Thursday, July 13, 2006

Far Reaching Consequences? You mean like 2,000 Miles?

I’d heard several jewish commentators state that hezbollah were the ‘A’ team amongst what they called guerilla fighters but the only insight I had into why they should be so highly regarded was that recently a commentator had pointed out that hezbollah freedom fighters had videod all their attacks on the jewish army’s illegal occupation of the lebanon and had then broadcast their successful actions into the jews-only state so that ordinary jewish racists could see their soldiers being killed in an effort to persuade them them to support the withdrawal of jews-only military from the country.

However, hezbollah’s military and political brilliance were obvious from their capture of two jewish soldiers as a means of publicizing their demands for the return of all innocent people illegally held by the jews-only state in palestine (jos). The capture of two jews was also an act of heroic solidarity with palestinians.

Hezbollah’s leader was shown on britain’s channel four news demanding that the jos release its arab hostages in return for the release of the two captured jewish soldiers. Hezbollah’ well planned attack was not as an act of war against the jos but a publicity stunt to highlight an issue that the jewish dominated western world refused to acknowledge – that the racist jos was illegally detaining thousands of innocent islamic people in its prisons. Virtually everyone in the western world has heard of guantanomo bay and abu graib but nobody even knows the names of the prisons in palestine in which thousands of arabs are illegally incarcerated – yet further proof of jewish domination over the western world. "Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah said he will not release the captives except as part of a prisoner swap. He said the two soldiers were "in a safe and very far place."" (Israel strikes come within 10 miles of Beirut’ July 12, 2006).

Nbc news reported hamas’s support for the action of hezbollah’s freedom fighters, "This is a heroic operation carried out against military targets and so it is a legitimate operation, especially as it took place in occupied Lebanese territory," Hamas political bureau member Mohammad Nazzal told Reuters." (Israel strikes come within 10 miles of Beirut’ July 12, 2006).

Olmert’s response to hezbollah’s publicity stunt was to ratchet up the threat into "an act of war," (Israel strikes come within 10 miles of Beirut’ July 12, 2006). He vowed that the Israeli response "will be restrained, but very, very, very painful."" (Israel strikes come within 10 miles of Beirut’ July 12, 2006).

However, even more ominously, in britain, a channel four news reporter stated that olmert had also said that the jos’s response to hezbollah’s action would have "far reaching consequences." This had also been quoted on other British television news even though the msnbc report quoted above neglected to mention the statement. Such a statement could be taken to mean that the jos was going to punish iran for funding, arming, and training, hezbollah freedom fighters. In other words, he was willing to trigger a regional war that would inevitably drag the americans into protecting the jews.

The lunatic army chief of staff lt. general dan halutz also made clear the jews’ usual military tactic when warned the lebanese government that the jos target lebanon’s infrastructure and "turn back the clock in Lebanon by 20 years," if the soldiers were not returned .." (Israel strikes come within 10 miles of Beirut’ July 12, 2006); "Senior officers in the IDF say that the Lebanese government is responsible for the soldiers' abduction. According to the officers, if the kidnapped soldiers are not returned alive and well, the Lebanese civilian infrastructures will regress 20, or even 50 years." (Amos Harel ‘Israel prepares for widespread military escalation’ July 12, 2006). In other words, halutz will continue doing what the jos military has been doing for the last few decades, not merely defeating military opponents but destroying the economic basis of their military capability, a tactic which has been employed not merely in palestine but, through their american puppets, in iraq. The jews aim not merely for military supremacism in the middle east but for economic supremaicsm. Attacks on infrastructure are also by definition instances of collective punishment.

The jewish occupied american government made the following impartial comment, "We call for immediate and unconditional release of the two soldiers," said Frederick Jones, spokesman with the White House National Security Council. "We also hold Syria and Iran, which directly support Hizbollah, responsible for this attack and for the ensuing violence." (Israel strikes come within 10 miles of Beirut’ July 12, 2006).

