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The Cedar Revolution War

Updated August 26, 2006

The Jews’ Refusal to attack Syria.
For the last decade or so, the jews-only state in palestine (jos), the jewish lobby in america, the jewish dominated media in america, jewish commentators and academics in america, and jewish politicians within successive administrations, have been calling for america to attack both syria and iran for sponsoring terrorism against the jos. As soon as the jos launched its psychotic, pre-planned, unprovoked, attacks on lebanese civilians and infrastructure, many of these same jews called upon the jos to widen the war by attacking syria. They knew that syria had an alliance with iran which would bring it into the war and that this would then automatically trigger the entry of america. However, to the great surprise of many, the jos has avoided triggering off a wider war. Indeed, it has gone out of its way to publicly emphasize that it will not attack syria. "Even as Israeli officials repeatedly accuse Damascus of supporting Hezbollah and Hamas, Jerusalem insists it has no intentions of attacking Syria." (Ori Nir ‘U.S. Ripped For Inaction On Israeli, Syrian Front’ August 4, 2006). Elements within the jos have even called the idea "nuts". "One Israeli source said Bush’s interest in spreading the war to Syria was considered "nuts" by some senior Israeli officials, although Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has generally shared Bush’s hard-line strategy against Islamic militants." (Robert Parry ‘Bush wants Wider War’ August 03, 2006).

What this implies is that the jos has never seriously considered attacking either syria or iran because the losses suffered by the jos would be too great. This has two implications. One referring to the past - specifically the cedar revolution – and the other to the future – that the jos wants america to attack syria and iran on its behalf but will not do so itself because it couldn’t endure the massive damage it would suffer.

The primary reason for the jos’s barbaric attack on lebanese civilians and infrastructure was to trigger a civil war against hezbollah thereby considerably reducing military losses during a ground invasion. However, this strategy failed. There are a number of reasons for this failure.

Firstly, because hasan nasrullah has always promoted lebanese nationalism and has recently supported the development of lebanese democracy. Non-shiite lebanese thus see hezbollah as a legitimate part of lebanese society and politics by, "Part of Nasrullah's success was that while always appealing to the Shi'ites, he never mentioned pan-Shi'ite loyalties, and always claimed to be speaking for Lebanon. This was not the case with Musa al-Sadr, who rose to power in the 1960s and 1970s through emphasis on Shi'ite nationalism as part of the greater Lebanese nationalism. This different approach gave Nasrullah a fairly large following among the Sunnis of Lebanon as well. Like Sadr, however, he fully understood the multitude of Lebanon's confessional system, never once calling for an Islamic state in Lebanon, and always proclaiming to be a firm believer in the right of all Lebanese, regardless of religion, to live in harmony." (Sami Moubayed ‘Lebanon guided by the Nasrullah factor’ February 26, 2005).

Secondly, because many lebanese realized the jos was attacking lebanon and not merely hezbollah. "When Israeli bombs start landing in Christian Lebanon, the Christians did not blame Hezbollah. If this was a war on Hezbollah, they reasoned, then why were they being attacked? Attacking them meant that this was a war on Lebanon - all of Lebanon, not only the Shi'ites and Hezbollah." (Sami Moubayed ‘Hezbollah banks on home-ground advantage’ July 26, 2006).

Thirdly, because after their experience of the 1975-1990 civil war many lebanese preferred to do battle with the jos rather than with other their own people. "On 31 July 2006, the Israeli prime minister, Ehud Olmert, said: ‘This is a unique opportunity to change the rules in Lebanon.’ Yet Israel itself is playing by the same old unsuccessful rules. It is ordering Lebanon to disarm Hizbullah or face destruction, just as in 1975 it demanded the dismantling of the PLO. Then, many Lebanese fought the PLO and destroyed the country from within. Now, they reason, better war than another civil war: better that the Israelis kill us than that we kill ourselves. What else can Israel do to them?" (Charles Glass ‘Learning from Its Mistakes’ London Review of Books Vol. 28 No. 16 August 17, 2006).

