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Hezbollah’s Amazing Achievements: Hezbollah’s response to the Jews’ Blitz on Lebanon.

Updated August 19, 2006

Introduction: Smash the Jewish Apartheid State.
The jews-only state in palestine (jos) is the most hideous, uncivilized, and psychotically violent, regime in the world. It is basically a gigantic military camp with a jews-only democracy attached as an appendage. It is a rogue state utterly disdainful of international law, "It is a rogue nation. It has done nothing but fight wars and take other people's lands since its very beginning." (Charley Reese ‘It's Israel's Fault’ – July 19, 2006). It is a racist, apartheid state. Anyone who recognizes its existence, its right to exist, is by definition a racist. Nobody has the right to create and sustain a racist state. The jos has no moral, political, or human, right to exist. "Hezbollah’s leader, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, has said he does not believe that Israel is a "legal state."" (Seymour M. Hersh ‘Watching Lebanon: Washington’s interests in Israel’s war’ August 14, 2006); Pariah states don’t deserve to exist." (Paul de Rooij ‘Discourse of the Mean Spirits: False Mantras, Euphemisms and Naked Hypocrisy’ August 14, 2006).

However, the jos is only the most blatant manifestation of a wider phenomenon - the global jewish empire. Global jewish power promotes jewish racism/fundamentalism/supremacism which is politically poisoning not merely palestine and the middle east but the western world and even the world as a whole. The political power of the global jewish empire in america enables it to use the world’s only hyper-power to fight its wars around the world. As a consequence .. "Israel isn’t just a regional danger, it is the biggest threat to world peace." (Gilad Atzmon ‘Israel’s New Math’ July 22-23, 2006).

Hamas and hezbollah are not merely fighting a local battle against jewish racism in the middle east - they are at the forefront of the global battle against jewish world domination. All progressives need to support hamas and hezbollah in their fight to eradicate jewish racism, the jos, and the global jewish empire.

Neither hamas nor hezbollah are terrorist organizations. On the contrary, they are freedom fighters seeking to abolish an illegitimate, terrorist state. "To be clear, Israel's actions fit the very definition of terrorism. Doubly so now, since the bombing campaign is a response to attacks on Israeli soldiers, not civilians. The ever more morally bankrupt "international community" sees nothing, hears nothing, and says nothing. Don't take my word for it. An aide of the Israeli PM said recently: "We are acting there [in Gaza] in an unprecedented manner; we're firing hundreds of artillery shells, attacking from the air, sea and land and the world remains silent."" (Gabriel Ash ‘Israel's Terrorism’ July 18, 2006). "They (Hezbollah) also provide a wide range of welfare services to the Lebanese people, and they are not terrorists. The largest terrorist organization in the Middle East is the state of Israel, which kills civilians by the hundreds." (Charley Reese ‘Disaster in the Making’ July 22, 2006). Hezbollah is fighting to free lebanon from the poisonous influence of the racist jos.

Many commentators, however, are reluctant to support hamas and hezbollah because they fear they would be encouraging virtually unarmed people to commit suicide against the jewish military deemed to be the fourth most powerful in the world. And yet hezbollah’s actions have shown there is hope for justice in the world. Even though it has only a limited number of, mostly outdated, weapons hezbollah has achieved a considerable number of successes against the jos since the jos launched its unprovoked blitz against the lebanese people.

A Short History of Hezbollah.
1978: Jews first Invasion of Lebanon.
"In 1978 the IDF launched Operation Litani with the intention of annexing the southern part of Lebanon and setting up a Christian client-regime in Beirut that would take orders from Tel Aviv. Israel said that it needed a "buffer zone" for its security, the same excuse that it uses today." (Mike Whitney ‘Oil and the "planned demolition" of Lebanon’ August 8, 2006).

1982: Formation of Hezbollah.
Hezbollah was formed in 1982 as a response to the jos’s invasion of lebanon. "Hizbollah an organization that was comprised mostly of the relatives of Israel's victims in the invasion of 1982 and subsequent years ..." (Ramzy Baroud ‘The War in Lebanon’ July 28, 2006). Every time the jews have attacked lebanon, hezbollah has grown bigger and more powerful. Every time the jews invaded the country, hezbollah has responded by firing rockets at the jos.

1982: Hezbollah helps to the kick out the Jews’ American Puppets occupying Lebanon.
"In 1982 Israel had a problem. Yasir Arafat, headquartered in Beirut, was making ready to announce that the PLO was prepared to sit down with Israel and embark on peaceful, good faith negotiations towards a two-state solution. Israel didn’t want a two-state solution, which meant - if UN resolutions were to be taken seriously - a Palestinian state right next door, with water, and contiguous territory. So Israel decided chase the PLO right out of Lebanon. It announced that the Palestinian fighters had broken the year-long cease-fire by lobbing some shells into northern Israel. Palestinians had done nothing of the sort. I remember this very well, because Brian Urquhart, at that time assistant secretary general of the United Nations, in charge of UN observers on Israel’s northern border, invited me to his office on the 38th floor of the UN hq in mid-Manhattan and showed me all the current reports from the zone. For over a year there’d been no shelling from north of the border. Israel was lying. With or without a pretext Israel wanted to invade Lebanon. So it did, and rolled up to Beirut. It shelled Lebanese towns and villages and bombed them from the air. Sharon’s forces killed maybe 20,000 people, and let Lebanese Christians slaughter hundreds of Palestinian refugees in the camps of Sabra and Chatilla. The killing got so bad that even Ronald Reagan awoke from his slumbers and called Tel Aviv to tell Israel to stop. Sharon gave the White House the finger by bombing Beirut at the precise times - 2.42 and 3.38 - of two UN resolutions calling for a peaceful settlement on the matter of Palestine." (Alexander Cockburn ‘Hezbollah, Hamas and Israel: Everything You Need To Know’ July 21, 2006).

"The record of the multinational force in Lebanon was futile, shameful and bloody by turns. Its first purpose was to cover the withdrawal of the Palestine Liberation Organisation after the Israeli invasion, in which 20,000 people, mostly Lebanese civilians, were to die. There were US Marines, French paratroopers, Italian soldiers and a British contingent who pulled back to ships offshore after the PLO had withdrawn. Their mission appeared over. In fact, it had scarcely begun. On September 14, 1982 the newly-elected Lebanese President, Bashir Gemayel, was addressing a meeting of his party in Christian east Beirut when he was killed by a bomb. On September 16-18 Israeli forces allowed Lebanese Christian militias into the Sabra and Chatila Palestinian camps where they butchered men, women and children. President Ronald Reagan sent a new contingent of 1,800 Marines to Beirut, joined by 1,500 French Foreign Legion paratroopers, 1,400 Italian troops and, a few months later, a smaller British force. It was officially neutral, but meant to support the Lebanese government under President Amin Gemayel, who was allied with the US and Israel. But the Lebanese government was seen as Christian-dominated by many. On April18, 1983, a suicide bomber destroyed the US embassy in Beirut. In May the Israelis withdrew from around the capital. When Druze fighters drove the Lebanese army out of the mountains it was supported by gunfire from US vessels offshore and American aircraft. The US was deemed to have joined the Lebanese war on the side of the Christians and Israel's allies. Retaliation came when the US Marines and French paratroopers were slaughtered. (241 Marines died after thgeir barracks were hit by a suicide bomber on 23 October 1983). The US blamed Hizbollah, Syria and Iran for the suicide attacks. By December the US was attacking Syrian anti-aircraft positions in the Bekaa valley, but lost two planes shot down. In February 2004 President Reagan ordered the surviving US troops out of Lebanon." (Patrick Cockburn ‘Bush and Blair Risk Repeating the 1982 Fiasco’ July 29/30 2006). Jewish leaders despised reagan for failing to transform lebanon into a jos dependency.

Hezbollah was freeing its country from the american military which had been sent there by america’s jewish lobby. "Take, for instance, the widespread agreement that Hezbollah earned the opprobrium as "terrorist" because one of its suicide bombers destroyed the U.S. Marine barracks in 1983 killing 241 American servicemen in Beirut. While this incident is routinely cited as the indisputable evidence that Hezbollah is an evil "terrorist" organization, the reality is much murkier. Indeed, under any objective definition of "terrorism," the Beirut bombing would not qualify as a "terrorist" act. "Terrorism" is classically defined as violence against civilians to achieve a political goal. In the case of the Marines, however, their status had changed from an original peacekeeping mission in the midst of Lebanon’s civil war into the role of combatant as the Reagan administration allowed "mission creep" to affect the assignment. Heeding the advice of then-national security adviser Robert McFarlane, President Ronald Reagan authorized the USS New Jersey to fire long-distance shells into Muslim villages in the Bekaa Valley, killing civilians and convincing Shiite militants that the United States had joined the conflict. On Oct. 23, 1983, Shiite militants struck back, sending a suicide truck bomber through U.S. security positions and demolishing the high-rise Marine barracks. "When the shells started falling on the Shiites, they assumed the American ‘referee’ had taken sides," Gen. Colin Powell wrote about the incident in his memoirs, My American Journey. In other words, even Colin Powell, who was then military adviser to Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger, recognized that the U.S. military intervention had altered the status of the Marines in the eyes of the Shiites." (Robert Parry ‘Whose 'Moral Clarity'?’ July 27, 2006).

If the jews didn’t keep capturing lebanese people and illegal keeping them in prison they wouldn’t face retaliation from hezbollah. "In June 1985, Hezbollah highjacked TWA Flight 847, forcing it to land at Beirut airport and taking hostages, who were only released after Israel released 700 Lebanese prisoners." (Sami Moubayed ‘Lebanon guided by the Nasrullah factor’ February 26, 2005).

If this sounds like terrorism is it that much different from the terrorist murders carried out by the american government? "In 1985, Casey targeted Hezbollah leader Sheikh Fadlallah in an operation that included hiring operatives who detonated a car bomb outside the Beirut apartment building where Fadlallah lived. As described by Bob Woodward in Veil, "the car exploded, killing 80 people and wounding 200, leaving devastation, fires and collapsed buildings. Anyone who had happened to be in the immediate neighborhood was killed, hurt or terrorized, but Fadlallah escaped without injury. His followers strung a huge ‘Made in the USA’ banner in front of a building that had been blown out."" (Robert Parry ‘Whose 'Moral Clarity'?’ July 27, 2006).

If the jos didn’t keep carrying out state assassinations of its enemies then it wouldn’t suffer the consequences. "In 1991, his (Nasrullah) mentor Abbas al-Musawi became secretary general of Hezbollah, but was ambushed and killed in February 1992 by Israeli helicopters. (Nasrullah took over command of hezbollah). The young leader in Lebanon started his new career by promising to avenge Musawi's blood. On March 17, 1992, a car bomb went off at the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires, killing 29 people. Nasrullah had sent off a clear message to the world: Hezbollah was a key player in Lebanon that could not be dismissed or eliminated that easily, and would strike at its enemies with force if they dared to confront it." (Sami Moubayed ‘Lebanon guided by the Nasrullah factor’ February 26, 2005).