The jos’s response to hezbollah’s capture of two jewish soldiers was to make an incursion into the lebanon to try and recover their soldiers. However, this led only to another tank being destroyed and more jewish soldiers killed. "Hezbollah said its guerrillas destroyed two Israeli tanks that attempted to cross the border into Lebanon on two different occasions Wednesday." (Israel strikes come within 10 miles of Beirut’ July 12, 2006).

In the past the jos would have invaded the lebanon to recover its missing soldiers but doing so again will be much more difficult than in the 1980s. It might have been thought the jews would be reluctant to do so after what hezbollah did in the 1990s. Hezbollah has obviously been rehearsing their military plans since they know there is a high probability that the jos would re-invade.

The jos cannot just confine their attacks on lebanon to an aerial bombardment because hezbollah now has the means to counter even this tactic. "At least two Katyusha rockets fired from Lebanon slammed into the northern Israeli city of Nahariya on Thursday, wounding three civilians, the Israeli army said. The Lebanese guerrilla group Hizbollah said it had fired 60 rockets at Nahariya, a coastal city south of the Lebanese border." (Northern Israeli city hit by rockets from Lebanon’ July 13, 2006). It has been estimated, "Hizbollah has said it has more than 13,000 rockets capable of hitting Israeli towns and installations deep into northern Israel." (Nadim Ladki ‘Israeli aircraft rocket Beirut airport runways’ July 13, 2006). Another estimate is that, "The Israel Defense Forces confirmed that several rockets landed more than 20 kilometers south of the border with Lebanon, signaling that Hezbollah is becoming increasingly successful in expanding the reach of the crude projectiles. The group has declared it has over 10,000 rockets to use against Israel." (Jack Khoury, Amos Harel, Aluf Benn and Gideon Alon ‘Peretz: We won't let Hezbollah return to border’ July 13, 2006). If the jos wants to prevent its towns from being threatened then it will have to invade and reoccupy the lebanon to keep hezbollah out of reach of the jos.

The jews should accept that they’ve been politically and militarily outmanoeuvered once again by hezbollah and call a halt to any further attacks. They should not escalate what was just a political publicity stunt into a regional war.

Juan cole’s analysis of these developments is that, "All hell broke loose on Wednesday in the Mideast, with a Hizbullah attack on the Israeli army and Israeli reprisals, and the Israeli dropping of a 500 pound bomb on Gaza. I roundly condemn Hizbullah's criminal and stupid attack on Israel and escalation of a crisis that is already harming ordinary Palestinians on a massive scale.
Likewise, the Beirut airport is not in south Lebanon and for the Israelis to bomb it and neighborhoods in south Beirut is a disproportionate use of force. The Israelis are actually talking about causing "pain to the Lebanese." That is despicable.
One thing is clear. This crisis will not leave the fabric of Lebanese politics untouched, and the danger of an unraveling is acute. And, it is clear that the withdrawal of Syria from Lebanon has given an opening to Israeli hawks to invade Lebanese territory again. It will not be good for Israelis if Lebanon collapses into a failed state again.
Rejectionists on both sides are to blame. The Oslo Peace Process could have forestalled all this violence, as Israeli PM Yitzhak Rabin understood. But on the Israeli side, the then Likud Party of Bibi Netanyahu and Ariel Sharon and Ehud Olmert derailed it. On the Palestinian side, Hamas rejected it. Had there been a peace process, prisoners would have been released in return for a cessation of hostilities, and there would have been no motivation to capture Israeli soldiers.
The lesson is that if you refuse to negotiate a peace, then you are likely to have to go on fighting a war.
I continue to worry that this outbreak of war in the Levant will exacerbate tensions in Iraq and get more US troops killed. Iraqi Sunnis generally sympathize with the Palestinians. And hard line Shiites like the Sadr Movement and the Mahdi Army are close to Hizbullah. Israel's wars could tip Iraq over into an unstoppable downward spiral." (Juan Cole ‘The Beginning of a New War? Will it Spill over on Iraq?’ July 13, 2006).

