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Americans Vanquished: Jewish Americans or Jews in America?

Published February 26, 2006
Updated May 14, 2006

America is more than just the world’s most powerful military. It spends more on its armed forces than the rest of the world put together. For instance, "The 281 ships and half-a-million members of the US navy, larger than those of the next 17 naval nations combined, guarantee the security of the country's oil supply." (Will Hutton ‘A battle for oil could set the world aflame’
/0,,1764542,00.html April 30, 2006). It is a hyper-power. Under these circumstances, it might be expected that all americans, whether politicians, business people, religious leaders, or consumers, would fully support their country’s military might being used to protect and enhance america’s political, and economic, interests around the world. It would hardly be surprising if they were prone to extreme displays of patriotism. What could be more natural than outbursts of american jingoism from those benefiting from american imperialism around the world? And yet the most prevalent phenomenon in america at present is the exact opposite of such expectations - americans grovelling at the feet of their jewish masters. This is certainly one of the most surprising, and shocking, political phenomenon of the 21st century. America might be a hyper-power, but americans are in the process of selling their country, their national interests, their constitution, and their souls, to the jews-only state in palestine, (jos). They are traitors not merely to their own country, their constitution, their own interests, their own beliefs, but to themselves. This phenomenon affects virtually all americans – few seem immune to this parasitic zionist infestation. This article explores the phenomena of americans sacrificing their country, their political system, their economic interests, their way of life, and even their own identities, for the sake of the jos.

Jewish Americans or Jews in America?
What’s the Difference?
Just as brazilians live in brazil so jews are people who live in, and are citizens of, the jos. Those who have a jewish genetic heritage but are citizens of other countries, are not jews. For example, in america they should be regarded as american jews (or jewish americans) i.e. people who define themselves as americans. Despite their jewish genetic heritage they put america’s national and global interests first - like any other american citizen. The only people who refer to jews globally i.e. as people with a common genetic heritage who are dispersed around the world, are anti-semites, jewish racists and, of course, the jos. When anti-semitic racists, jewish racists, and the jos, use the word ‘jew’ they use it racially (the former derogatorily, the latter in what they believe is a positive way) to describe all those around the world with a jewish genetic heritage. Both believe this genetic racial heritage is more important than a person’s own definition of themselves as the citizen of another country e.g. an american jew or a brazilian jew, etc. Anti-semites are racist because they want harm done to all those with a jewish racial genetic heritage even if they have no allegiance to their own race or to the jos. Conversely, jewish racists are racists because they want to persuade all those with a jewish racial genetic heritage that their racial identity is more important than their self-chosen political identity i.e. their citizenship of another country, and that they should be with their own race in the jos. Thus the anti-semitic racist and the jewish racist are just opposite sides of the same coin. As a consequence, the identity of american jews (or british jews etc) becomes a battlefield where their desire to be loyal to america, and to put america’s interests first, are being undermined by jewish/anti-semitic racists.

Let’s say that as a result of this battle over their identity, an american jew decides s/he wants to renounce her/his loyalty to america and give it to the jos. This person then becomes what could be called a jew living in america. The difference between a jewish american and a jew in america is that the former puts the interests of the united states first no matter how much nostalgia or attachment they feel for the jos, whilst the latter puts the interests of the jos before those of america. In general, once those with a jewish genetic heritage living outside of the jos see themselves as totally jewish they become a jewish racist.

The jos is a racist state. It gives all people around the world with a jewish genetic heritage the right to become a citizen of the jos. Thus, virtually all jewish americans have the legal right to become citizens of the jos. Out of the jewish american population of 3 million about 500,000 have already taken advantage of this legal right. Once jewish americans decide to take up dual citizenship they take a large stride towards becoming jews in america – although they do not necessarily cross this line. "And it could be argued that numerous US government officials in the highest and most powerful positions in the land including -but not limited to - Michael Chertoff (Homeland Security chief), Paul Wolfowitz (former Deputy Defense Secretary), Richard Perle (former head of the Defense Policy Board), Douglas Feith (former Undersecretary for Defense) and Dov Zakheim (former Comptroller for Defense), (reportedly) hold both US and Israeli citizenship....... and what's wrong with that? Some of the dual citizens have even worked in both the Israeli and US government. In fact, in both US and Israeli defense." (Lila Rajiva Double Standards on Foreign Owners’ February 27, 2006). American jews cross the line when they put the interests of the jos before those of america. They then become jews in america and thus traitors to america.

The most clear cut means for distinguishing between a jewish american and a jew in america is their attitude to jonathon pollard. Pollard is currently in prison for selling american secrets to the jos. Jewish americans would obviously condemn pollard for his treasonous activities towards america. However, those who seek to diminish pollard’s crime by arguing that he was not guilty or that what he did was not serious enough to involve incarceration, or that he didn’t warrant such a severe prison sentence, are clearly jews living in america.

It should be pointed out that pollard is worshipped almost as a saint by many jews in america even whilst they adamantly argue they are loyal to america, "In his New York Times column Safire damned Inman for having "contributed to the excessive sentencing of Jonathan Pollard," Israel's spy in the naval intelligence service (whom some Jewish-Americans treat as a martyred saint)." (Michael Lind ‘The Israel Lobby’ Prospect April 1, 2002).

