Monday, August 21, 2006

The Jews’ Merciless War on Lebanese Civilians.

The Jews’ Long Term Preparations for their Attack on Lebanon.
The jews had been preparing to attack Hezbollah for many years. They promoted the cedar revolution in the spring of 1995 in order to remove the syrian miltary from lebanon to make it feasible to attack hezbollah. The jews had even practiced their military invasion. All that the jews were doing was waiting for the right pretext to attack Hezbollah.

Uri Avnery.
"Now it is not a secret anymore: this war has been planned for a long time. The military correspondents proudly reported this week that the army has been exercising for this war in all its details for several years. Only a month ago, there was a large war game to rehearse the entrance of land forces into South Lebanon - at a time when both the politicians and the generals were declaring that "we shall never again get into the Lebanon quagmire. We shall never again introduce land forces there." Now we are in the quagmire, and large land forces are operating in the area." (Uri Avnery ‘Is Beirut Burning?’ July 26 2006).

News Report.
"Citing an unnamed Middle East expert with knowledge of the current thinking of the Israeli and US governments, Hersh said Israel had devised a plan for attacking Hezbollah - and shared it with Bush administration officials - well before the July 12 kidnappings. "When they grabbed the soldiers in early July, that was then a pretext" for Israel's assault on Hezbollah, Hersh said Sunday on CNN television." (‘US Involved in Planning Israel’s Operations in Lebanon’ August 13, 2006).

Eric Margolis.
"According to Israeli media, Israel had apparently been planning the Lebanon invasion for the past three years and conducted a mock invasion of Lebanon only a month ago. President George Bush had strongly urged Israel’s PM Ehud Olmert to attack Hezbullah as the first stage in a US-British-Israeli campaign against Syria and Iran." (Eric Margolis ‘The Lebanon Curse strikes again’ August 16, 2006).

It was just a Taunt.
Some commentators believe that the jews’ blitz on lebanon was just a spontaneous reaction to hasan nasrullah’s taunting of ehud olmert.

Eric Margolis.
"But PM Olmert, enraged by Nasrallah’s taunting that he was "small" compared to Ariel Sharon, went to war, egged on by George Bush, who rushed Israel fuel and munitions." (Eric Margolis ‘The Lebanon Curse strikes again’ August 16, 2006).

Blaming Hezbollah for crossing into the Jos and triggering the Jewish Blitz.
The jews blamed hezbollah for invading their territory and abducting two soldiers. This enabled them to blame hezbollah for the war. They believed this gave them a legitimate reason for carrying out a massive blitz on lebanese civilians. The western dominated media supported the jews’ analysis. As did many commentators.

Robert Fisk.
"It's about Syria. That was the frightening message delivered by Damascus yesterday when it allowed its Hizbollah allies to cross the UN Blue Line in southern Lebanon, kill three Israeli soldiers, capture two others and demand the release of Lebanese prisoners in Israeli jails." (Robert Fisk ‘Beirut waits as Syrian masters send Hezbollah allies into battle’ July 13, 2006); "No, let us not forget that the Hizbollah broke international law, crossed the Israeli border, killed three Israeli soldiers, captured two others and dragged them back through the border fence. It was an act of calculated ruthlessness that should never allow Hizbollah leader, Hassan Nasrallah, to grin so broadly at his press conference. It has brought unparalleled tragedy to countless innocents in Lebanon. And of course, it has led Hizbollah to fire at least 170 Katyusha rockets into Israel." (Robert Fisk ‘What I am watching in Lebanon each day is an outrage’ July 15, 2006); "Lebanon, as usual, was paying the price for the Hizbollah-Israeli conflict - as Hizbollah no doubt calculated they would when they crossed the Israeli frontier on Wednesday and captured two Israeli soldiers close to Marwaheen." (Robert Fisk ‘Hizbullah's Response Reveals Months of Planning’ July 16, 2006); "So fierce has been Hizbollah's resistance - and so determined its attacks on Israeli ground troops in Lebanon - that many people here no longer recall that it was Hizbollah which provoked this latest war by crossing the border on 12 July, killing three Israeli soldiers and capturing two others." (Robert Fisk ‘A terrible thought occurs to me - that there will be another 9/11’ August 05, 2006). "Israel itself, according to reports from Washington and New York, had long planned its current campaign against Lebanon - provoked by Hizbollah's crossing of the Israeli frontier, its killing of three soldiers and seizure of two others on 12 July - but the Israelis appear to have taken no account of the guerrilla army's most obvious operational plan: that if they could endure days of air attacks, they would eventually force Israel's army to re-enter Lebanon on the ground and fight them on equal terms." (Robert Fisk ‘As the 6am ceasefire takes effect... the real war begins’ August 14 2006); So who is to blame for this desert? The Shia militia which provoked this war - or the Israeli air force and army which has laid waste to southern Lebanon and killed so many of its people?" (Robert Fisk ‘Desert of trapped corpses testifies to Israel's failure’ August 15 2006).

Ehsan Ahrari.
"Iran is suspected of supporting the bizarre action of Hezbollah of Lebanon crossing Israel's borders to kill and kidnap its soldiers. Israel's response has been more disproportionate than anticipated by Hezbollah's leader, Hassan Nasrallah." (Ehsan Ahrari ‘Russia and the Making of a Multipolar World’ July 18, 2006).

Shmuel Rosner.
"Hezbollah guerrillas crossed from Lebanon into Israel last week and snatched two Israeli soldiers, prompting Israel to launch the most intensive offensive against the country since 1982." (Shmuel Rosner and Shlomo Shamir ‘Senators initiate resolution supporting Israel, condemning Hezbollah’ July 18, 2006).