"In July 1993, Israel carried out a seven-day offensive against Hezbollah, and Nasrullah responded by showering Israel with 142 Katyusha rockets." (Sami Moubayed ‘Lebanon guided by the Nasrullah factor’ February 26, 2005).

"In May 1994, Israeli commandos penetrated into Lebanon and captured Mustapha al-Dirani, a pro-Hezbollah member of Amal. An infuriated Hezbollah responded in July 1994 with a suicide bomber blowing himself up at the Argentine-Israeli Mutual Association in Buenos Aires, killing 85 people. Hezbollah denied involvement, to avoid international pressure to limit its casualties to the battlefield, but everybody knew that Hezbollah was behind the bombing, in retaliation for the capturing of Dirani." (Sami Moubayed ‘Lebanon guided by the Nasrullah factor’ February 26, 2005).

"In April 1996, war broke out again, for 16 days, and Hezbollah responded with 489 Katyusha rockets." (Sami Moubayed ‘Lebanon guided by the Nasrullah factor’ February 26, 2005).

"Over the next decade, Katyusha rocket attacks on Israel became common combat methods for Hezbollah, usually in response to Israeli attacks, but they rarely caused real physical or military damage inside Israel. The psychological damage on Israeli citizens, however, was paramount and the Israeli media would portray them as "terror attacks"." (Sami Moubayed ‘Lebanon guided by the Nasrullah factor’ February 26, 2005).

Hezbollah's Arrest of Two Jewish Soldiers in Lebanon.
The jewish military invaded lebanon in order to provoke a pretext for the jews to launch a war against the lebanese people. Hezbollah killed three of the invasion squad and captured two others. Their arrest of jewish soldiers trespassing on lebanese soil was perfectly legitimate. It was the jos’s response, the massive bombing of lebanese citizens, that was illegal. It should be pointed out that a number of press reports initially stated that the arrests had taken place in lebanon but the west’s jewish dominated media changed this to pretend that hezbollah had trespassed into the jos to capture the soldiers. They believed this would justify the jos’s appallingly disproportionate, aerial bombing campaign against lebanese citizens. Hezbollah attacked the jos’s military and, in response, the monstrous jews attacked lebanese civilians. (For an extensive look at the way the west’s jewish dominated media shifted the location of the arrest from lebanon to occupied palestine please see Trish Schuh ‘Operation "Change of Location"? August 15, 2006).

Sami Moubayed.
"It all started on July 12 when Israel troops were ambushed on Lebanon's side of the border with Israel. Hezbollah, which commands the Lebanese south, immediately seized on their crossing. They arrested two Israeli soldiers, killed eight Israelis and wounded over 20 in attacks inside Israeli territory." (Sami Moubayed ‘It's war by any other name’ July 15, 2006); To them, it is legitimate self-defense. They back this argument by saying that Israel still controls the Sheba Farms, which are part of Lebanon, and still has Lebanese prisoners in Israeli jails. Also, they add that the Israeli tank destroyed by Hezbollah, and the soldiers captured and killed on July 12, had trespassed into Lebanon's side of the border with Israel." (Sami Moubayed ‘It's war by any other name’ July 15, 2006).

Paul Craig Roberts.
"On July 12, Israel invaded Lebanon. The pretext was the capture of two Israeli soldiers in Israeli-occupied Lebanese territory by Hizbollah." (Paul Craig Roberts ‘Attention Deficit Americans Are Being Misled to War’ July 15, 2006).

Charley Reese.
"Hezbollah, for example, raided an Israeli military outpost on what Hezbollah considers the Lebanese side of the border. Hezbollah kidnapped two soldiers. It did not fire any rockets at Israel as several television people have said – mimicking, of course, Israeli propaganda." (Charley Reese ‘Disaster in the Making’ July 22, 2006).

Joshua Frank.
"As Lebanon continues to be pounded by Israeli bombs and munitions, the justification for Israel's invasion is treading on very thin ice. It has become general knowledge that it was Hezbollah guerillas that first kidnapped two IDF soldiers inside Israel on July 12, prompting an immediate and violent response from the Israeli government, which insists it is acting in the interest of national defense. But numerous reports from international and independent media, as well as the Associated Press, raise questions about Israel's official version of the events that sparked the conflict two weeks ago. The original story, as most media tell it, goes something like this: Hezbollah attacked an Israeli border patrol station, killing six and taking two soldiers hostage. The incident happened on the Lebanese/Israel border in Israeli territory. The alternate version, as explained by several news outlets, tells a bit of a different tale: These sources contend that Israel sent a commando force into southern Lebanon and was subsequently attacked by Hezbollah near the village of Aitaa al-Chaab, well inside Lebanon's southern territory. It was at this point that an Israel tank was struck by Hezbollah fighters, which resulted in the capture of two Israeli soldiers and the death of six. MSNBC online first reported that Hezbollah had captured Israeli soldiers "inside" Lebanon, only to change their story hours later after the Israeli government gave an official statement to the contrary." (Joshua Frank ‘Kidnapped in Israel or Captured in Lebanon?’ July 25, 2006).

Eric Margolis.
"Israel’s old Lebanese curse just keeps getting worse. A number of respected press agencies have reported the skirmish that triggered this war didn’t occur in Israel, as Israel claims, but just inside Lebanon. If true, this would hugely embarrass Israel and sink it deeper into the hole it has already dug itself after laying waste Lebanon and killing scores of civilians at Qana with a US-supplied missile." (Eric Margolis ‘A Foolhardy War, Unleashed by Fools’ August 09,2006).

Ramzy Baroud.
"Using the July 12 capture of two Israeli soldiers - whose unit had apparently crossed the Israeli border into Lebanon - as a pretext, the Bush administration quickly sprung into action: imagining yet a new Middle East, where democracy and freedom reigns over militancy and oppression." (Ramzy Baroud ‘The Fallout from Lebanon’ August 17, 2006).

The Success of Hezbollah’s attacks on the Jews’ Tanks.
One of hezbollah’s biggest success stories was its anti-tank missiles and land mines which destroyed a considerable number of jewish tanks and personnel carriers.

Hezbollah’s Rockets Destroying the Jos’s Tanks.
After the arrest of the two jewish soldiers, the jewish army illegally sent forces into lebanon to try and rescue them. However, hezbollah succeeded in forcing the attackers back into the jos by destroying a merkava tank - the jos’s state of the art tank. "Indeed when a single Merkava tank crossed the border into Lebanon yesterday morning, it struck a Hizbollah mine, which killed three more Israelis." (Robert Fisk ‘Beirut waits as Syrian masters send Hezbollah allies into battle’ July 13, 2006).

Hezbollah possesses some of the most advanced anti-tank rockets in the world. "Hezbollah's sophisticated anti-tank missiles are perhaps the guerrilla group's deadliest weapon in Lebanon fighting, with their ability to pierce Israel's most advanced tanks. Hezbollah has fired Russian-made Metis-M anti-tank missiles and owns European-made Milan missiles, the army confirmed on Friday. In the last two days alone, these missiles have killed seven soldiers and damaged three Israeli-made Merkava tanks – mountains of steel that are vaunted as symbols of Israel's military might, the army said. Israeli media say most of the 44 soldiers killed in four weeks of fighting were hit by anti-tank missiles. "They (hezbollah guerrillas) have some of the most advanced anti-tank missiles in the world," said Yossi Kuperwasser, a senior military intelligence officer who retired earlier this summer. Israel's Merkava tanks boast massive amounts of armor and lumber and resemble fortresses on tracks. They are built for crew survival, according to, a Washington-based military think tank." (Benjamin Harvey ‘Israel’s vaunted tanks are succumbing to Hezbollah’s powerful Missiles’ August 4, 2006).

Hezbollah destroyed a considerable number of tanks. "Hard to believe, but according to official figures, more than 20 tanks were hit. The Merkava ("carriage") tank is the pride of the army. Its father, Gen. Israel Tal, a victorious tank general, did not want only to build the world's most advanced tank, but also a tank that provided its crew with the best possible protection. Now it appears that an anti-tank weapon from the late 1980s that is available in large quantities can disable the tank, killing or grievously wounding the soldiers inside." (Uri Avnery ‘What Has Happened to the Israeli Army?’ August 14, 2006); "One-tenth of the Israeli tanks that took part in the Lebanon war were destroyed or disabled, a military study found. According to Armored Corps data published Thursday, Hezbollah anti-armor missiles penetrated 20 Israeli tanks during the month long war, killing 17 crewmen. Another 13 crewmen were killed when land mines destroyed or disabled their tanks. The number of tank crewmen wounded was in the double digits. The high toll of the war on Israel’s Armored Corps was a shock to top military brass, especially given the fact that Hezbollah has no tanks." (‘Tanks take stock’ August 18, 2006).

Hezbollah Downs Helicopter.
"Israeli military authorities talked of "cleaning" and "mopping up" operations by their soldiers south of the Litani river but, to the Lebanese, it seems as if it is the Hizbollah that have been doing the "mopping up". By last night, the Israelis had not even been able to reach the dead crew of a helicopter - shot down on Saturday night - which crashed into a Lebanese valley. Hizbollah's laser-guided missiles - Iranian-made, just as most Israeli arms are US-made - appear to have caused havoc among Israeli troops on Saturday, and their downing of an Israeli helicopter was without precedent in their long war against Israel." (Robert Fisk ‘As the 6am ceasefire takes effect... the real war begins’ August 14 2006).

The Success of Hezbollah’s Rocket Attacks.
Hezbollah’s Rockets Counter the Jos’s Aerial Bombardment.
There was no necessity for the jos to respond to the arrest of two jewish soldiers by launching a massive, and completely disproportionate, air attack on the lebanese people. It could easily have agreed to a prisoner swop releasing the thousands of lebanese people illegally detained in the jos. However, the arrest of the two jewish soldiers was just the pretext that the jews had been waiting for to put into operation a plan that they had been preparing for a number of years. As the jews’ air attacks increased in intensity hezbollah was forced to respond with rocket attacks on the jos. If the jos had not sought to slaughter innocent lebanese people then hezbollah would never have launched rocket attacks against the jos.

The jews’ overwhelming aerial bombardment on lebanese citizens was rendered much less effective by hezbollah’s ability to retaliate against the jos. "Hizbollah rocket attacks on northern Israel have now killed four Israelis and wounded more than 150. Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's office said such salvos "cannot and will not be allowed to continue". (Alistair Lyon ‘Hizbollah chief defiant, Israeli warship attacked’ July 14, 2006). "Hizbullah sent rockets on Israel again Monday, with four hitting Haifa, including a strike that collapsed a building and injured 11 persons. Since the outbreak of the fighting last Wednesday, 24 Israelis have been killed, 12 soldiers and 12 civilians." (Juan Cole ‘Israel Invades Lebanon’ July 18, 2006). The jos was incensed that its sacred sanctuary was being defiled.