Finally, and most importantly, as a result of the jews’ barbaric attacks on lebanese civilians, the lebanese people suddenly realized that the cedar revolution in which they placed such great hopes for a better, more civilized, future had been a hoax perpetrated on them by the jos and america. Both the jos and american neocons had been critically involved in financing, organizing, and orchestrating, the cedar revolution. America's jewish ambassador to lebanon was at the forefront of these efforts. Trish schuh provides a detailed account of the jews who set up and financed astroturf organizations to promote democracy in lebanon. At the time, a substantial section of the lebanese people had welcomed the support of both the jos and america for helping to bring democracy to their country. But, as a result of what these countries have now done to lebanon most lebanese realize that the jos and america were not interested in establishing democracy in lebanon but solely in pushing syria out of lebanon in order to enable the jos to attack hezbollah as soon as the opportunity arose. "But from Beirut to Damascus, the "Arab Spring" was a neocon forgery designed to destabilize the Levant and redraw the map of the middle east." (Trish Schuh ‘Faking the Case Against Syria’ November 18, 2005).

From the jos’s perspective, the logic of the situation is clear. The jos would not attack hezbollah whilst the syrian military was encamped in lebanon for fear of triggering a war not only with hezbollah but with syria. However, if the jews could cajole the lebanese into removing syria then they would be free to attack hezbollah.

The Hoax of the Cedar Revolution.
During the cedar revolution, hezbollah had warned the lebanese people that lebanon needed syrian troops to protect it from the pathological, war-mongering loonies in the jos but the non-shiite sectors of society refused to take heed. "Its popularity (hezbollah) had been low since last year, when it alone refused to demand the evacuation of the Syrian army after the assassination of the former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri. Hizbullah sensed that Washington was orchestrating the anti-Syrian campaign for its own – rather than Lebanon’s – benefit." (Charles Glass ‘Learning from Its Mistakes’ London Review of Books August 03.2006). Many lebanese believed that because america was encouraging and helping them to establish democracy then it would do everything it could to protect that democracy. In other words, that america would become the country’s protector as syria had been in the past. Politically, this was grossly naïve. It ignored the reality that america is ruled by jewish neocons who couldn't care anything about democracy, or justice, in lebanon because all they wanted was for the jos to attack hezbollah.

The jos had been preparing an invasion of lebanon for many years. "Israel's military response by air, land and sea to what it considered a provocation last week by Hezbollah militants is unfolding according to a plan finalized more than a year ago. In the years since Israel ended its military occupation of southern Lebanon, it watched warily as Hezbollah built up its military presence in the region. When Hezbollah militants kidnapped two Israeli soldiers last week, the Israeli military was ready to react almost instantly. "Of all of Israel's wars since 1948, this was the one for which Israel was most prepared," said Gerald Steinberg, professor of political science at Bar-Ilan University. "In a sense, the preparation began in May 2000, immediately after the Israeli withdrawal, when it became clear the international community was not going to prevent Hezbollah from stockpiling missiles and attacking Israel. By 2004, the military campaign scheduled to last about three weeks that we're seeing now had already been blocked out and, in the last year or two, it's been simulated and rehearsed across the board."" (Matthew Kalman ‘Israel set war plan more than a year ago’ July 21, 2006); "Seymour Hersh says that sources knowledgeable about Israeli and Bush administration planning maintain that the Israelis laid out last spring in Washington and gained administration support for a plan for a bombing campaign against Hizbullah in Lebanon based on the Kosovo campaign. Moreover, the exercise was intended as a demonstration project and a preparation for a Bush administration war on Iran. The campaign against Hezbollah would have two major benefits. It would remove Hezbollah's rocket capability, which was a form of deterrence against Israeli or American bombing of Iran. And, what Israel learned from attacking Hezbollah would be useful in formulating tactics in the American assault on Iran." (Juan Cole ‘Hersh: Israeli Campaign Dress Rehearsal for War on Iran’ August 14, 2006). In other words, whilst the jos and america’s jewish neocons were promoting the cedar revolution they were also secretly planning to attack lebanon at the most convenient moment using an aerial blitzkreig to devastate the country. Ran hacohen makes a similar observation. At the time when the un's draft resolution on lebanon was being discussed he argued, "Lebanon will unite behind Hezbollah as the only effective force fighting its partition. Syria will support Hezbollah, being doubly humiliated both by the enduring Israeli occupation of the Syrian Golan Heights and by being kicked out of Lebanon just in order to let Israel reoccupy it." (Ha'aretz, Aug. 7, 2006)." (Ran HaCohen `The End of Lebanon? August 8, 2006).