Jonathan Cook.
"Early on July 12 Hizbullah launched a raid against an army border post, in what was in the best interpretation a foolhardy violation of Israeli sovereignty." (Jonathan Cook ‘Five Myths That Sanction Israel's War Crimes’ July 26, 2006).

Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt.
"In a break with traditional Arab solidarity over any confrontation with Israel, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt denounced Hezbollah for "adventurism" in abducting two Israeli soldiers along the Israel-Lebanon border, the incident that precipitated the current violence and destruction." (Jim Lobe ‘Strength in unity’ July 29, 2006).

George Monbiot.
"There has been a heated debate on the internet about whether the two Israeli soldiers kidnapped by Hizbullah that day were captured in Israel or in Lebanon, but it now seems pretty clear that they were seized in Israel. Yes, Hizbullah should have been pulled back from the Israeli border by the Lebanese government and disarmed. Yes, the raid and the rocket attack on July 12 were unjustified, stupid and provocative, like just about everything that has taken place around the border for the past six years. But the suggestion that Hizbullah could launch an invasion of Israel or that it constitutes an existential threat to the state is preposterous. Since the occupation ended, all its acts of war have been minor ones, and nearly all of them reactive." (George Monbiot ‘Israel responded to an unprovoked attack by Hizbullah, right? Wrong’,,1839281,00.html August 8, 2006).

Seymour M. Hersh.
"In the days after Hezbollah crossed from Lebanon into Israel, on July 12th, to kidnap two soldiers, triggering an Israeli air attack on Lebanon and a full-scale war, the Bush Administration seemed strangely passive." (Seymour M. Hersh ‘Watching Lebanon: Washington’s interests in Israel’s war’ August 14, 2006).

The Jews’ Hypocrisy about Holding Hostages.
The jews’ proposition that kidnapping two soldiers justified their attack on lebanese civilians and infrastructure is false and shameful.

Firstly, the jews initiated the practice of kidnapping lebanese people and imprisoning them illegally in the jos, "Indeed, Israel initiated hostage-taking in Lebanon, kidnapping noncombatant Hezbollah leaders in 1989 and 1994." (George Bisharat ‘Most Lebanese Now Know Who Their Real Tormentor Is’ July 25, 2006).

Secondly, over the years the jews have frequently invaded lebanon to capture prisoners. "Israel's declarations about the absolute unacceptability of one of their soldiers being held captive by the Palestinians, or two soldiers being held by Hezbollah in Lebanon, cannot be taken too seriously when Israel is holding literally thousands of captured Palestinians, many for years, typically without any due process, many tortured; as well as holding a number of prominent Hezbollah members." (William Blum ‘They simply can't stop lying, can they?’ July 26, 2006); "In the late 1990s, before Israel was evicted from southern Lebanon by Hezbollah, it was a common practice for Israel to abduct entirely innocent Lebanese. As a 1998 Amnesty International paper declared: "By Israel's own admission, Lebanese detainees are being held as 'bargaining chips'; they are not detained for their own actions but in exchange for Israeli soldiers missing in action or killed in Lebanon. Most have now spent 10 years in secret and isolated detention."" (William Blum ‘They simply can't stop lying, can they?’ July 26, 2006); "The last time Israel forces were known to have gone that far on the ground into Lebanon was in 1994, when they abducted Lebanese guerrilla leader Mustafa Dirani, hoping to use him to obtain information about missing Israeli airman Ron Arad. Dirani was released in a prisoner exchange 10 years later." (Israeli Troops trapped inside Lebanese Hospital by Hezbollah Fighters’ August 01, 2006).

Thirdly, at the last minute during the last hostage negotiations between the jos and hezbollah, the jews reneged on returning three lebanese prisoners they’d promised to swop for jews held in lebanon. If they’d not reneged on this deal then hezbollah would have had no need to capture any jewish soldiers to try and force the racist jews to live up to their word and release the prisoners they’d promised to release.

Fourthly, ever since their first defeat at the hands of hezbollah in 2000, the jews had been carrying out incursions into lebanon on a daily basis. "As pundits and policymakers scramble to explain events in Lebanon, their conclusions are virtually unanimous: Hizbullah created this crisis. Israel is defending itself. The underlying problem is Arab extremism. Sadly, this is pure analytical nonsense. Hizbullah's capture of two Israeli soldiers on July 12 was a direct result of Israel's silent but unrelenting aggression against Lebanon, which in turn is part of a six-decades long Arab-Israeli conflict. Since its withdrawal of occupation forces from southern Lebanon in May 2000, Israel has violated the United Nations-monitored "blue line" on an almost daily basis, according to UN reports. Hizbullah's military doctrine, articulated in the early 1990s, states that it will fire Katyusha rockets into Israel only in response to Israeli attacks on Lebanese civilians or Hizbullah's leadership; this indeed has been the pattern." (Anders Strindberg ‘Hizbullah's attacks stem from Israeli incursions into Lebanon’ August 01, 2006); "Finally, Israel withdrew from Lebanon in 2000, but it has not respected Lebanon's sovereignty for a single day since. As every UN report for the years 2000-2006 stresses, Israeli jets have violated Lebanese air space by daily overflights, sowing anxiety by sonic booms over populated areas." (Ran HaCohen ‘The End of Lebanon? August 8, 2006).