Hezbollah’s Rockets Hitting the Jos’s Military Installations.
Hezbollah’s rocket attacks have been aimed at the jos’s military installations not civilians. "If Israel bombed the suburbs, then Hizbollah roared, it would fire its long-range Katyushas at the Israeli city of Haifa. One of them had apparently already damaged an Israeli air base at Miron, a fact concealed at the time by Israeli censors." (Robert Fisk ‘From my home, I saw what the 'war on terror' meant - July 14 2006); "The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) command of northern Israel, located in Safad, was also hit by Hezbollah missiles." (Sami Moubayed ‘Bunkered down for a war of attrition’ July 22, 2006).

Hezbollah’s Crippling of a Jewish Warship.
Hezbollah crippled a jos warship, "Israeli media said an unmanned airborne drone packed with explosives had hit the naval vessel, which was 16 km (10 miles) off the Lebanese coast." (Alistair Lyon ‘Hizbollah chief defiant, Israeli warship attacked’ July 14, 2006). It turned the attack into a huge theatrical triumph. Few others could have planned such a dramatic strike, "The surprises that I have promised you will start now," Nasrallah said. "Now in the middle of the sea, facing Beirut, the Israeli warship that has attacked the infrastructure, people's homes and civilians. Look at it burning." (Anthony Shadid ‘Israel, Hezbollah Vow Wider War’ July 15, 2006).

It’s interesting that yahoo news left out an important section of this quote – the rationale for hezbollah’s attack! "The attack on the warship was apparently timed to coincide with Nasrallah's message on the militant (hic) group's television station. "The surprises that I have promised you will start now. Now in the middle of the sea, facing Beirut, the Israeli warship ... look at it burning," Nasrallah boasted." (Hamza Hendawi ‘Hezbollah drone batters Israeli Warship’ July 14, 2006).

Hezbollah downs Jewish Airplane?
Robert fisk mentions in passing a jos aircraft which had crashed in beirut as if this was commonplace knowledge in the west. "When part of an aircraft - perhaps the wing-tip of an F-16 hit by a missile, although the Israelis deny this - came streaking out of the sky over the eastern suburbs …." (Robert Fisk ‘Elegy for Beirut’ July 22-23, 2006).

Hezbollah’s Biggest Rocket Attack in the Middle of a Massive Jewish Invasion.
"In addition, despite the IDF's advance, Hezbollah fired some 250 rockets on Israel, the war's heaviest one-day total to date. The strikes killed one person and wounded dozens." (Amos Harel and Aluf Benn ‘IDF troops kill Hezbollah man who opened fire at them’ August 14, 2006).

Hezbollah’s Carefully Calibrated Rocket Strikes hitting deeper into the Jos.
Hezbollah’s rocket attacks were carefully calibrated to strike further into the jos every time the jos increased the intensity of its attacks. .. "during this war Hizbullah's rockets have been a response to Israeli provocations, that they are fired in return for Israel's devastating and indiscriminate bombardment of Lebanon?" (Jonathan Cook ‘From High Wycombe to Nazareth’ August 11, 2006).

After the initial incursions into lebanon, hezbollah did not respond with rocket attacks. "Hezbollah, for example, raided an Israeli military outpost on what Hezbollah considers the Lebanese side of the border. Hezbollah kidnapped two soldiers. It did not fire any rockets at Israel as several television people have said – mimicking, of course, Israeli propaganda." (Charley Reese ‘Disaster in the Making’ July 22, 2006).

It was only after the jews started bombing lebanon that hezbollah launched rockets into the jos’s border regions. "Demanding the return of the soldiers, Olmert retaliated immediately by bombing villages, towns, and cities in Lebanon from the air and from the sea. It wasn’t until the next day that Hezbollah responded by firing rockets and mortars into Israel and on their towns and cities. In other words, it was Israel that first launched attacks on civilians." (Thomas Gale Moore ‘Israel's Quagmire’ August 5, 2006). "Instead of sending a special-forces team or setting up negotiations for a prisoner exchange, Israel launched an all-out attack, knocking out bridges, roads, airports and fuel facilities, and doing enormous damage to civilians. Only then did Hezbollah respond with rockets, as it certainly had a right to do. Israeli journalists have pointed out that Israel has been planning for years to destroy Hezbollah and is using the raid as an excuse." (Charley Reese ‘Disaster in the Making’ July 22, 2006).

It was only after the jews continued to bomb lebanon that they launched rockets at haifa.

Hezbollah even offered to stop its rocket attacks but the jos refused. "On August 3, Hezbollah chief Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah made a televised offer to Israel to stop firing Hezbollah rockets in exchange for an end to Israeli air strikes in Lebanon. The Shiite leader warned, however, that Hezbollah would fire its rockets at Tel Aviv if the Israeli Air Force attacked Beirut (al-Manar TV, August 3). It is possible that Hezbollah requires Iran's permission to attack Tel Aviv. The largest weapons in Hezbollah's missile arsenal are likely to be at least partially manned by members of Iran's Revolutionary Guards." (Andrew McGregor ‘Hezbollah's Rocket Strategy’ August 10, 2006); "The leader of the militants promised that if Israel halted its bombardments in Lebanon, the group would halt its rocket attacks on Israeli cities. So far the Israelis have been unwilling to make that deal. Hezbollah has shown that it is willing to scale down the violence. During the 48 hours that Israel suspended air strikes partially, it virtually stopped missile strikes on Israel." (Thomas Gale Moore ‘Israel's Quagmire’ August 5, 2006).

It was only on july 28th that hezbollah fired its Khaibar I rocket. "Hezbollah fired a new type of missile at Israel Friday, police said, in one of its deepest strikes onto Israeli territory on the 17th day of the Lebanon crisis. In Beirut, Shiite militant group Hezbollah said its guerrillas had fired for the first time a salvo of what it called "Khaibar I" missiles at Afula. "The Islamic Resistance fired at 3:00 pm (1200 GMT) a salvo of Khaibar I missiles on the Zionist region of Afula, beyond Haifa," the Hezbollah statement said." (Jean-Luc Renaudie ‘Hezbollah fires new type of missile at Israel’ July 28, 2006). "The Fajr-5 was first used in the July 28 attack on the Israeli town of Afula, then again in an attack on the West Bank town of Jenin on August 3." (Andrew McGregor ‘Hezbollah's Rocket Strategy’ August 10, 2006).

"Hezbollah secretary-general Hassan Nasrallah warned Thursday night in a televised broadcast that his organization would target Tel Aviv if Beirut was attacked by Israel. "If our capital, Beirut, is attacked, we will attack your capital, Tel Aviv," Nasrallah threatened." (Amos Harel and Yoav Stern ‘Iranian official admits Tehran supplied missiles to Hezbollah’ August 05, 2006). Nasrallah’s statement was followed the jewish racists heaviest bombardment of beirut since the start of the conflict as if the jewish racists were provoking Nasrallah into carrying out his promise.

The Effects of Hezbollah’s Rockets on the Jos.
There have been three main impacts of hezbollah’s rocket attacks on the jos.

Hundreds of Thousands of Jews Hiding in Air Raid Shelters.
Hamza Hendawi.
"Hezbollah rained dozens of rockets on towns in northern Israel. Some 220,000 people in northern towns hunkered down in bomb shelters." (Hamza Hendawi ‘Hezbollah drone batters Israeli Warship’ July 14, 2006).

Jason Motlagh.
"And recent launches against the northern port city of Haifa demonstrate that sporadic, random strikes can paralyze urban populations. According to Pike, even if Hezbollah cuts back rocket launches from 100 a day to 10 every other day to preserve stockpiles as time wears on, they would have in large part succeeded. "It's not so much the fact that Israelis are killed," he said, "but that the fear of being killed is sown."" (Jason Motlagh ‘The arms that keep Hezbollah fighting’ July 22, 2006).

Gilad Atzmon.
"While in the history of the conflict, no Arab army has yet to defeat the Israeli military might, the Hezbollah, a tiny paramilitary group of patriotic warriors has managed to transform northern Israeli cities into ghost towns. They did it without a navy, without an air force, without tanks. For those who don’t know, Israel is all about ‘good life’. It is all about trading in the stock exchange. Having a BBQ party on the beach. Big imported pop acts in open-air concerts. Rather than Peace Israelis are after ‘Shalom’ which really means: one-sided security for the Jews only. The Hezbollah (as well as the Hamas) made it clear to the Israelis, you will never live in Shalom unless you dig into the notion of Peace." (Gilad Atzmon ‘Israel’s New Math’ July 22-23, 2006).

Kaveh L Afrasiabi.
"Irrespective, Hezbollah can boast about both its steadfastness in the face of relentless bombardment reminiscent of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization's bombardment of Serbia in the summer 1999. It can also take heart from its unprecedented ability to shower northern Israel with rocket attacks, bringing normal life for a full one third of the state of Israel to a virtual standstill." (Kaveh L Afrasiabi ‘The war Hezbollah is really fighting’ July 25, 2006).

Economic Disruption.
"As for suffering in Israel, which is widespread and worrisome: The bad news is that Hizbullah was able to fire a missile a little bit south of Haifa on Friday. The good news is that they don't appear to have been able actually to hit anything. There is another dimension, besides the deaths, wounded and psychological trauma, to the damage Hizbullah's illegal and criminal targetting of civilians is doing, which is the economic. AFP on the damage the war is doing in Israel to Haifa's economy. 'Haifa port, the Jewish state's second-largest, is closed. So is the railway line north of the city. . . According to a recent study by the Israeli Association of Manufacturers, just a third of enterprises in Israel's north are functioning normally. Thirty-five percent have closed completely and another 35 percent are not operating at full capacity. The conflict is costing Haifa 300-500 million shekels ($68-$113 million) per day, the study estimates.' Tourism is dead, and some restaurants have suffered a 90 percent fall-off in business." ((Juan Cole ‘Hizbullah Fires longer range Missile, Misses’ July 29, 2006); "The war has already cost Israel an estimated US$1.6 billion. In addition, 120 Israelis have been killed, 82 of them soldiers. At the time of writing, 13 Israeli tanks had been destroyed by Hezbollah." (Sami Moubayed ‘Tehran holds the key to a ceasefire’ August 12, 2006).

Encouraging Jews to Leave the Racist Jos.
"Thus, as it becomes self evident that Israeli military power is no longer as effective as it once was, this will surely accelerate the flow of Jewish settlers out of Israel. Information regarding emigration of Jews out of Israel is a closely guarded secret, but using Israeli government statistics, we can infer that immigration to Israel has rapidly declined over the last several years, and that Israel may even be experiencing a net outflow of Jewish migrants. According to the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics, the number of Jewish immigrants to Israel declined to 21,000 in 2004, which is a 15-year low. In 2005, the number of immigrants rose slightly to 23,000, which is still dramatically lower than the 60,000 that immigrated in 2000. Furthermore, Israel became a net exporter of its citizens in 2003, when 9,000 more Israelis left the country than entered, and in the first two months of 2004, this figure rose to 13,000." (Ashraf Isma’il ‘Why Israel is Losing’ July 25, 2006).