When the jos’s bombs started falling on lebanese civilians, it suddenly dawned on the pro-cedar, astroturf, colour-coded, revolutionaries that they’d been duped into serving jewish goals. The words of warning issued by hassan nasrullah during this pseudo-revolution must have started ringing in their ears. Nasrullah had been proved right yet again. The jews in america and the jos had been revealed to be contemptible liars and manipulators who cared nothing whatsoever about the lebanese people after all that they had promised to do for lebanon. As a consequence, today it is a little difficult to see how anyone in lebanon could trust either the americans or the jews. It is a shame that so many of them did not join hezbollah in attempting to push the jewish racists out of their country.

At present the jews' blitzkreig against the lebanese people is a war without a commonly recognized name. The most appropriate name for this war could be the ‘cedar revolution’ war or just simply `the cedar war' as a reminder for future generations that the jews and their american muppets had used democracy as a means for unleashing a barbaric war.

The Jews’ Cowardly Wars.
For the first month of their attack on lebanon, the jews fought a cowardly war. From a position of virtually complete safety, they bombarded the lebanese people whilst being unwilling to risk their own lives in a ground invasion. But the jews were doubly cowardly because their aerial assault had been intended to provoke a civil war in lebanon. In other words, they wanted to get other people to fight their wars for them. The jews had used the same tactic against the palestinians. "In Gaza, Israel has been engineering a debilitating struggle for power between Fatah and Hamas, while in Lebanon whatever hollow shell of national unity has existed till now is in danger of cracking under the strain of the Israeli onslaught." (Jonathan Cook ‘Israel's Disproportionate Violence No Surprise’ July 22, 2006). It should also not be forgotten that the jews had also got their dumb american serfs to do their dirty work for them by invading iraq.

During the cedar war, the jews made strenuous efforts to promote a un resolution on lebanon which would establish an international peace keeping force in lebanon which would not merely patrol a buffer zone between the racist jos and hezbollah but would act as a jewish protection agency to disarm hezbollah. In other words, it is yet another jewish ploy to get other countries to do the fighting, and dying, for the promotion of jewish supremacism. The international force will play the same role as the south lebanon army after the jews’ 1982 invasion. "To reduce the burden on its own forces, the Israelis created a species of Milice in the form of the locally recruited South Lebanon Army – first under Major Saad Haddad, who had broken from the Lebanese army in 1976 with a few hundred men, and later under General Antoine Lahad. Both were Christians, and their troops – armed, trained, fed and clothed by Israel – were mainly Shia Muslims from the south. About a third of the force, which grew to almost 10,000, were Christians. Some joined because they resented the Palestinians’ armed presence in south Lebanon. Others enlisted because they needed the money: the region has always been Lebanon’s poorest. The SLA had a reputation for cruelty, confirmed when its torture chambers at Khiam were opened after the Israeli withdrawal in 2000, and for a high rate of desertions. As Israel pulled back from Beirut, the high-water mark reached during its 1982 invasion, its share of Lebanon contracted further and further. Having seized 3560 square kilometres, about a third of the country, containing around 800 towns and villages, Israel found itself in 1985 with only 500 square kilometres and 61 villages, mostly deserted. Hizbullah, which led the resistance that had forced the Israelis to abandon most of their conquest, demanded the unconditional return of all Lebanese territory. Its attacks intensified, resulting in a loss of IDF soldiers that became unpalatable to most Israelis. The Israeli army placed the SLA between itself and Hizbullah so that it could pay the price that Israel had decided it could not afford." (Charles Glass ‘Learning from Its Mistakes’ London Review of Books Vol. 28 No. 16 August 17, 2006).

Inciting a War against Syria.
The final piece of evidence about the jews’ desire to get others to do their dirty work for them is their refusal to attack syria. They want americans to suffer the military, economic, and personnel, losses rather than themselves. Over the last few years they have been constantly agitating for a war against both syria and iran. It seemed as if they were intent on launching a regional war. But, only now has it suddenly become apparent that their warmongering is solely to incite america into such a war whilst they sit on the sidelines reaping the political and military benefits.


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