Fifthly, border squirmishes between hezbollah and the jews were a frequent occurrence. "In October 2000, the Israel Defence Forces shot at unarmed Palestinian demonstrators on the border, killing three and wounding 20. In response, Hizbullah crossed the line and kidnapped three Israeli soldiers. On several occasions, Hizbullah fired missiles and mortar rounds at IDF positions, and the IDF responded with heavy artillery and sometimes aerial bombardment. Incidents like this killed three Israelis and three Lebanese in 2003; one Israeli soldier and two Hizbullah fighters in 2005; and two Lebanese people and three Israeli soldiers in February 2006. Rockets were fired from Lebanon into Israel several times in 2004, 2005 and 2006, on some occasions by Hizbullah. But, the UN records, "none of the incidents resulted in a military escalation"." (George Monbiot ‘Israel responded to an unprovoked attack by Hizbullah, right? Wrong’,,1839281,00.html August 8, 2006); "The Pentagon consultant noted that there had also been cross-border incidents involving Israel and Hezbollah, in both directions, for some time. "They’ve been sniping at each other," he said. "Either side could have pointed to some incident and said ‘We have to go to war with these guys’ - because they were already at war."" (Seymour M. Hersh ‘Watching Lebanon: Washington’s interests in Israel’s war’ August 14, 2006).

Sixthly, even if hezbollah had crossed into the jos to capture the soldiers how could it be trespassing when the jos refuses to define its borders? "I did say exactly that, adding that, "Israel should not enjoy the defense of principles it doesn’t respect." Israel, since its inception, has never declared its borders. Its so-called borders are "armistice lines" which reflect the result of military conflict. The only reason, for example, that Israel’s border with Lebanon is where it is, and not on the Litani river, is the dogged resistance of Hizbullah, which forced Israel to retreat to that border. Nevertheless, Israel has repeatedly, since 1948 till today, sent its soldiers and agents to act behind international borders, and has never accepted any legal limitation on its forces. The list is too long to cover here, but we can mention a few major signposts: the Qibya massacre (1953), the Suez War (1956), the attack on Samua (1966), the 1967 War, the Litani operation (1978), the 1982 war, and of course, the ongoing occupation of the West Bank and Gaza since 1967 to the present. To focus on Lebanon, we know that Israel planned to occupy Southern Lebanon already in the early '50s, but raids on Lebanon started in 1968, and haven’t stopped since. Israel helped plunged Lebanon into the civil war, bombed villages in Lebanon repeatedly since 1968, killing thousands of civilians all the way to the massacre in Qana in 1996, in which 106 Lebanese refugees perished inside a U.N. compound. Israel maintained an oppressive and murderous occupation of Lebanon, in defiance of the U.N. Security Council, for 18 years, in which 20,000 people perished. Since leaving Lebanon, Israeli fighter jets have repeatedly violated Lebanon sovereignty, and Israeli military units have infiltrated Lebanon at will. In February 2006, for example, U.N. investigators confirmed that Israeli soldiers shot and killed a teenage shepherd inside Lebanon. [1] According to Israeli propaganda logic, Lebanon should have razed Haifa to the ground in retaliation. Borders mean almost as little to Israel as the life of the civilians behind it. So yes, in solidarity with the nine thousand Palestinian political prisoners languishing in Israeli jails, Hizbullah did breach Israel sovereignty. It may have been reckless or shortsighted, but it was in no way unjustified. Jewish religious law applies perfectly: "He who steals from a thief is not liable."" (Gabriel Ash ‘Israel, Lebanon: Defense Against the Black Arts’ July 24, 2006); "Since Israel recognizes neither international laws nor international borders, there was nothing morally wrong in Hizbullah's fighters crossing the border into Israel to raid a military patrol." (Gabriel Ash ‘Israel's Terrorism’ July 18, 2006).

Finally, the jews could quite easily have retaliated against hezbollah and then settled for an exchange of prisoners. "No one in Beirut believes that Israel's primary objective is to free its captured soldiers. Israel still holds Lebanese prisoners it abducted years ago, and could have negotiated an exchange, as it has done in the past." (George Bisharat ‘Most Lebanese Now Know Who Their Real Tormentor Is’ July 25, 2006).

The reason the jews attacked lebanon with such psychotic ferocity is that they had been planning this war ever since hezbollah had heroically removed the jewish nazi occupiers in lebanon. It is not surprising that hezbollah were caught off guard by the ferocity of the jews’ attack. "Still, the intensity of the Israeli bombing campaign appears to have taken Hizbullah aback. Mahmoud Komati, the deputy head of Hizbullah's politburo told the Associated Press, "the truth is - let me say this clearly - we didn't even expect [this] response ... that [Israel] would exploit this operation for this big war against us."" (Nicholas Blanford ‘Israeli strikes may boost Hizbullah base’ July 28, 2006).

The Jews’ Response to Hezbollah’s Capture of Two Jews was a Pretext not a Justification for War.
It is absurd to argue that hezbollah’s arrest of two jewish soldiers provoked the jos into a massively disproportionate response. This incident was just an excuse for the jos to implement a long prepared war plan. Hezbollah was not acting immorally or illegally.

Charley Reese.
"Instead of sending a special-forces team or setting up negotiations for a prisoner exchange, Israel launched an all-out attack, knocking out bridges, roads, airports and fuel facilities, and doing enormous damage to civilians. Only then did Hezbollah respond with rockets, as it certainly had a right to do. Israeli journalists have pointed out that Israel has been planning for years to destroy Hezbollah and is using the raid as an excuse." (Charley Reese ‘Disaster in the Making’ July 22, 2006).