Hezbollah’s Rocket Strategy.
Condemnations of Hezbollah’s Rocket Attacks.
Juan Cole.
Cole regards hezbollah’s rocket attack as being war crimes against the jos. "Hizbullah's katyushas are extremely imprecise, so that in firing them at Israel the fighters are engaging in indiscriminate fire on civilian populations, which is a war crime." (Juan Cole ‘2 Arab-Israeli Boys Killed by Hezbollah in Nazareth’ July 20, 2006).This is ludicrous.

That juan cole could equate hezbollah’s pin prick, indiscriminate attacks to the vast plethora of massive, precision guided, bombing deliberately targeting civilians carried out by the jos reveals a level of bigotry that is hideous. The jos is dropping thousands of tons of bombs in comparison to the single ton contained in hundreds of katyushas. In other words, the deaths of thousands of lebanese civilians is worth the same as the death of one jewish racist. "There is actually an argument to be made that both Hizbullah and Israel have taken the civilian population of their enemy hostage. Since hostage-taking is forbidden, both are war criminals. I heard former National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski make a similar argument at a salon dinner in Washington, DC, last week, though the wording above is my own." (Juan Cole ‘Hizbullah Rockets Hit Haifa, Kill 2’ July 24, 2006). Hezbollah have in the past been launching rocket attacks primarily against the sheba farms area not the jos, But since Hizbullah's short-range katyushas can only hit targets 3-4 miles away, and were mainly being fired at the occupied Shebaa Farms, why worry about it so much?" ." (Juan Cole ‘War on Lebanon Planned for at least a Year’ July 23, 2006). Cole seems to be going into battle for jewish racists.

The Moral Insignificance of Hezbollah’s Rocket Attacks
There are those who suggest that hezbollah is just as bad as the jos for attacking civilians. This is an absurd comparison. The jos launched a grossly disproportionate attack on lebanon. Its attacks on Lebanon have been vastly disproportionate to hezbollah’s rocket attacks on the jos. In terms of tonnage of explosive power, the jos has had the overwhelming advantage. "Reports indicate that Israel has already dropped a greater tonnage of bombs on the country than it did during Sharon’s invasion in 1982." (Charles Glass ‘Learning from Its Mistakes’ London Review of Books August 03.2006). The explosive power of a katyusha rocket is smaller than an artillery shell fired from the jos’s ships or land forces which nobody even criticizes. "These rockets cannot be targeted with any precision, and most lack the firepower of a single Israeli artillery shell." (Juan Cole ‘More Bodies Found in Shiyah Rubble’ August 10, 2006).

The jos has launched over a hundred thousand rocket/shell attacks on lebanon in comparison to a mere 3000 rocket attacks on the jos. "The Israelis fired 1,000 shells at Khiam alone on Wednesday." (Juan Cole ‘More Bodies Found in Shiyah Rubble’ August 10, 2006).

The jos has launched tens of thousands of attacks using precision guided, highly explosive, high tech munitions against the lebanese people whilst hezbollah has fired a couple of thousand rockets whose combined explosive power doesn’t even get into triple figures. Given that the number of hezbollah’s rocket attacks and their explosive power has been miniscule in comparison to those carried out by the jos and given that the jews initiated the attack on lebanon whilst hezbollah has acted only to try and restrain these psychotic attacks on civilians, then hezbollah’s response is morally insignificant in comparison to what the Jews have done. It would be like blaming jews in the warsaw ghetto for harming german citizens. The racist jews are getting a taste of the medicine they have been dolloping out on the palestinians for the last few decades.

Do Hezbollah’s Rocket Attacks on the Jos Constitute a War Crime?
Some commentators suggest that hezbollah’s rocket attacks on the jos are a war crime.

Kaveh L Afrasiabi.
"At the same time, that is not to say that Hezbollah is beyond critical reproach. For one thing, by targeting civilians in Israel, Hezbollah has put itself on the same (im)moral equation as the state of Israel presently terrorizing the entire Lebanese nation. But, a more prudent strategy by Hezbollah may be to unilaterally declare a ceasefire and avoid any more rocket attacks on northern Israel, focusing on the Israeli ground forces making incursions into Lebanon." (Kaveh L Afrasiabi ‘The war Hezbollah is really fighting’ July 25, 2006).

See also englhart

Firstly, the objective of hezbollah’s rockets is not to kill civilians but to attack the jos’s military installations. They accidentally kill innocent people in the jos because they are so inaccurate.

Secondly, hezbollah’s carefully graduated response to increasing jewish aggression.

Thirdly, they are a legitimate guerilla tactic employed by hezbollah in order to wage war against the jews.

Fourthly, hezbollah uses its rocket launchers as bait to draw in the jews and then kill them. "On Friday august 5/6 the jews launched their second airborne raid. The following quote about the raid states that it is not understood why the raid took place, "Helicopter-borne Israeli commandos landed near the southern Lebanese city of Tyre and clashed with Hizbollah guerrillas on Saturday, Lebanese security sources said. Two Israeli units landed in citrus groves at the northern entrance of Tyre and left after three hours, the security sources said. Their targets were not immediately clear. Hizbollah said in a statement one Israeli soldier was killed and many were wounded in the attack. The Israeli army had no immediate comment on the operation or any casualties." (Hussein Saad ‘Israeli commando raid near Tyre kills 5’ August 05, 2006). According to the bbc news however the raid was carried out to attack the rocket launcher that had fired a missile into the jos – the deepest into the jos so far. "Several Hizbollah rockets landed in or near the Israeli city of Hadera, some 80 km (50 miles) from the border, on Friday, the deepest they have struck so far." (Hussein Saad ‘Israeli commando raid near Tyre kills 5’ August 05, 2006). Given the losses suffered by the jews during the raid, it is almost certain that this was a trap set by hezbollah to lure in the jews and then attack them when they were exposed.

Secondly, given the massive attack of the jews they could be construed as merely self defence. Nobody would condemn those in the warsaw ghetto for their self defence.

Secondly, there is the issue of proportionality. The war crimes being committed by the jos are so enormous that those carried out by hezbollah can be ignored since any attempt to punish hezbollah for these crimes could not in the same proportion as the punishment of the jos for their war crimes.

The jews brought this destruction upon themselves and I am not going to commisserate with them for their suffering.

"Its upper hand in the battle of perceptions also allows Hezbollah to make the most of its fairly limited military arsenal, composed mostly of Iranian-made rockets with limited range and no guidance systems. In conventional war, that arsenal would be overpowered by Israel's cutting-edge artillery, special operations ground forces and air force. But in this conflict, Hezbollah has made a powerful weapon of its ability just to fire rockets into Israel - a strategic, psychological weapon that serves as a counter to Israel's tactical victories." (Matthew B. Stannard ‘Hezbollah wages new generation of warfare’ August 6, 2006).

How does Hezbollah's rocket Attacks help Lebanon?
There is a defensive component to hezbollah’s rocket attacks but it is not of any real effectiveness because the jos possesses such overwhelming firepower superiority. The only mad element involves hezbollah’s major missiles but whether this will save central beirut is open to question. Legally hezbollah’s rocket attacks are war crimes but, morally, the superiority of the jos’s firepower is so overwhelming that this renders such actions morally neutral. I regard anyone accusing hezbollah of war crimes as being grossly legalistic and morally insensitive.

Politically, I agree that hezbollah’s rocket attacks play into the hands of the western media but the fact is that the jewish dominated media in the western world would simply find another way of demonizing hezbollah and winning over public support for the racist jos. Only those who watch aljazeera are going to understand the reality of the jews’s holocaust against lebanon. This is a no win situation for hezbollah. It is never going to win the admiration, let alone the understanding, of the racist jewish bigots running the western media. Hezbollah would have been denounced in the same way and to the same extent even if it had never fired a single rocket.

By far and away the most significant factor in hezbollah’s rocket attacks is that it symbolizes hezbollah’s military resilience and courageousness in the face of such overwhelming adversity. The jos and its allies in the western media could easily have pretended that they were in the process of exterminating hezbollah and this would have caused a collapse in the morale of hezbollah supporters, arabs in the middle east, and those around the rest of the world who support justice. However, the jos cannot get away with this war propaganda when hezbollah continues to launch rocket attacks. The jos has made the termination of hezbollah’s rocket attacks one of their most important military objectives and so every time a rocket is fired the world realizes the jos is not succeeding in its military objectives and, more importantly, that it is not as invincible as it believed it was. This provides a huge boost for the moral of hezbollah and its supporters. It also shows the courage of the human spirit in defying such a hurricane of destruction. Hopefully it will inspire all those in the middle east who are sick of the jos impoverishing and humiliating the moslem world.

The jewish nazis are turning lebanon into a ghetto. I wouldn’t think of denouncing jews in the warsaw ghetto for harming innocent german civilians and I’m not going to do the same as regards hezbollah. On the contrary both need to be admired. Indeed, to use an idea promoted by hannah arendt and israel shamir hezbollah ought to be "immortalized".

Pushing up the Price of Oil.
"The toll in three days of clashes rose to 73 killed in Lebanon and at least 12 Israelis, as international alarm grew over the fighting and oil prices rose to above $78 a barrel." (Hamza Hendawi ‘Hezbollah drone batters Israeli Warship’ July 14, 2006).

Fisk on Hezbollah’s War Planning.
"The original border crossing, the capture of the two soldiers and the killing of three others was planned, according to Hassan Nasrallah, the Hizbollah leader who escaped assassination by the Israelis on Friday evening, more than five months ago. And Friday's missile attack on the Israeli gunboat was not the last-minute inspiration of a Hizbollah member who just happened to see the warship. It now appears clear that the Hizbollah leadership - Nasrallah used to be the organisation's military commander in southern Lebanon - thought carefully through the effects of their border crossing, relying on the cruelty of Israel's response to quell any criticism of their action within Lebanon. They were right in their planning. The Israeli retaliation was even crueller than some Hizbollah leaders imagined, and the Lebanese quickly silenced all criticism of the guerrilla movement.

Hizbollah had presumed the Israelis would cross into Lebanon after the capture of the two soldiers and they blew up the first Israeli Merkava tank when it was only 35 feet inside the country. All four Israeli crewmen were killed and the Israeli army moved no further forward. The long-range Iranian-made missiles which later exploded on Haifa had been preceded only a few weeks ago by a pilotless Hizbollah drone aircraft which surveyed northern Israel and then returned to land in eastern Lebanon after taking photographs during its flight. These pictures not only suggested a flight path for Hizbollah's rockets to Haifa; they also identified Israel's top-secret military air traffic control centre in Miron.

The next attack - concealed by Israel's censors - was directed at this facility. Codenamed "Apollo", Israeli military scientists work deep inside mountain caves and bunkers at Miron, guarded by watchtowers, guard-dogs and barbed wire, watching all air traffic moving in and out of Beirut, Damascus, Amman and other Arab cities. The mountain is surmounted by clusters of antennae which Hizbollah quickly identified as a military tracking centre. Before they fired rockets at Haifa, they therefore sent a cluster of missiles towards Miron. The caves are untouchable but the targeting of such a secret location by Hizbollah deeply shocked Israel's military planners. The "centre of world terror" - or whatever they imagine Lebanon to be - could not only breach their frontier and capture their soldiers but attack the nerve-centre of the Israeli northern military command.