Cole comes from an american military family, and supported the invasion of iraq, so it is not surprising that he has condemned hezbollah’s heroic act of solidarity with the palestinians and their publicity stunt to get the jews to release their illegally detained prisoners. His condemnation of both sides is indicative of his inability to understand that it is the jews who are responsible for initiating and escalating military violence. Recently, cole advocated that the palestinians virtually surrender to their oppressors by adopting ghandian style tactics. "Of course, it is wrong for the tiny Ezzedine Qassam brigades to fire their homemade little rockets at Sderot, and though they most often miss, they sometimes do harm individuals, which is terrorism. It is wrong for groups such as Hamas to conduct terrorist operations against Israeli civilians. It was wrong for three tiny guerrilla groups to kill 2 Israeli soldiers at a checkpoint and kidnap Cpl. Shalit. They must release him, now. Palestinians who make even more objectionable fascist social engineering comments than did Dov Weisglass are wrong and should be condemned. They should listen to Saudi Ambassador to the US, Turki al-Faisal, who called on them to turn to Gandhian nonviolence. None of these actions, however, remotely justifies the Israeli strangling of the entire Palestinian population of Gaza through attacks on the power plant, bridges and other infrastructure, the criminal kidnapping of scores of elected Palestinian politicians, or the interference with medical, food and other aid reaching people who need it. Or the stealing of more land in the West Bank." (Juan Cole ‘Israelis Kill Little Girl, Other Family Members?’ July 09, 2006).

Ghandian tactics are useful in a range of circumstances but if ghandi had faced the nazis in india then he would have been exterminated before he was ever allowed to put his ideas into practice. He would never have been allowed to become politically popular amongst indians. The british establishment admired ghandi and were reluctant to threaten his life whereas the nazi would never have allowed him to defy their rule. The jews are responsible for all the acts of military escalation in the middle east. They deliberately provoke violence in order to use vastly greater violence to promote their goals. Faced with ghandian style tactics by the palestinians, the jews would have continually increased their violence until the palestinians broke. The jews have all the military power and the palestinians have none. Cole’s unwillingness to highlight jewish responsibility for what has been happening in the middle east is indicative of the pressure that jews are exercising over his life. The following is about as far as he is willing to go, "The Israeli military still hasn't stopped the Qassam rockets or found its kidnapped soldier, but it has located some Palestinian farms and orchards with dastardly anti-Israel olive trees and other crops that have now been destroyed before they can strike again. I continue to challenge progressive bloggers to link and speak out on the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, which is man-made and entirely avoidable. It is being deliberately created by Ehud Olmert." (Juan Cole ‘Food, Water Running out For Gaza's Children’ July 11, 2006). Violence in palestine begins and ends with the jews not palestinians.

The jos makes it seem as if qassam rockets are frightening intercontinental ballistic weapons but in reality they are about as effective as exploding tins of after-shave. They are solely of symbolic value in signifying palestinians’ refusal to surrender to their crypto-nazi oppressors.

What cole is really frightened about is not that hezbollah’s attack might provide the jews with an opportunity to escalate the conflict into a regional war but that, if they do, then more american troops will die.

Once again, there is a clear difference between the national interests of the jos and america. The jews want a regional war that will involve iran to boost their regional military and economic supremacy. The americans do not. It is more than likely that americans will obey their jewish masters.

Olmert threatens far reaching consequences – some of which may reach 2,000 miles away to iran. But if this happens the jews will push the world into world war three. We can either live in a racist world dominated by jews which will end up destroying the world by ignoring global burning or we see palestinians and hezbollah as freedom fighters, curb jewish power, bring back respect for international law, and then start to tackle global burning before the Earth rids itself of those pestilential bipeds.


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