Paul Craig Roberts.
"It is ignorant and immoral to blame the conflict on Hamas and Hezbollah. These organizations were created by Israeli aggression." (Paul Craig Roberts ‘US Complicit in Destruction of Lebanon’ July 24, 2006).

Sharon Smith.
"This incident merely provided Israel with the excuse for a major assault on Lebanon. Israel's ridiculous claim that it is attacking Lebanon to get its soldiers back is belied by the fact that Hezbollah has repeatedly offered to exchange the two Israeli soldiers for Lebanese and Palestinian political prisoners held by Israel (a common practice in the past)-but Israel has refused. Israel has no interest in a prisoner exchange because the captured soldiers provide the excuse for unleashing its full military might against Hezbollah." (Sharon Smith ‘Lebanon and the Future of the Antiwar Movment’ July 27, 2006).

Tanya Reinhart.
"The way it started, there was nothing in Hezbollah's military act, whatever one may think of it, to justify Israel's massive disproportionate response. In the six years since Israel withdrew, there have been frequent border incidents between Hezbollah and the Israeli army, and cease-fire violations of the type committed now by Hezbollah, have occurred before, initiated by either side, and more frequently by Israel. None of the previous incidents resulted in Katyusha shelling of the north of Israel, which has enjoyed full calm since Israel's withdrawal. It was possible for Israel to handle this incident as all its predecessors, with at most a local retaliation, or a prisoner exchange, or even better, with an attempt to solve this border dispute once and for all. Instead, Israel opted for a global war. As Peretz put it : "The goal is for this incident to end with Hezbollah so badly beaten that not a man in it does not regret having launched this incident [sic]."[7] (Tanya Reinhart ‘Burning Lebanon’ July 27, 2006).

Paul Findley.
"Using the skirmish as a pretext for war, Israel is now trying to wipe out northern resistance to their colonialism." (Paul Findley ‘In Wake of Qana, Israel and US seen as Terrorists’ State Journal-Register, Springfield, Illinois August 3, 2006).

Uri Avnery.
"As Nehemia Strassler wrote in Haaretz: They could have stopped after two or three days, when all the world agreed that Hizbullah's provocation justified an Israeli response, when nobody was yet doubting the capabilities of the Israeli army. The operation would have looked sensible, sober and proportional." (Uri Avnery ‘Knife in the Back’ August 3, 2006).

George Bisharat.
"The blow had been planned for at least a year, awaiting only the pretext of Hizbullah's capture of two Israeli soldiers. Hizbullah seized them to trade for Lebanese detainees that Israel had previously refused to release. If Hizbullah indeed attacked inside Israel - some reports initially located the skirmish in Lebanon - it violated Israel's sovereignty, took Israeli lives, and committed grave wrongs - but did nothing to justify the destruction of a country." (George Bisharat ‘Bombing Milk Factories, Grain Silos, Churches, Bridges, Lighthouses, Power Stations...’ August 4, 2006).

George Monbiot.
"A "senior Israeli official" told the Washington Post that the raid by Hizbullah provided Israel with a "unique moment" for wiping out the organisation. Israel's assault, then, was premeditated: it was simply waiting for an appropriate excuse." (George Monbiot ‘Israel responded to an unprovoked attack by Hizbullah, right? Wrong’,,1839281,00.html August 8, 2006).

Justin Raimondo.
"As opposed to the heroic narrative marketed by the Lobby and its friends, which portrays this as a defensive war, a mere reaction to Lebanese attacks, the reality is that this is the most cynical exercise in brazen aggression since the Germans invaded Czechoslovakia in the run-up to World War II." (Justin Raimondo ‘The New Munich’ August 7, 2006); We can see, however, that it takes very little for a "skirmish" to turn into an all-out war: this, after all, is what precipitated the present conflict to begin with – a border skirmish between the IDF and Hezbollah, which Israel used as a pretext to put into operation its long-standing plan to take out Hezbollah." (Justin Raimondo ‘Israel, Defeated’ August 14, 2006).

The Jos’s Initial War Aims.
The jos’s original war objective was merely to regain their two arrested soldiers. This objective was changed almost immediately into the disarming and disbandment of hezbollah. Some commentators believed the jews had even more grandiose objectives.

Deterence: Revenge for the Jos’s Defeat in 2000.
After its defeat at the hands of hezbollah in 2000, the jos has been reluctant to invade lebanon. It knew an invasion would be very costly in lives. However, the jewish military was eager to launch an invasion, and re-occupation, of southern lebanon because they wanted a chance to exact revenge against hezbollah, re-establish their military supremacism in the region, and recover their aura of military infallibility.

Ehsan Ahrari.
"Israel's war against Lebanon is about reestablishing its conventional deterrence." (Ehsan Ahrari ‘Israel's Bid to Reestablish Deterrence Is Failing’ August 4, 2006).

Disarming and Disbandment of Hezbollah.
Daniel Ayalon.
"It seems like we will go to the end now," said Israeli Ambassador Daniel Ayalon. "We will not go part way and be held hostage again. We'll have to go for the kill - Hezbollah neutralization. If Lebanon as a first step takes over Hezbollah's stockpiles, which included more than 12,000 rockets and missiles before the current strife began, then cease-fire talks could begin, the Israeli official said. "The only way a cease-fire will even be considered is if 1559 is fully implemented," said the senior Israeli official. Lebanese troops must be deployed to take over positions in Hezbollah's southern Lebanon strongholds to ensure that there are no more cross-border raids or rocket barrages into northern Israel."" (Robin Wright ‘Strikes Are Called Part of Broad Strategy’ July 16, 2006).