Then came the Haifa missiles and the attack on the gunboat. It is now clear that this successful military operation - so contemptuous of their enemy were the Israelis that although their warship was equipped with cannon and a Vulcan machine gun, they didn't even provide the vessel with an anti-missile capability - was also planned months ago. Once the Hetz-class boats appeared, Hizbollah positioned a missile crew on the coast of west Beirut not far from Jnah, a crew trained over many weeks for just such an attack. It took less than 30 seconds for the Iranian-made missile to leave Beirut and hit the vessel square amidships, setting it on fire and killing the sailors.

Ironically, the Israelis themselves had invited journalists on an "embedded" trip with their navy only hours earlier - they were allowed to film the ships' guns firing on Lebanon - and the moment Hizbollah hit the warship on Friday, Hizbollah's television station, Al-Manar, began showing the "embedded" film. It was a slick piece of propaganda." (Robert Fisk ‘Hizbullah's Response Reveals Months of Planning’ July 16, 2006).

Hezbollah’s Success in Resisting the Jewish Invasion.
Hezbollah’s Vietcong Tactics.
In 1982 the jews invaded lebanon and swept through the country in a matter of days. The invasion provoked the formation of hezbollah to free their country from their jewish occupiers. In 2000, after 18 years of occupation, hezbollah succeeded in driving out the jewish wehrmacht. Since then it has prepared its defences to deter the jews from re-invading the country. "Hezbollah has done a perfect Vietcong - its fighters operating in a network of underground reinforced bunkers and command posts near the Lebanese-Israeli border almost unassailable by Israel Defense Force bombs." (Pepe Escobar ‘The spirit of resistance’ July 26, 2006); "Judging from the reactions of the commanders in the field, they clearly were completely unaware of the defense system built by Hezbollah in southern Lebanon. The complex infrastructure of hidden bunkers, stocked with modern equipment and stockpiles of food and weapons, was a complete surprise for the army. It was not ready for these bunkers, including those built two or three kilometers from the border. They are reminiscent of the tunnels in Vietnam." (Uri Avnery ‘What Has Happened to the Israeli Army?’ August 14, 2006).

Hezbollah Repulsing the Jewish Invasion.
The jews had become so wary of hezbollah they were unwilling to launch an immediate, full scale invasion of lebanon as they did in 1982. They launched a number of exploratory raids to test hezbollah’s defences and always suffered losses. "Israeli troops and armor fought with Hezbollah inside Lebanese territory on Wednesday. Hezbollah claimed to have destroyed two Israeli tanks." (Juan Cole ‘Israel Kills 57 in Lebanon’ July 20, 2006); "Israel's series of small ground forays across the border have aimed to push back Hezbollah guerrillas who have continued to fire rockets into northern Israel despite more than a week of massive bombardment against them - raising the question of whether air power alone can suppress them. Guerrillas fired 25 rockets into Israel on Thursday, which caused no casualties. But the guerrillas have been fighting back hard on the ground, wounding three Israeli soldiers Thursday, a day after killing two. An Israeli unit sent in to ambush Hezbollah guerrillas also had a fierce gunbattle Thursday with a cell of militants." (Hussein Dakroub ‘Israel Hints at a Full-Scale Invasion’ July 20, 2006); "In another clash, just across the border from the Israeli town of Avivim, guerrillas fired a missile at an Israeli tank, seriously wounding one soldier. Hezbollah said in a statement that its guerrillas destroyed two tanks as they tried to enter the Lebanese border village of Maroun al-Ras, across from Avivim." (Hussein Dakroub ‘Israel Hints at a Full-Scale Invasion’ July 20, 2006).

The jews kept edging their way further into southern lebanon but hezbollah had become so well organized it made the jos’s attempts to occupy land extremely difficult, "If in 1982, during previous Israeli invasion, the Jewish tanks crossed Litani River within 48 hours, now their advance is counted in single yards." (Israel Shamir ‘Friends True and False’ July 26, 2006). Although the jews pushed further into lebanon they never controlled the territory they were occupying so that battles continually kept erupting on land being occupied by the jews.

The Battle for Avivim.
"It was a bad news day. In the morning, Israeli forces in Lebanon clashed with Hezbollah near Avivim. Two soldiers were killed. In the afternoon, Hezbollah began to shell the entire northern region heavily. Scores of Katyusha rockets were fired and two children from Nazareth were killed. For eight days, the Israel Defense Forces has been pounding Lebanon and dropping thousands of tons of bombs on it, yet Hezbollah remains the same intransigent rival as before. It is showing no signs of breaking." (Amos Harel ‘Hezbollah is still showing no signs of breaking’ 2006 July 20, 2006).

The Battle for Bint Jbeil - Nasrallahgrad.
Hezbollah’s greatest military triumph was at bint jbeil on the border with the jos. The jews believed they had captured the village only to find that they had been lured into a trap which cost them many dead and wounded. "From this hill village in the south of the country, I am watching the clouds of brown and black smoke rising from its latest disaster in the Lebanese town of Bint Jbeil: up to 13 Israeli soldiers dead, and others surrounded, after a devastating ambush by Hizbollah guerrillas in what was supposed to be a successful Israeli military advance against a "terrorist centre". In Bint Jbeil, meanwhile, another bloodbath was taking place. Claiming to "control" this southern Lebanese town, the Israelis chose to walk into a Hizbollah trap. The moment they reached the deserted marketplace, they were ambushed from three sides, their soldiers falling to the ground under sustained rifle fire. The remaining Israeli troops - surrounded by the "terrorists" they were supposed to liquidate - desperately appealed for help, but an Israeli Merkava tank and other vehicles sent to help them were also attacked and set on fire. Up to 17 Israeli soldiers may have died so far in this disastrous operation. During their occupation of Lebanon in 1983 more than 50 Israeli soldiers were killed in just one suicide attack." (Robert Fisk ‘Smoke signals from the battle of Bint Jbeil send a warning to Israel’ July 27, 2006). hezbollah refer to this as the battle of Nasrallahgrad, "That is what happened this week, following the battle of Bint-Jbeil, which the Arabs have already started to call proudly Nasrallahgrad." (Uri Avnery ‘In the Gunsight: Syria’ July 31, 2006).

The jews eventually captured the town and then left. Hezbollah returned and yet another battle ensued. "Tuesday's heaviest fighting took place around Bint Jbail, to where Hezbollah fighters had returned when the IDF withdrew from the town after capturing it more than a week ago. According to the army, more than 30 Hezbollah fighters were killed during Tuesday's battles." (Aluf Benn, Shmuel Rosner and Amos Harel ‘Olmert wavers over IDF plan to expand ground operations’ August 09, 2006).

The jews still hadn’t pacified the village by the time the war eneded. Although the jos’s military had stated that it had established a security corridor running 8 miles into lebanon, one of the biggest battles at the end of the war was at bint jbeil.

The Battle for Khiam.
"The battle for southern Lebanon is on an epic scale but, from the heights above Khiam, the Israelis appear to be in deep trouble. Their F-16s turn in the high bright sun - small, silver fish whose whispers gain in volume as they dive - and their bombs burst over the old prison, where the Hizbollah are still holding out; beyond the frontier, I can see livid fires burning across the Israeli hillsides and the Jewish settlement of Metullah billowing smoke. Khiam is - or was - a pretty village of cut-stone doorways and tracery windows, but Israel's target, apart from the obviously marked UN position whose inhabitants they massacred, is the notorious prison in which - before its retreat from Lebanon in 2000 - hundreds of Hizbollah members and, in some cases, their families, were held and tortured with electricity by Israel's proxy militia, the South Lebanon Army. This was the same prison complex - turned into a "museum of torture" by the Hizbollah after the Israeli retreat - that was visited by the late Edward Said shortly before his death. More important, however, is that many of the Hizbollah men originally held prisoner here were captives in cells deep underground the old French mandate fort. These same men are now fighting the Israelis, almost certainly sheltering from their fire in the same underground cells in which they languished, perhaps even storing some of their missiles there." (Robert Fisk ‘Smoke signals from the battle of Bint Jbeil send a warning to Israel’ July 27, 2006).

The Battle for Ayta al-Shab.
"What happened in Bint Jbail recurred in Ayta al-Shab. Although it seemed that the town had been conquered, it transpired again and again that there were still Hezbollah men in it. Once again, clashes and battles took place, and again, the IDF suffered dead and wounded. Although the army had conquered the town, Hezbollah men were hiding in underground bunkers well camouflaged from the outside. The bunkers had been stocked with large quantities of food, enough to last for weeks, and ammunition, including antitank missiles and, in several cases, short-range rockets. The bunkers are connected to electricity and, according to one report, are air conditioned. When the fighting dies down, Hezbollah fighters emerge from the bunkers and set up ambushes for IDF soldiers and armored vehicles. That is why soldiers are hit repeatedly in the same places." (Ze'ev Schiff ‘IDF still not in control of strip along Lebanon's border’ August 10, 2006).

Jewish Liars.
The jews were lying about their progress in lebanon. "Israeli army chief of staff Lt. Gen. Dan Halutz said the damage to Hezbollah from the offensive is "enormous," the Associated Press reported. Halutz said Israel has caused hundreds of Hezbollah casualties and "serious damage to their rocket-launching capabilities."" (Thomas Frank and Yaakov Katz ‘Hezbollah Maintains its Rocket Barrage’ July 27, 2006). Hezbollah on the other hand were telling the truth. "Nasrallah says that since the war started on July 12, only eight of his men have been killed. He added, "I would like to tell you and tell the viewers that when a martyr falls, we inform his family and we then announce this. We do not hide our martyrs until the end of the battle. We have never done this. On the contrary, we always take pride in our martyrs."" (Sami Moubayed ‘Hezbollah banks on home-ground advantage’ July 26, 2006).

Hezbollah still fighting at the Jos Border.
Whilst discussions about a ceasefire were still in progress, it was becoming clear that the jewish occupation of southern lebanon had not succeeded in clearing the border area of hezbollah fighters and their munitions. "In Tuesday's fighting in Lebanon, five soldiers were killed and 23 others wounded, two of them seriously." (Aluf Benn, Shmuel Rosner and Amos Harel ‘Olmert wavers over IDF plan to expand ground operations’ August 09, 2006); "Some soldiers said Israel was having trouble controlling even the small strip it was already occupying. "The biggest problem is still the existence of Hezbollah fighters all over the place, even though we have most of the territory under control," said Maj. Avi Ortal, an officer in a reserve brigade in southwestern Lebanon. "Hezbollah are good fighters. They know the territory. They live there and they have had six years to build compounds," he said." (Israel Tables wider Lebanon Offensive August 10 2006); "The large number and the location of the casualties that the Israel Defense Forces sustained Wednesday indicate that the army does not yet control the narrow strip along the border, although this stage of the ground operation was supposed to have been completed already." (Ze'ev Schiff ‘IDF still not in control of strip along Lebanon's border’ August 10, 2006). On Wednesday, "The new advances came a day after Israel suffered its highest death toll in a single day, with 15 soldiers killed." (Israel Tables wider Lebanon Offensive August 10 2006).

