular. It is true that america would probably have imposed dictatorships on many arab/islamic states in order to protect its oil interests but, even so, most would now have acquired a prosperous and increasingly westernized, middle class that would have the potential for developing western orientated, democratic systems. America would be doing vast amounts of business with middle eastern countries selling consumer commodities and military armaments which would benefit both the america and the middle eastern economies.

Unfortunately, america’s devotion to the jos has brought about a situation where both america and the middle eastern world lose out economically and politically solely for the benefit of the racist jewish hate state. "The enormous, ignored fact of the Palestinian story is that America is not, as the left so loves to think, pursuing some vital interest in its alliance with Israel. On the contrary, America is acting against its vital interests. And by America I don't just mean the wonderful, real-as-dirt Americans of Denzel Washington flicks. I also mean corporate America and the American government." (Michael Neumann ‘Protect Me from My Friends’ August 20, 2002); "If leftists really wanted to restrain Israel rather than moralize about American complicity, they would make clear that US policymakers are more stupid than evil, because Israeli policies run entirely contrary to America's strategic and economic interests." (Michael Neumann ‘Protect Me from My Friends’ August 20, 2002); "The unconditional commitment to the Israeli colonial state has eroded US relations with the richest and most populous states in the Arab and Islamic world. In market terms the difference is between hundreds of billions of dollars in sales versus defending a receiver of massive US aid handouts. The economic losses far outweigh any small-scale questionable military benefits. The Arab states are net buyers of US military hardware. The Israeli arms industry is a stiff competitor." (James Petras ‘Noam Chomsky and the Pro-Israel Lobby: Fourteen Erroneous Theses’ March 2006).

It is the increasing power of the jos which has been responsible for pushing middle eastern peoples into poverty and religious fundamentalism.

The Jol/Jos Triggers the 1973 Arab Oil Embargo.
In 1973, president nixon airlifted weapons to the jos to help it defeat arab armies even though he must have known this would result in economic retaliation. Arab countries organized an oil embargo which threw the american, and global, economies into a decade long recession.

The Jol undermines Détente with Russia and a Peace Bonanza.
In 1974 the jewish owned media, the jewish sponsored congress, the jol, and the jos, campaigned to undermine nixon’s efforts to bring about détente between america and russia which would have ushered in an era of economic and political co-operation between the two superpowers. This would have undoubtedly resulted in massive economic growth in both countries as russia could have used its vast natural resources to fund vast imports of american goods. It would have been not only a period of peace but of prosperity for both countries which would have had equally beneficial effects for most other countries as well. The policy of détente was buried under an avalanche of lies from america’s jewish neocons who made up the complete fabrication that russia was posing an increasing military threat to america. This jewish fabrication about russian military power is little different from their fabrication that saddam possessed weapons of mass destruction.

American Imperialism would support the Palestinians.
Michael neumann has explained america’s calamitous global, strategic error in vivid terms, "The fact -the fact leftists bust a gut to ignore -is that The Big Corporations would be far, far better off if the US switched sides completely, and supported the Palestinians to the hilt. It is difficult to argue this just because it is so screamingly obvious. The Big Corporations want oil: Israel pisses off the oil producers, bigtime. Israel does not, contrary to leftist orthodoxy, help the US control the oil. For Christ's sake guys - Israel would have to shove through Syria or Lebanon or Jordan to get near any oil. That would cause a major conflagration and -guess what -destroy enormous amounts of oil-producing capacity." (Michael Neumann ‘A Study in Dogma: The Palestinians and the Party Line’ November 18, 2005). This point has recently been reiterated by mearsheimer & walt, "We maintain that US policy in the Middle East is driven primarily by the commitment to Israel, not oil interests. If the oil companies or the oil-producing countries were driving policy, Washington would be tempted to favour the Palestinians instead of Israel. Moreover, the United States would almost certainly not have gone to war against Iraq in March 2003, and the Bush administration would not be threatening to use military force against Iran. Although many claim that the Iraq war was all about oil, there is hardly any evidence to support that supposition, and much evidence of the lobby’s influence." (John Mearsheimer & Stephen Walt ‘Letters: The Israel Lobby’ May 11th 2006).

America has fought Zionist Proxy Wars undermining America’s Economic Interests.
America fought a proxy zionist war in 1990 to expel saddam from kuwait. In 2003, it launched a proxy zionist invasion of iraq. In both cases vast quantities of american resources have been sacrificed for the sake of the jos which could have been used to benefit american people.

The Jol provokes anti-Boycott Laws.
The jol was responsible for passing legislation boosting the political and military interests of the jos even though they undermined america’s economic interests. "as a result of pressure that pro-Israeli groups were able to exert on Congress, a set of antiboycott laws was passed that severely limit [US] business in the Arab world. As a result, American companies and the United States economy suffer an estimated $1 billion loss per year." (Professor Cheryl Rubenberg quoted in Jeffrey Blankfort ‘Damage Control: Noam Chomsky and the Israel-Palestine Conflict – April 2005).

The Jol sacrifices America’s Gigantic Multi-national Oil Corporations for the sake of the Jos.
American presidents have initiated economic and technology boycotts against other countries in favour of the jos even though this has undermined the interests of america’s biggest multi-national corporations. In 1995, president clinton banned american energy companies from investing heavily in iran to exploit the country’s vast fossil fuel reserves. Clinto enhanced the ban in the following year, "Pressed by AIPAC and other pro-Israel forces, Clinton toughened up the policy in the spring of 1995 by imposing an economic embargo on Iran. But AIPAC et al wanted more. The result was the 1996 Iran and Libya Sanctions Act, which imposed sanctions on any foreign companies investing more than $40 million to develop petroleum resources in Iran or Libya. As Ze’ev Schiff, the military correspondent for Ha’aretz, noted at the time, "Israel is but a tiny element in the big scheme, but one should not conclude that it cannot influence those within the Beltway." (John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen M. Walt ‘The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy’ rwp_06_011_walt.pdf March 2006 p.36). The consequence has been that over the last decade america’s oil industries have lost out on hundreds of billions of dollars in profits. For more details please see ‘How the Jewish Neocons are Bleeding America to Death’.

This point was recently made by james petras, "The most striking illustration of Jewish power in shaping US policy in the Middle East against the interest of Big Oil is demonstrated in US-Iran policy. As the Financial Times notes: "International oil companies are putting multi-billion dollar projects in Iran on hold, concerned about the diplomatic standoff (sic – US economic-military threats) over the country’s nuclear programme" (FT March 18/19, 2006 p.1). Despite the fact that billions of dollars in oil, gas and petro-chemical contracts are in play, the pro-Israel lobby has influenced Congress to bar all major US oil companies from investing in Iran. Through its all out campaign in the US Congress and Administration, the US-Jewish-Israeli lobby has created a war-like climate which now goes counter to the interests of all the world’s major oil companies including BP, the UK-based gas company, SASOL (South Africa, Royal Dutch Shell, Total of France and others." (James Petras ‘The Ascendancy of Finance Capital: Record Profits and Rising Authoritarianism - March 28, 2006).

America’s Jewish Racism Putting off Tourists.
On a more mundane, practical level, as a result of america’s blind subservience to the interests of the jos, "Meanwhile, hassling Arab visitors and making their visas difficult to get and being mean to them while they are here is costing the US $20 billion a year in lost tourism, and universities have lost $42 million in tuition money, and hospitals have lost wealthy Arab patients. My guess is that we are also losing big time in the area of exports to the Arab world, and that these losses will accelerate over time." (Juan Cole ‘WSJ: $20 Billion a Year in Lost Arab Tourism’ April 21, 2006).


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