Sami Moubayed.
"Israel entered the war in Lebanon to liquidate Hezbollah. If it can free its two captive soldiers (seized on July 12), this would be a plus for the Israelis. But the real objective of the war is to destroy Hassan Nasrallah and his Hezbollah. Israel succeeded in expelling Yasser Arafat from Lebanon in 1982 and it believes that with military might, it can do the same today to Nasrallah." (Sami Moubayed ‘Bunkered down for a war of attrition’ July 22, 2006).

A Jews-only Southern Lebanon: the Jews’ Ethnic Cleansing of Southern Lebanon; Jews carrying out the depopulation of Southern Lebanon.
The jews used their unchallengeable air power to drive innocent lebanese civilians out of southern lebanon as the first step towards depopulating southern lebanon. The benefits of this ethnic cleansing strategy are: firstly, to curb hezbollah’s opportunities for using the local population as a cover for striking back against any jewish invasion/occupation force. The more the jews could depopulate southern lebanon before an invasion takes place, the more difficult it would be for hezbollah to resist the invasion and any subsequent occupation. The jews would prevent shiites who have been pushed out of southern lebanon from returning to their land. If the jews could make southern lebanon uninhabitable it would minimize the need to police the area and minimize casualties.

The jews intention to depopulate southern lebanon was referred to in the jewish dominated western media as the creation of a sterile buffer zone – an area in which nobody lives. In recent terminology this has been called ethnic cleansing but the old fashioned word is much more accurate, ‘Lebensraum’. Yes indeed, here once again the jews are acting like their nazis progenitors.

Gabriel Ash.
"Israel is resorting to the one strategy it has perfected since the day it was created, murdering civilians and destroying civilian infrastructure. The Israeli defense doctrine, old as Israel itself, considers bombing of civilian targets a means for pressuring "militants" and uncooperative governments. So Israel bombs bridges and villages in South Lebanon, power plants in Gaza, orchards, fields, schools, hospitals, residential neighborhoods, beach barbecue parties, etc. Everything is a legitimate target. Israeli ministers announce publicly that their chief strategy is to cause civilian suffering. Every day sees its Guernica, and the U.N., which proudly displays a reproduction of the painting, is mum in the face of a hundred Guernicas. To be clear, Israel's actions fit the very definition of terrorism. Doubly so now, since the bombing campaign is a response to attacks on Israeli soldiers, not civilians." (Gabriel Ash ‘Israel's Terrorism’ July 18, 2006).

Juan Cole.
"A lot of their bombardment appears aimed at punishing civilian populations and forcing them north to Beirut. Such an approach would help explain the high number of civilian casualties. That is, there may be an element of ethnic cleansing in Israeli tactics." (Juan Cole ‘Israel Invades Lebanon’ July 18, 2006). Cole was more convinced about his conclusion a few days later, "Not satisfied to have made 500,000 out of 3.8 million Lebanese homeless already, and to have chased over 100,000 out of their own country to Syria, AP says that on Thursday 'Israel warned hundreds of thousands of people to flee southern Lebanon "immediately ..."' I repeat, this is nothing less than an ethnic cleansing of the Shiites of southern Lebanon, an assault on an entire civilian population's way of life." (Juan Cole ‘Israelis Bomb Beirut, Baalbak Again’ July 21, 2006).

Pepe Escobar.
"Israel officially ordered the entire population of southern Lebanon in essence to become IDPs (internally displaced persons)." (Pepe Escobar ‘Lebanon left for dead’ July 21, 2006).

Paul Craig Roberts.
"Gentle reader, do you know that Israel is engaged in ethnic cleansing in southern Lebanon? Israel has ordered all the villagers to clear out. Israel then destroys their homes and murders the fleeing villagers. That way there is no one to come back and nothing to which to return, making it easier for Israel to grab the territory, just as Israel has been stealing Palestine from the Palestinians." (Paul Craig Roberts ‘The Shame of Being an American’ July 22, 2006).

Eugene Robinson.
"Destroying the Beirut airport, blasting communications towers into oblivion and cleansing southern Lebanon of its civilian population are not measures the world will see as an attack on Hezbollah terrorists." (Eugene Robinson ‘It's Disproportionate’ July 25, 2006).

Patrick Seale.
"Its strategy in Lebanon seems to be to empty the south of its population, driving the Shi'ites out of their traditional homeland, where they have lived for centuries, in much the same way as it continues its pitiless onslaught on Gaza. In Lebanon, some 600,000 people have already been displaced, while the entire country is being brutalized and strangled." (Patrick Seale ‘Why Is Israel Destroying Lebanon? July 25, 2006).

Sami Moubayed.
"Olmert wants to clear a 1.5km zone in south Lebanon from Hezbollah. To do that, it needs to station troops a long way into Lebanese territory, up to the Litani River that is 20km in the Lebanese heartland." (Sami Moubayed ‘Hezbollah banks on home-ground advantage’ July 26, 2006).

Robert Fisk.
"For the second time in eight days, the Israelis committed a war crime yesterday. They ordered the villagers of Taire, near the border, to leave their homes and then - as their convoy of cars and minibuses obediently trailed northwards - the Israeli air force fired a missile into the rear minibus, killing three refugees and seriously wounding 13 other civilians. The rocket that killed them is believed to have been a Hellfire missile made by Lockheed Martin in Florida. Nine days ago, the Israeli army ordered the inhabitants of a neighboring village, Marwaheen, to leave their homes and then fired rockets into one of their evacuation trucks, blasting the women and children inside to their deaths. And this is the same Israeli air force which was praised last week by one of Israel's greatest defenders - Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz - because it "takes extraordinary steps to minimize civilian casualties"." (Robert Fisk ‘Israelis Bomb Fleeing Villagers’ July 24, 2006).