The Jews’ Failure to Provoke another Lebanese Civil War.
The jos’s war strategy was to launch a continual wave of aerial attacks on lebanese citizens and the country’s economic and industrial infrastructure, in order to either force hezbollah to disarm and disband (and return its two jewish soldiers); trigger a civil war against hezbollah; or, force the lebanese military to attack hezbollah. So far, this strategy has been a complete failure. The following commentators are dubious about the jews’ strategy.

Pepe Escobar.
"For its part, Israel's Leviathan-run-amok tactic of trying to turn the Lebanese as a whole against Hezbollah seems to be doomed to failure." (Pepe Escobar ‘Leviathan run amok’ July 19, 2006).

Uri Avnery.
"The Israeli reaction could have been expected. For years, the army commanders had yearned for an opportunity to eliminate the missile arsenal of Hezbollah and destroy that organization, or at least disarm it and push it far, far from the border. They are trying to do this the only way they know: by causing so much devastation, that the Lebanese population will stand up and compel its government to fulfill Israel's demands. The idea that the weakling Lebanese government – which in any case includes Hezbollah – would be able to liquidate the organization is ludicrous." (Uri Avnery ‘Stop That Shit, Indeed’ July 22, 2006); "Halutz started this war with the bluster of an air force officer. He believed that it was possible to crush Hezbollah by aerial bombardment, supplemented by artillery shelling from land and sea. He believed that if he destroyed the towns, neighborhoods, roads, and ports of Lebanon, the Lebanese people would rise and compel their government to remove Hezbollah. For a week he killed and devastated, until it became clear to everybody that this method achieves the opposite – strengthens Hezbollah, weakens its opponents within Lebanon and throughout the Arab world, and destroys the worldwide sympathy Israel enjoyed at the beginning of the war." (Uri Avnery ‘What Has Happened to the Israeli Army?’ August 14, 2006).

Sami Moubayed.
"This explains why the IDF is not only targeting Hezbollah strongholds. It wants every Lebanese to suffer so he or she can blame Nasrallah and Hezbollah. It has hit a church in Rashayya, landed a missile in the Ashrafiyyieh neighborhood of Beirut, and targeted a base for the Lebanese army, killing seven soldiers and four officers." (Sami Moubayed ‘Bunkered down for a war of attrition’ July 22, 2006); "Politically they are currently allied to General Michel Aoun, the non-sectarian yet Christian heavyweight of Lebanese politics who has stood by his Shi'ite allies during their latest confrontation with Israel. Aoun's alliance has prevented the Christian street from turning against Hezbollah. The Israelis wanted everybody in Lebanon, the Christians included, to suffer great loss in human life and property so that they would come out and blame Nasrallah for their misery. Because of Aoun that has not happened. Rather, the Christians are offering shelter to the Shi'ites whose homes have been destroyed, and Christian charity organizations, as well as churches and monasteries, are doing their share of humanitarian work to decrease the suffering of the Shi'ites. When Israeli bombs start landing in Christian Lebanon, the Christians did not blame Hezbollah. If this was a war on Hezbollah, they reasoned, then why were they being attacked? Attacking them meant that this was a war on Lebanon - all of Lebanon, not only the Shi'ites and Hezbollah." (Sami Moubayed ‘Hezbollah banks on home-ground advantage’ July 26, 2006).

Philip Gordon.
"Philip Gordon relays the thinking of the Israeli political and military elite behind its inhuman and massive bombing of all Lebanon: 'According to retired Israeli army Col. Gal Luft, the goal of the campaign is to "create a rift between the Lebanese population and Hezbollah supporters." The message to Lebanon's elite, he said, is this: "If you want your air conditioning to work and if you want to be able to fly to Paris for shopping, you must pull your head out of the sand and take action toward shutting down Hezbollah-land."'" (Juan Cole ‘Israelis Kill UN Peacekeepers’ July 26, 2006).

Israel Shamir.
"The Jews bombed even Ashrafieh, the well-off Maronite suburb of Beirut, which led the movement for removal of the Syrian army from Lebanon. "Haram, ya Ashrafieh", sorry for you. Your folly was visited on you too soon. Weak and rude as they were, the Syrians would protect your heavens from the black vultures from South. You are like a lamb that rejected your nasty old shepherd and was swiftly fleeced by a wolf. The dream of independent Lebanon was just an illusion produced by Masters of Dreams." (Israel Shamir ‘Friends True and False’ July 26, 2006).

Juan Cole.
"What the Israelis set out to do, if they intended to "destroy" or even substantially attrite Hizbullah, was completely impractical. What they have done is to convince even Lebanese formerly on the fence about the issue that Hizbullah's leaders were correct in predicting that Lebanon would again be attacked in the most brutal and horrible way by the Israelis and that an even more powerful deterrent is needed. I.e more silkworms, not fewer." (Juan Cole ‘What is Hizbullah?’ July 31, 2006).

George Bisharat.
"Until recently, Israel faced hostility in Lebanon mainly from Shi'a Muslims, who suffered the most from Israel's lengthy occupation of South Lebanon. Now it is earning the enmity of countless more Lebanese, who, until two weeks ago, were happy to live in peace with their neighbor." (George Bisharat ‘Bombing Milk Factories, Grain Silos, Churches, Bridges, Lighthouses, Power Stations...’ August 4, 2006).

Neda Bolourchi.
"While neo-conservatives believed the destruction of Lebanon and the death of civilians would incite the Lebanese to act against Hezbollah, Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora, Speaker Nabih Berri, Saad Hariri (son of assassinated prime minister Rafik Hariri), General Michel Aoun, President Emile Lahoud and other major leaders of Lebanon have predictably rallied against Israeli actions, despite Hezbollah's initial steps." (Neda Bolourchi ‘Iran's changing fortunes’ August 9, 2006). (3)

Hezbollah’s Success in uniting Lebanon against the Jews’ Holocaust.
Hezbollah’s support for Democracy and Nationalism.
One of hezbollah’s most remarkable political achievements during the war was to maintain the support of all sectors of lebanon’s multi-cultural society. The reason for this success is rooted in a decision made by hasan nasrullah when he became head of hezbollah. He refused to allow hezbollah to become an exclusively shiite organization. He also went out of his way to form a broad alliance amongst all the peoples of lebanon. "Part of Nasrullah's success was that while always appealing to the Shi'ites, he never mentioned pan-Shi'ite loyalties, and always claimed to be speaking for Lebanon. This was not the case with Musa al-Sadr, who rose to power in the 1960s and 1970s through emphasis on Shi'ite nationalism as part of the greater Lebanese nationalism. This different approach gave Nasrullah a fairly large following among the Sunnis of Lebanon as well. Like Sadr, however, he fully understood the multitude of Lebanon's confessional system, never once calling for an Islamic state in Lebanon, and always proclaiming to be a firm believer in the right of all Lebanese, regardless of religion, to live in harmony." (Sami Moubayed ‘Lebanon guided by the Nasrullah factor’ February 26, 2005). Although hezbollah is still primarily a shiite organization it is not exclusively so and attempts to maintain good relationships with all sectors of lebanese society.

The Cedar Revolution War.
The reason the jos failed to trigger a civil war in lebanon was because the barbaric war against lebanese civilians convinced everyone that the so-called cedar revolution, which has been promoted by both america and the jos, had been a complete hoax. The jos and american neocons had fabricated this synthetic revolution not to bring democracy to the lebanese people but solely to push syria out of the country so the jos could attack hezbollah whenever the opportunity arose. During the astroturf revolution, hezbollah had warned the lebanese people that the country needed syrian troops to protect it from the pathological, war-mongering loonies in the jos but the non-shiite lebanese would not listen. They believed that because america was encouraging and helping them to establish democracy in their country that it would do everything it could to protect that democracy. This was grossly naïve. They ignored the reality that america is ruled by jewish neocons who couldn’t care anything about democracy, or justice, in lebanon and who simply wanted the syrians out of the country to enable the jos to launch an attack on hezbollah. Whilst the jos and the neocons were promoting the cedar revolution, led by america’s jewish ambassador to lebanon, they were also secretly planning to invade lebanon at the most convenient moment using an aerial blitz to devastate the country. Ran hacohen has argued that if the un’s draft resolution is implemented then, "Lebanon will unite behind Hezbollah as the only effective force fighting its partition. Syria will support Hezbollah, being doubly humiliated both by the enduring Israeli occupation of the Syrian Golan Heights and by being kicked out of Lebanon just in order to let Israel reoccupy it." (Ha'aretz, Aug. 7, 2006)." (Quoted in (Ran HaCohen ‘The End of Lebanon? August 8, 2006). When the bombs fell on lebanon, the pro-cedar revolutionaries had egg splattered over their faces and the words of warning issued by hassan nasrullah must rung in their ears. Nasrullah had been proved right yet again. The jews and the americans had been proven to be contemptible liars and manipulators who cared nothing whatsoever about the lebanese people after all that they had promised them. As a consequence, today it is a little difficult to see how any lebanese person could trust either the americans or the jews. It was a shame that so many of them did not join hezbollah in pushing the jewish racists out of their country.

The jews’ blitz against the lebanese people still does not have a commonly recognized name. The most appropriate name for this war would be the post cedar revolution war or just simply ‘the cedar revolution war’ as a reminder for future generations that the jews had used democracy as a means for provoking a barbaric war.

Another Hezbollah Success: Jewish Racists Scale back Military Objectives – Giving up Hope of a Full Scale Invasion of Lebanon.
The jews’s original war strategy was an aerial bombardment to force hezbollah’s capitulation. This would enable them to invade the country, occupy the whole of lebanon and disarm/disband hezbollah. They would then annexe the southern half of lebanon up to the litany river. The jos could then go on to launch a regional war against iran and syria.

However, such was the ferocity of hezbollah’s resistance on the ground in lebanon that these objectives rapidly crumbled into the dust. The jews proceeded very cautiously into lebanon not merely because of hezbollah’s resistance but through fear of dragging in the lebanese army, syria, and eventually iran. The jews were concerned about incurring too many casualties because this might turn the jewish public against their leaders’ warmongering.

The jews were forced to put their hopes for invading and occupying the country on the back burner. They even abandoned the idea of disarming/disbanding hezbollah. They limited their ambitions to the creation of a buffer zone patrolled by a multinational force even though at the start of the war they were opposed to such political developments.

Let’s be clear about this. If the jews had been able to launch a ground war against southern lebanon and march right up to beirut as they did in 1982 then the racists would have done so. The fact that they haven’t is indicative of the resistance they have faced and the fear that a full scale invasion would result in hezbollah hitting the jos with its deadliest weapons.