In america, the jewish lobby, the jewish dominated media, jewish think tanks, jewish academics, are currently trying to defend two people accused of giving american secrets to the jos. "The recent arrest of two AIPAC officials for handing confidential government documents over to Israeli embassy officials has led the pro-Israel lobby to mobilize a massive media campaign in their defense, converting an act of espionage against the US into an ‘exercise of free speech’. Editorials and op-ed articles in favor of dismissal of the charges have appeared in most of the leading newspapers in what must be the most unprecedented campaign in favor of agents of a foreign government in US history. The power of the propaganda reach of the Lobby far exceeds any countervailing power, even though the case against the AIPAC officials is very strong, including the testimony of the key Pentagon official convicted of handing them the documents." (James Petras ‘Noam Chomsky and the Pro-Israel Lobby: Fourteen Erroneous Theses’ March 2006). Just how similar the case of the two aipac officials is to that of pollard has yet to be determined but should it be shown to be identical and their supporters continue to support them then a considerable party of america’s jewish elite will expose themselves as traitors to america.

Jews in america do not go around stating they are totally loyal to the jos because if they did they would face suspicion and hostility from ordinary americans They thus try to cover up their primary allegiance to the jos by pretending they are just american jews. American jews can support jewish racism and the racist jos without becoming jews in america but once they begin to advocate that america should pursue foreign policies that are in the interests of the jos but not in america’s interests then they cross the line and become traitors to america. To clarify: just as white americans have the constitutional right to advocate white racism so american jews the same right to advocate jewish racism without being condemned as jews in america.

To repeat: in this work the term ‘jew’ refers to citizens of the jos. There is a case for arguing that jews are racists because they live in a racist state, but this is not relevant here. Those with a jewish genetic heritage who live outside the jos who give their loyalty to the country in which they live and in which they have citizenship are better described as, for example, american jews. It is only when such people give their loyalty to the jos, not the country in which they live and are a citizen, that they become, for example, jews in america.

They’re supposed to be Jewish Americans but really they’re Jews in America: Jews-only Summer Schools.
In the following quote there is a rather convenient conflation between jews who give "primary loyalty" to the jos and those who have "dual loyalty". Surely these are two entirely different political phenomena? The former being traitorous to america whilst the latter is not. "Ethnocentric political Zionism as the basis of Jewish identity is more appealing to many former leftist and liberal Jews in the US than the adoption of a stringent Orthodox Jewish lifestyle. But making political Zionism the basis of Jewishness imposes a stark dual loyalty, as Stephen Steinlight argues in the essay I have quoted. "I'll confess it, at least: like thousands of other typical Jewish kids of my generation, I was reared as a Jewish nationalist, even a quasi-separatist. Every summer for two months, for ten formative years during my childhood and adolescence, I attended Jewish summer camp. There, each morning, I saluted a foreign flag, dressed in a uniform reflecting its colours, sang a foreign national anthem, learned a foreign language, learned foreign folk songs and dances, and was taught that Israel was the true homeland. Emigration to Israel was considered the highest virtue... Of course we also saluted the American and Canadian flags and sang those anthems, usually with real feeling, but it was clear where our primary loyalty was meant to reside... That America has tolerated this dual loyalty - we get a free pass, I suspect, largely over Christian guilt about the Holocaust-makes it no less a reality."" (Michael Lind ‘The Israel Lobby’ April 1, 2002).

They’re supposed to be Jewish Americans but really they’re Jews in America: Members of Congress.
"The authors cite Morris Amitay, a former head of AIPAC, as saying: "There are a lot of guys at the working level up here [on Capitol Hill] … who happen to be Jewish, who are willing … to look at certain issues in terms of their Jewishness. … These are all guys who are in a position to make the decision in these areas for those senators. … You can get an awful lot done just at the staff level."" (Justin Raimondo ‘The Lobby’ March 20, 2006).

John Wexler.
"An orthodox Jew, Wexler has always been a Zionist hard-liner and has received tens of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from pro-Israel interests during the past six years. And he's picked up a big stick for the fight against Iraq. A member of the House committee on international relations, lately he's been spending an inordinate amount of time traveling around the country and the world promoting Israel and the war on Hussein. So last week, I asked Wexler the obvious question: Who, as you prepare to send U.S. soldiers to war, are you really representing: South Florida or Israel? "Let's get this straight," he answered. "I'm American. I'm 100 percent American. I bleed American. Am I proud of my heritage? Yes. I support the state of Israel and wholeheartedly support an unbreakable bond between the U.S. and Israel... but there is nothing about my policy that is anything other than American. It is not driven by Israel. At this point, it is supportive of President Bush." ( New Times Broward-Palm Beach September 26th 2002).

Peter Deutsch.
"Deutsch is strongly aligned with AIPAC and, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, has received roughly $100,000 in campaign contributions from pro-Israeli political interests during his past decade in office - including $40,000 since 2000. In May, he traveled to Israel, where he pledged allegiance to the Jewish state and hand-delivered to Sharon a House resolution pledging unequivocal support from the United States. During the trip, Deutsch announced, "We are totally committed to the war against terrorism... and there should not be a Yasser Arafat exception," according to the Jerusalem Post. "He is a terrorist." It's one of the Broward-based congressman's favorite phrases, "Arafat exception," and it implies, though Deutsch doesn't say it, that the United States should forcibly remove Arafat from power." (Bob Norman ‘Hawking for Israel’ September 26th 2002).

Rahm Emmanuel.
"The Israelization of America: The latest chapter. Only missing from this important article is the fact that Rep. Rahm Emmanuel, a second term Democratic congressman from Illinois, while he was working as a staff director for Pres. Clinton, took time off to serve as a volunteer in the Israeli army during the first intifada. And why shouldn't he, his parents are Israeli which makes him.... His other job? He's the one the Democratic Party leaders have chosen to make the decision who should run for Demo House seats in the upcoming election and, as I understand it, who should get the money. Now tell me again, which country is the strategic asset of the other?" (Jeff Blankfort ‘Israelization of America. Double Standards on Foreign Owners/Amdocs vs. DP World’ Feb 28 2006).


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