Israeli Justice Minister Haim Ramon.
"Israeli Justice Minister Haim Ramon "said that in order to prevent casualties among Israeli soldiers battling Hezbollah militants in southern Lebanon, villages should be flattened by the Israeli air force before ground troops moved in. He added that Israel had given the civilians of southern Lebanon ample time to quit the area and therefore anyone still remaining there could be considered a Hezbollah supporter. "All those now in south Lebanon are terrorists who are related in some way to Hezbollah," Mr Ramon said. Ramon made these comments on Israeli Army radio. He was apparently not asked about the IDF’s practice of blowing up the cars full of civilians fleeing south Lebanon. Ramon has made stark the standards that the Israelis are using, and there is no excuse for any American politician or citizen to continue denying that the Israelis are not intentionally targeting civilians en masse." (James Bovard ‘Israeli Justice Minister: IDF Entitled to Kill Everyone in South Lebanon’ July 27th, 2006).

Justin Raimondo.
"They want to set up a sanitized "zone" cleansed of all Arabs, all Muslims, all possible resistance, the northern equivalent of the great Wall of Separation they're building to keep the Palestinians from their historic lands." (Justin Raimondo ‘The Return of the Neocons’ July 31, 2006).

Alexander Cockburn.
"Israel is systematically trying to destroy Lebanon as a functioning social and economic entity, cleanse the south and reoccupy up to the Litani River." (Alexander Cockburn ‘The Triumph of Crackpot Realism’ July 31, 2006).

Paul Larudee
"A Lebanese nakba is taking shape in much the same way; even the numbers of refugees are roughly the same. The only other comparable Israeli action was in the Golan Heights in 1967, where nearly the entire population of 130,000 was put to flight. In both of the previous cases, the territories thus emptied of most of their indigenous populations were then incorporated into the state of Israel." (Paul Larudee ‘The Clearing of South Lebanon’ August 8, 2006).

Eric Margolis: The Bulldozers have moved into Lebanon.
"Israel’s latest plan: occupy and depopulate a 20-mile deep chunk of Lebanon to the Litani River until an international force comes in and subdues what’s left of Hezbullah. Israeli armored bulldozers are now busy razing villages in what it calls the "security zone." So far, one million Lebanese – a third of that ravaged nation’s population – have been made refugees by Israel’s bombing and shelling." (Eric Margolis ‘A Foolhardy War, Unleashed by Fools’ August 09,2006). The bulldozer is the symbol of jewish justice.

Jewish State Terrorism.
By definition the jews-only state is a racist terrorist state. Its attempt to carry out ethnic cleansing in lebanon is simply one further piece of evidence that the jos is a terrorist state.

The Jos’s so-called Justice Minister, Haim Ramon.
"Everyone remaining in southern Lebanon will be regarded as a terrorist, Israel's justice minister said yesterday as the military prepared to employ "huge firepower" from the air in its campaign to crush Hizbollah. "What we should do in southern Lebanon is employ huge firepower before a ground force goes in," Mr Ramon said at a security cabinet meeting headed by Ehud Olmert, the prime minister. "Everyone in southern Lebanon is a terrorist and is connected to Hizbollah. Our great advantage vis-a-vis Hizbollah is our firepower, not in face-to-face combat." Mr Ramon's comments suggested that civilian casualties in Lebanon, which stand at about 600 after 16 days of bombardment, could rise yet higher. The government's unrelenting line has the backing of the Israeli media, which are demanding a harsh response to an ambush in the Hizbollah stronghold of Bint Jbeil, in which eight soldiers died. The country's biggest-selling paper, Yedioth Ahronoth, said the army had raised the threshold of response to Katyusha rockets. "In other words: a village from which rockets are fired at Israel will simply be destroyed by fire," it said. "This decision should have been made and executed after the first Katyusha. But better late than never."" (Harry de Quetteville ‘You're all targets, Israel tells Lebanese in South’ July 28, 2006).

Patrick Seale.
"Terrorism is usually defined as the indiscriminate killing of civilians in pursuit of political goals. Is this not what Israel is doing in both Lebanon and Gaza? It is killing large numbers of Lebanese and Palestinian civilians in pursuit of its political aim of annihilating Hizballah and Hamas. By any objective standard, Israel is guilty of state terrorism." (Patrick Seale ‘Why Is Israel Destroying Lebanon? July 25, 2006).

The Annexation of Southern Lebanon.
It is also possible that if the invasion of lebanon had been a success then they would have tried to annex the southern half of the lebanon. In other words, the jews are intent on stealing more land from the arabs. By far and away the greatest reward for an invasion, occupation, annexation, of southern lebanon would be access to the invaluable water resources of the litany river.

Justin Raimondo.
"The Israeli invasion of Lebanon – which many predict will include the de facto annexation of a southern "buffer zone" – has the fulsome support of both (american jew-owned) parties." (Justin Raimondo ‘Will We Go to War for Israel?’ July 17, 2006).

Paul Craig Roberts.
"Right-wing Israelis say Israel needs southern Lebanon as a buffer against Hezbollah. If Israel were to succeed in driving Hezbollah out of southern Lebanon, Israel would then want a buffer for southern Lebanon, where Israeli settlements would quickly spring up, and after that buffer, another, just as Israel has gobbled up Palestine." (Paul Craig Roberts ‘US Complicit in Destruction of Lebanon’ July 24, 2006).