Military Source.
"A senior military source said on Tuesday that Israel seeks "to significantly weaken Hezbollah but not crush it." He said that "it is impossible to crush a popular, religious movement."" (Amos Harel and Avi Issacharoff ‘IDF: We need two weeks to end Lebanon operation’ July 19, 2006).

Defense Minister Amir Peretz.
"Meanwhile, Defense Minister Amir Peretz said Israel did not plan on a wide-scale invasion of Lebanon. "The ground operation is focusing on a limited entry of forces," Peretz told the Cabinet. He added: "We are not dealing with an invasion of Lebanon."" (Olmert tells Cabinet he expects campaign to 'take a very long time'’ July 24, 2006).

Jos Cabinet Minister.
"Israel's offensive in Lebanon is not aimed at totally dismantling Hizbollah but rather at preventing the guerrilla group returning to the border and attacking the Jewish state, a cabinet minister said on Monday." (Matthew Tostevin Israel says not trying to destroy Hizbollah’ 2006 July 24 2006).

Juan Cole.
"The Israeli military is rapidly scaling back its military goals, since the ones initially announced with such confidence (pushing Hizbullah back 35 miles and completely destroying its missile arsenal) are obviously pie in the sky. The Israelis are stumbling around so badly that yesterday they lost a helicopter and killed 6 of their own men (it could have been much worse)." (Juan Cole ‘Problems with Israeli Military Performance’ July 25, 2006).

Senior Army Commander.
"Outlining the scope of the Israeli campaign for the first time, a senior army commander said Israel would only encircle Lebanese towns and villages near the border and did not plan a deeper push into the country." (U.S. Gives Israel Timeline for Assault on Hezbollah, Official Says’,2933,205378,00.html July 25, 2006).

Sami Moubayed.
"A review of the Israeli press shows that many observers, analysts and Israeli officials are no longer calling for the complete and immediate disarming of Hezbollah - realizing that this is very difficult, but saying that this military operation aimed at degrading, rather than crushing, the Lebanese resistance group." (Sami Moubayed ‘Hezbollah banks on home-ground advantage’ July 26, 2006); "The IDF announced that it was undecided on whether it wanted to pursue that kind of warfare, as Syrian Information Minister Muhsen Bilal announced that if the IDF entered Lebanon, Syria would be drawn into war with Lebanon. He said that if Israel entered Lebanon "they can get to within 20km of Damascus". He asked: "What will we do? Stand by with our arms folded? Absolutely not. With any doubt Syria will intervene in the conflict." Also threatening to intervene if ground warfare breaks out is the Lebanese army. Defense Minister Elias al-Murr said this clearly over the weekend, "Our constitutional duty is to defend Lebanon as a Lebanese Army. This is our role."" (Sami Moubayed ‘Hezbollah banks on home-ground advantage’ July 26, 2006). But haven’t the jews been demanding that their american muppets attack syria on their behalf?

Kaveh L Afrasiabi.
"A day after killing four United Nations workers, Israel's cabinet has simultaneously called up reservists and announced that there will be no "major offensive" inside Lebanon. This in light of Hezbollah's tough resistance and continued ability to fire rockets at Israel more than two weeks after the latter declared its military objective of finishing off Hezbollah." (Kaveh L Afrasiabi ‘A war without borders in the making’ July 29, 2006).

Jewish Racist Warmongers.
"Israel's security Cabinet decided to step up its air campaign against Lebanon on Thursday, but said it would not expand its ground offensive after the death of nine of its soldiers in fighting for Bint Jbeil the day before. According to Elias Hanna, a researcher of military affairs, the decision to limit the ground campaigns was made because "Israelis are traumatized by their negative experience during the invasion of Lebanon in 1982."" (Raed El Rafei ‘Casualties force change in Israel's strategy’ July 28, 2006); "After initially vowing to destroy Hezbollah, Israel is now seeking to expel the militia from a two-kilometer (one-mile) strip along Lebanon's side of the border and occupy the zone until a mooted international force can take over." (Israel pulls back from flashpoint Hezbollah town’ July 29, 2006).

Mouin Rabbani.
"Rabbani of the Middle East Report pointed out that the Israeli government has in fact continually adjusted its objectives downwards – from the eradication of Hezbollah, to its disarmament, to the elimination of its missile capabilities, to the removal of its long-range missile capabilities, to pushing the movement north of the Litani River, to creating a free-fire zone south of the Litani pending the arrival of foreign forces." (Thalif Deen ‘Israel's Military Invincibility Dented by Hezbollah’ August 9, 2006).

Hezbollah’s Success in Uniting the Moslem World.

Another of hezbollah’s remarkable political achievement was to unify the moslem world against american, and jewish, state terrorists. When the jews launched their psychotic, unprovoked attack on lebanese citizens, the decadent dictators of sunni arab states denounced hezbollah for provoking the attack. They feared the emergence of a shiite crescent stretching from iran, through iraq and syria, to southern lebanon. This gave jewish commentators/politicians in palestine and america considerable hope of persuading sunni states to form an alliance with the jos out of fear of being undermined by the shiites. "In a break with traditional Arab solidarity over any confrontation with Israel, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt denounced Hezbollah for "adventurism" in abducting two Israeli soldiers along the Israel-Lebanon border, the incident that precipitated the current violence and destruction. Their statements, which were welcomed by US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice as evidence of the emergence of a "new Middle East", were also cited as evidence, particularly by neo-conservatives, that Iran, believed to be Hezbollah's most important source of arms and external funding, had displaced Israel as the Sunnis' greatest threat." (Jim Lobe ‘Strength in unity’ July 29, 2006).

Bush tried to exploit this tactic, "Officials say Bush believes Iran wants to create a "Shia crescent" - an arc of Iranian influenced regimes stretching from the Persian Gulf through Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, countries with significant Shiite Muslim populations that would make Tehran a major power broker in the Middle East. One official said the president had exploited such fears in recent weeks in conversations with the Sunni Muslim leaders of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan as a way of urging them to withhold support from Hezbollah in the Lebanon conflict." (Doyle McManus ‘Iran Is Bush's Target in Lebanon’ July 30, 2006).

As a result of the jews’ frenzied attack on the lebanese people and hezbollah’s heroic resistance, this jewish objective also crumbled into the dust. Virtually all moslems in the middle east and beyond united against the jews. Many began to view the decadent, dictatorial sunni governments with contempt for supporting the jos’s barbarism. "The Arab street is cheering for Hezbollah, often across the Sunni-Shi'ite divide, while the governments of states such as Egypt hide under the bed. The goal of Islamic fourth generation forces is the destruction of most, if not all, Arab state governments, so Hezbollah is winning strategically as well. One can almost watch the legitimacy drain away from the region's decrepit states, with incalculable consequences for American interests." (William S. Lind ‘Welcome to My Parlor’ July 29, 2006). Sunni governments have been forced to adopt a much more critical view of the jos’s attacks on lebanon.

Ehsan Ahrari.
"Even under the worst-case scenario from the vantage point of Iran – a major blow to Hezbollah – that organization's popularity in the Middle East is at an all-time high. Hezbollah is perceived in the Arab streets not as a Shia organization, but as an Arab organization that can challenge mighty Israel, which no Arab state can even imagine doing. In the post-9/11 era, when Arab self-esteem is much damaged as a result of the conquest of Iraq, when the Bush doctrine continues to hang as Damocles' sword over the head of Syria, when the Arabs see their religion under attack in the Western media, Hezbollah's gutsy and plucky decision to confront the Jewish state has, rightly or wrongly, become a source of considerable cheer." (Ehsan Ahrari ‘The Real Challenge From the 'Shia Crescent'’ July 25, 2006).

Nasrullah has become even an bigger Arab Hero,

Nasrullah and hezbollah were heroes in the arab and moslem world because they’d ended the jos’s eighteen year military occupation of lebanon. Their current reslience and bravery in holding out against the might of the world’s fourth largest army has turned nasrullah into an even greater hero.

Rawya Rageh.
"The buses were plastered with pictures of Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, who has assumed a hero status in the Arab world." (Rawya Rageh ‘Shiites go to Baghdad to support Hezbollah’ Agust 03, 2006).

Hezbollah’s Military Achievements.
Longest Battle against the Jews.
Hezbollah has waged the longest battle the jos has ever fought.

Nadia Hijab.
"Nadia Hijab, a senior fellow at the Washington-based Institute for Palestine Studies, says in one sense, Hezbollah has already won, if anyone can be considered a winner when there has been such enormous death and destruction. "They have stood their ground against Israel longer than any combination of Arab armies in 1967 or 1973, and inflicted heavy casualties," Hijab told IPS." (Thalif Deen ‘Israel's Military Invincibility Dented by Hezbollah’ August 9, 2006).

Uri Avnery.
"On the 15th day of the war, Hizbullah is functioning and fighting. That by itself will go down in the annals of the Arab peoples as a shining victory." (Uri Avnery ‘The Invasion of Lebanon’ July 28, 2006); "On the 32nd day of the war, Hezbollah is still standing and fighting. That by itself is a stunning feat: a small guerilla organization, with a few thousand fighters, is standing up to one of the strongest armies in the world and has not been broken after a month of "pulverizing." Since 1948, the armies of Egypt, Syria, and Jordan have repeatedly been beaten in wars that were much shorter." (Uri Avnery ‘What Has Happened to the Israeli Army?’ August 14, 2006).

Historic Achievement: Taking the War to the Jos.
Since its illegal establishment in 1948, the jos has defeated arab armies with the greatest of ease. "The 1967 war was so swift it ended in less than a week, with Egypt losing 264 aircraft and 700 battle tanks, Jordan 22 aircraft and 125 tanks, and Syria 58 aircraft and 105 tanks. The only equipment losses suffered by Israel in the 1967 war were 40 aircraft and 100 battle tanks, according to Dilip Hiro, a Middle East analyst based in London." (Thalif Deen ‘Israel's Military Invincibility Dented by Hezbollah’ August 9, 2006).

Even in the october 1973 war when the jos seemed to be facing defeat, its only weakness was a lack of munitions and so, as soon as the jos had blackmailed nixon into airlifting supplies to the jos, the jews wiped out their arab opponents. Something similar happened in 1982 when the jos’s army swept through lebanon to beirut. The jews have thus become accustomed to winning easy victories. They suffered their first military defeat only in 2000 when hezbollah forced them to end their occupation of lebanon.

The jos has not merely been used to winning easy victories against arab armies, they are used to fighting wars on arab soil. Just as america had never experienced war on its soil until the pentagon and new york bombings, so the jos had never experienced war on its own territory. Hezbollah’s attacks on the jos is thus historic. It’s the first time psychotic, megalomaniac, jewish racists have experienced the horrible realities of war – a war they provoked.