Pepe Escobar.
"There's also the all-important matter of the waters of the Litani River in southern Lebanon. Israel might as well prepare the terrain now for the eventual annexation of the Litani. Beyond Lebanon, Israel is mostly interested also in Syria. The motive: the all-important pipeline route from Kirkuk, in Iraqi Kurdistan, to Haifa. Enter Israel as a major player in Pipelineistan. So Israel wants to grab water (and territory) from Palestine, water (and territory) from Lebanon and oil from Iraq. This all has to do with the inevitable - the 21st-century energy wars." (Pepe Escobar ‘The spirit of resistance’ July 26, 2006).

Kaveh L Afrasiabi.
"Officially, Israel's ground invasion of Lebanon is an act of self-defense against Hezbollah's threat, aimed at creating a security buffer zone until the arrival of a "multinational force with an enforcement capability". But increasingly, as the initial goal of a narrow strip of only a few kilometers has now been extended up to the Litani River deep in Lebanon, the real motives behind Israel's invasion are becoming crystal-clear. It's about (de facto) annexation, stupid. This is a war to annex a major chunk of Lebanese territory without necessarily saying so, under the pretext of security buffer and deterrence against future attacks on Israel. Access to the Litani would translate into an annual increase of water supply by 800 million cubic meters. This in turn might allow Israel to bargain with Syria over the Golan Heights, source of a full one-third of Israel's fresh water. However, a more likely scenario is Israel's continued unwillingness to abide by United Nations Resolutions 242 and 338 calling for its withdrawal from the Syrian territories." (Kaveh L Afrasiabi ‘It's about annexation, stupid!’ August 05, 2006).

Sam Hamod.
"What Israel really wants is control of Lebanon by a puppet government, but also covets the Litani River and the lands it irrigates - very good cropland that is the heart of the Bekka Valley, which is the heart of Lebanese agriculture. Israel also wants the electricity the dams and the Litani generate -so that they may use this for more of their "settlements" and, just like Hitler, they want this area but use different names for their taking of the land of others." (Sam Hamod ‘Israel Wants the Litani River Water and Farmlands’ August 13, 2006).

Alan Hart.
"I think it's also more than reasonable to presume that they saw the opportunity to ethnically cleanse Lebanon up to the Litani River, with a view, eventually, to occupying and then annexing the ethnically cleansed territory. For Zionism this would be the fulfilment of the vision of modern Israel's founding father, David Ben-Gurion - a Zionist state within "natural" borders, those borders being the Jordan River in the East and the Litani River of Lebanon in the north. Israel gained control of the Jordan River border in its 1967 war of expansion, but prior to its rush to war on 12 July, all of its attempts to establish the Litani border had failed." (Alan Hart ‘The Lebanon War, a Post-Mortem’ August 17, 2006).

The Occupation of all Lebanon.
Uri Avnery.
"Now the generals are convinced that there is no alternative to occupying the whole area up to the Litani River, about 24 km from the border, in order to prevent the rockets from being launched from there. Then they will find out that they have to reach the Awali River, 40 km inside - the famous 40 km which Menachem Begin talked about in 1982. Even now, the army commanders assert that new rockets are flowing all the time from Syria to Hizbullah. True, the roads have been bombed, the bridges destroyed, but the arms somehow continue to arrive. The Israeli government demands that an international force be stationed not only along the Israeli-Lebanese border, but on the Lebanese-Syrian border, too. The queue of volunteers will not be long." (Uri Avnery ‘In the Gunsight: Syria’ July 31, 2006).

Collective Punishment - The Palestinianization of Lebanon.
Hezbollah arrested two jewish soldiers who’d trespassed onto lebanese soil. The jos used this as an excuse to launch a barbaric, cowardly, and grossly disproportionate attack not on hezbollah nor the lebanese military but on the lebanese people and the country’s economic and industrial infrastructure. The jews are blatantly implementing collective punishment on lebanon - a war crime. In effect, they are trying to bring about the palestinianization of lebanon – the complete destruction of all economic and public structures – just as they have done in palestine and just what they have got their american muppets to do in iraq.

There are radicals who argue that what the jews are doing is trying to bring about the lebanonization of the middle east i.e. the break up of all the largest countries in the middle east to be replaced by small statelets like those that had existed in lebanon during the 1970s which would all compete with each other to win the favours of the jos. If only this was the case! What the jews are doing is far more radical. They are trying to emasculate their opponents so that they become impoverished displaced persons without any protection even from a small state.

Just as the jews have locked up the palestinians in small enclaves and then decimated their economic infrastructure reducing them to displaced people hoping to starve them into submission, so the jews are applying exactly the same tactics to lebanon. They are blockading the seas and the countries borders to prevent any humanitarian aid reaching the lebanese people and they are deliberately slaughtering innocent lebanese people, driving them from their homes, in order to starve them into submission.

Juan Cole.
"The Israelis hit Lebanese privately owned factories on Tuesday, including a dairy farm! These targets had absolutely nothing to do with Hizbullah, and were not military targets. These strikes are war crimes and part of a continuing Israeli campaign to ensure that Lebanon is economically poor and weak for decades to come. Israel switched gears in its military campaign against Lebanon Monday and Tuesday, launching a series of debilitating air strikes against privately owned factories throughout the country and dealing a devastating blow to an economy already paralyzed by a week of hits on residential areas and crucial infrastructure. The production facilities of at least five companies in key industrial sectors - including the country's largest dairy farm, Liban Lait; a paper mill; a packaging firm and a pharmaceutical plant - have been disabled or completely destroyed. Industry insiders say the losses will cripple the economy for decades to come." (Juan Cole ‘Israel Targets Milk, Medicine Factories’ July 18, 2006).