Patrick Seale.
"Hizballah's leader, Shaikh Hassan Nasrallah - Israel's 'Enemy Number One' - has repeatedly warned Israel to expect 'surprises'. The missile attacks on Haifa, Israel's third largest city, and the disabling of one of Israel's most advanced warships, were certainly painful surprises. They carried the war into Israel's home territory, posing a severe challenge to Israel's strategic doctrine, which has always been to fight its wars on Arab territory." (Patrick Seale ‘Why Is Israel Destroying Lebanon? July 25, 2006).

Israel Shamir.
"They were the first opponents who dared Israeli rules of the game and took the war to the Jewish territory, as until now, the enemies of Israel obeyed its sanctity. Even in 1948 the armies of Egypt, Transjordan, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq did not cross the borders of the Jewish state, and were satisfied with securing the territories given by the UN to the Palestinian Arab State. In 1967-1971 Nasser’s Egypt did not dare to send even one bomber jet to Tel Aviv, though Israeli air force bombed and strafed the Egyptian cities. Thanks to Sheikh Nasrallah cities of Israel experienced – though in homeopathic doses – the feelings of Gaza and Beirut." (Israel Shamir ‘Friends True and False’ July 26, 2006).

Thalif Deen.
"He also said that Hezbollah appears to have had good intelligence about Israel while Israel had weak intelligence about Hezbollah. For example, Hezbollah understood that the core of Israel's military doctrine is to ensure that any military confrontation be transferred as rapidly as possible to enemy territory. "It therefore undertook measures to undermine this fundamental principle, both by heavily defending territory immediately inside Lebanon, and conducting persistent rocket attacks on Israeli territory."" (Thalif Deen ‘Israel's Military Invincibility Dented by Hezbollah’ August 9, 2006).

Victory or Defeat for Hezbollah?
Hezbollah Defeated.
The Jewish Puppet in the White House George Bush.
"Asked by reporters who he believed had won the conflict, Mr. Bush said, "Hezbollah, of course, has got a fantastic propaganda machine and they’re claiming victories. But how can you claim victory when at one time you were a state within a state, safe within southern Lebanon, and now you’re going to be replaced with a Lebanese Army and an international force?"" (Jim Rutenberg ‘Bush Defends U.S. Handling of Lebanese Conflict, Asserting That Hezbollah Is the Loser’ August 15, 2006).

Edward N. Luttwak.
"It's been not a failure but a massive disappointment," said Edward N. Luttwak, who served as a policy adviser to President Ronald Reagan and is now a senior fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington." (Peter Wallsten ‘Lebanon pact disappoints U.S.’ August 15, 2006).

A Senior Jewish Army Commander.
"Still, the Israeli Army feels it fought well within the limits set for it, and the commander insisted that the Israelis won every battle with Hezbollah, despite its good training and equipment and the underground tunnels, barracks and command posts it constructed with Iranian help. "We believe it was important to stop the war with Hezbollah understanding that we can beat them anywhere, any time, and we did that," he said. "I believe it will change the situation for a long time."" (Stephen Erlanger ‘Israel Committed to Block Arms and Kill Nasrallah’ August 20, 2006).

Hezbollah Victory.
Gilad Atzmon.
"The Israelis know very well that if the IDF failed miserably in defeating the Hezbollah, no army in the world can do the job any better. Hezbollah is there to stay. Israel is now left with a very hostile neighbour and a very strong Hezbollah on its very vulnerable northern border." (Gilad Atzmon ‘Israel’s New Math’ July 22-23, 2006).

Ghayth Armanazi.
"Israel's war in Lebanon may yet last for a while. But, for all intents and purposes, Israel has lost what the Arabic satellite station has coined the "Sixth War", in reference to the list of major conflicts involving Israel that have erupted since the First war of 1948." (Ghayth Armanazi former Ambassador of the Arab League to London ‘Israel has already lost the War’ August 11 2006).

Gideon Levy.
"The IDF's failure against Hezbollah is not a fateful defeat." (Gideon Levy ‘To Failure's Credit’ August 14, 2006).

Hassan Nasrallah.
"Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah said Monday that his guerrillas achieved a "strategic, historic victory" against Israel - a declaration that prompted celebratory gunfire across the Lebanese capital." (Lauren Frayer ‘Hezbollah claims Victory against Israel’ August 14, 2006).

Justin Raimondo.
"Alright, then, so who "won"? The answer, at least as far as the first round, is Hezbollah, and, standing behind them, the government of Lebanon." (Justin Raimondo ‘Israel, Defeated’ August 14, 2006).

Mike Whitney.
"There is no longer any reasonable expectation that Israel will accomplish any of its stated objectives. The mighty IDF has been slapped around by a handful of tough-minded guerillas who kept Israel pinned-down to within a 5 mile radius of the northern border for a full month. It is probably one of the greatest triumphs in the history of asymmetrical warfare." (Mike Whitney ‘The Litani Gambit’ August 14, 2006).

Robert Fisk.
"In the sparse Baathist drawing rooms of Damascus, reality often seems a long way away. But it was a sign of the times that President Bashar al-Assad was able to bring the great and the good of Damascus to their feet by the simple token of telling the truth - which no other Arab leader has chosen to do these past five weeks: that the Lebanese Hizbollah guerrilla army has, in effect, won this round of their war with Israel." (Robert Fisk ‘In the face of Bush's lies, it's left to Assad to tell the truth’ August 16 2006).

Eric Margolis.
"After 31 days of fighting, Israel has nothing to show but world-wide condemnation (the US excepted), scores of dead soldiers and civilians, burned forests, displaced civilians and the expenditure of billions of dollars. Israel’s carefully cultivated myth of military invincibility was shattered by Hezbullah." (Eric Margolis ‘The Lebanon Curse strikes again’ August 16, 2006).

Reuven Pedatzur.
"Ze'ev Schiff wrote in Haaretz on August 11 that we had "gotten a slap." It seems that "knockout" would be a more appropriate description. This is not a mere military defeat. This is a strategic failure whose far-reaching implications are still not clear." (Reuven Pedatzur ‘The Day After / How we suffered a knockout’ August 16, 2006).

William S. Lind.
"The magnitude of the defeat is considerable. Israel appears to have lost at every level - strategic, operational and tactical. Nothing she tried worked. Air power failed, as it always does against an enemy who doesn't have to maneuver operationally, or even move tactically for the most part. The attempts to blockade Lebanon and thus cut off Hezbollah's resupply failed; her caches proved ample. Most seriously, the ground assault into Lebanon failed. Israel took little ground and paid heavily in casualties for that. More, she cannot hold what she has taken; if she is not forced to withdraw by diplomacy, Hezbollah will push her out, as it did once before. The alternative is a bleeding ulcer that never heals." (William S. Lind ‘Why the IDF Lost in Lebanon’ August 17, 2006).

The War is not yet Over.
Robert Fisk.
"the Israeli army, reeling under the Hizbollah's onslaught of the past 24 hours, is now facing the harshest guerrilla war in its history. And it is a war they may well lose. Israeli military authorities talked of "cleaning" and "mopping up" operations by their soldiers south of the Litani river but, to the Lebanese, it seems as if it is the Hizbollah that have been doing the "mopping up". Unable to shoot down the Israeli F-16 aircraft that have laid waste to much of Lebanon, the Hizbollah have, for years, prayed and longed and waited for the moment when they could attack the Israeli army on the ground. But if the ceasefire collapses, as seems certain, neither the Israelis nor the Americans appear to have any plans to escape the consequences. The US saw this war as an opportunity to humble Hizbollah's Iranian and Syrian sponsors but already it seems as if the tables have been turned. Tragically, and fatally for all involved, the real Lebanon war does indeed begin today." (Robert Fisk ‘As the 6am ceasefire takes effect... the real war begins’ August 14 2006).

Conclusions: It’s either the survival of the Jos or the survival of Lebanon.
The jews’ response to the arrest of two jewish soldiers was a massive, grossly disproportionate, aerial bombardment of the lebanese people. This response was unnecessary since the jos could have bartered for the release of its soldiers. It was also a grossly disproportionate response to what was only a minor border skirmish. It was also monstrously evil in so much as the jews’ primary objective was attacking lebanese civilians not hezbollah. The jews’ attacks on lebanese civilians have also been grossly disproportionate to hezbollah’s attack on the jos.

The jews’ aerial attacks on the lebanese people indicated that they believe the lebanese people have no value whatsoever – a point reinforced by john bolten, "The US ambassador to the UN, notorious neo-con John Bolton, believes "it would be a mistake to ascribe moral equivalence to civilians who die as the direct result of malicious terrorist acts". Israel's bombing for its part is "self-defense" that has had "the tragic and unfortunate consequence of civilian deaths". Translation: dead Lebanese civilians are collateral damage, expendable and not worth the life of a single Israeli. After all, the Israeli foreign minister had the gall to proclaim that "many civilians in southern Lebanon have Katyusha and other rockets under their beds". (Pepe Escobar ‘Lebanon left for dead’ July 21, 2006). "Israel's total disregard for the lives and property of the Arab people ..." (Charley Reese ‘Disaster in the Making’ July 22, 2006). The jos is bombing lebanon as if the lebanese people are "cockroaches". Supremacist jewish racist are treating the lebanese people as sub-humans.

Lebanon is never going to become a safe and civilized country whilst the racist jos is willing to blitz the country on the merest pretext. It invaded in 1978, in 1982, 1996, and now again in 2006. It has continually carried out incursions into lebanon for the purposes of assassinating lebanese people or capturing them and holding them illegally in prison. All lebanese people thus have a vested interest in supporting the eradication of the jos.

The only way to stop the jos from continuing to poison the world with jewish racism and further consolidating the global jewish empire, is if hezbollah manages to flatten the jos in the same way the jews are flattening lebanon. It is to be hoped that both syria and iran are sending troops into lebanon to help hezbollah defeat the forces of jewish racism. It is to be hoped that both syria and iran are also sending in sufficient weapons to help hezbollah fight jewish barbarism.

The basic issue is that it’s either the survival of the jos or the survival of lebanon. There has been ample proof pointing to this conclusion in the past but the jews’ merciless, old testamentary, attacks on the lebanese people proves the point beyond dispute - there is no living in peace with the racist jos. There can be no accommodation with it. It is either annihilated or it will annihilate all those countries around it which do not abjectly obey its policies.

Israel Shamir.
.. "there can be no peace in the area as long as the Jewish state exists. After experiencing the neocon rule, this conclusion will be shared by the Americans." (Israel Shamir ‘Friends True and False’ July 26, 2006).

Peres is now quoted warning the Lebanese government, "It is us or Hezbollah. This is a war for life and for peace."" (Kaveh L Afrasiabi ‘A war without borders in the making’ July 29, 2006).

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
"Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Thursday the solution to the Middle East crisis is to destroy Israel. In a speech during an emergency meeting of Muslim leaders, Ahmadinejad also called for an immediate halt to fighting in Lebanon between Israel and the Iranian-backed militant group Hezbollah. "Although the main solution is for the elimination of the Zionist regime, at this stage an immediate cease-fire must be implemented," he said." (Sean Yoong ‘Ahmadinejad: Destroy Israel, end crisis’ August 04, 2006).


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