Pepe Escobar.
"Pursuing their own logic, equally impatient Washington neo-cons and Israeli Likudniks would cherish nothing better than the wholesale destruction of civilian infrastructure in Iraq, Palestine and Lebanon, and then in Syria and Iran." (Pepe Escobar ‘The spirit of resistance’ July 26, 2006).

Alexander Cockburn.
"Israel is systematically trying to destroy Lebanon as a functioning social and economic entity, cleanse the south and reoccupy up to the Litani River." (Alexander Cockburn ‘The Triumph of Crackpot Realism’ July 31, 2006).

Eric Margolis.
"It is hard to see how Lebanon, already saddled with crushing debts from rebuilding after the 1980’s war, can ever afford to repair the current devastation. Continuing the war may turn ruined Lebanon into a chaotic, anarchic failed state and incubator for more violent groups." (Eric Margolis ‘A Foolhardy War, Unleashed by Fools’ August 09,2006).

The Jos’s Political Aims after its Defeat.
The Creation of an Ever Expanding Buffer Zone.
The jews tried to create an ever expanding buffer zone between the jos and hezbollah.

The 1.5km Buffer Zone.
"Olmert wants to clear a 1.5km zone in south Lebanon from Hezbollah. To do that, it needs to station troops a long way into Lebanese territory, up to the Litani River that is 20km in the Lebanese heartland." (Sami Moubayed ‘Hezbollah banks on home-ground advantage’ July 26, 2006).

The 5m Buffer Zone.
"While meeting fierce resistance in southern Lebanon, the Israeli army claimed progress. Commanders said Israeli troops had knocked out half of Hezbollah’s long-range rockets and seized positions in or near 20 towns and villages as part its offensive to carve out a five-mile Hezbollah-free zone." (Israeli Commandos attack Lebanese city of Tyre’ August 5, 2006).

The 13m Litany River Buffer Zone.
""I (Defense Minister Amir Peretz) gave an order that, if within the coming days, the diplomatic process does not reach a (successful) conclusion, Israeli forces will carry out the operations necessary to take control of Katyusha rocket launching sites in every location," Peretz told a parliamentary committee in broadcast remarks. Peretz was speaking after Prime Minister Ehud Olmert met top defense officials to discuss broadening air and ground strikes. Political sources said Peretz had urged at the meeting a further advance to the Litani River, 20 km (13 miles) inside southern Lebanon." (Israel to expand Lebanon offensive if no truce soon’ August 7, 2006).

The Jews’ Opposition to the Creation of an International Force in Lebanon.
Uri Avnery.
"No one talks anymore about eliminating Hizbullah or disarming it and destroying all the rockets. That has been forgotten long ago. At the start of the war, the government furiously rejected the idea of deploying an international force of any kind along the border. The army believed that such a force would not protect Israel, but only restrict its freedom of action. Now, suddenly, the deployment of this force has become the main aim of the campaign. The army is continuing the operation solely in order to "prepare the ground for the international force", and Olmert declares that he will go on fighting until it appears on the ground." (Uri Avnery ‘Knife in the Back’ August 3, 2006); "At the beginning of the war, Olmert himself strenuously objected to such a force, because it would restrict the freedom of action of the Israeli army." (Uri Avnery ‘The Junkies of War’ August 7, 2006).

Ian Williams.
"In fact, now that the Israeli vision of rapid and complete victory has evaporated, they want an international force so much that their former robust refusal has dropped down the memory hole." (Ian Williams ‘A force to be reckoned with’ August 04, 2006).

The Jews’ demand for an International Force to Disarm Hezbollah – The Jewish Protection Agency.
An international force in lebanon to protect the jos could be called a Jewish protection agency.

Ehud Olmert.
"After meeting U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said both agreed that disarming Hizbollah and deploying an international force in its place in southern Lebanon were key to resolving the two-week-old crisis. Israel said it would hold a "security strip" inside southern Lebanon until that force arrived." (Sue Pleming ‘Olmert vows to press Hizbollah war’ July 25, 2006).

Ashraf Isma’il.
"For all of these reasons, Israeli attempts to impose terms on Lebanon, or to redraw the political map of Lebanon, or even to impose a NATO force upon Southern Lebanon, are not militarily feasible nor politically achievable, and if attempted, will prove ultimately unsustainable. As will soon be demonstrated by events on the ground, Israel will not be able to destroy or even disarm Hizballah. Neither will Hamas, Hizballah, Lebanon, or Syria permit Israel or America to dictate terms to them. Consequently, if Israel lingers too long in Southern Lebanon, its presence will be paid for at such a high cost, that it will be forced to withdraw in ignominy, as it has so many times in the past." (Ashraf Isma’il ‘Why Israel is Losing’ July 25, 2006).

Robert Fisk.
"Does Ms Rice think the Hizbollah want to be disarmed? By Nato? Wasn't there a Nato force in Beirut which fled Lebanon after a group close to the Hizbollah bombed the US Marine base at Beirut airport in 1983, killing 241 US servicemen and dozens more French troops a few seconds later? Does anyone believe that Shia Muslim forces will not do the same again to any Nato "intervention" force? The Americans are talking about Egyptian and Turkish troops in southern Lebanon; Sunni Muslims ruling Shia territory. The Hizbollah has been waiting and training and dreaming of this new war for years, however ruthless we may regard the actions. They are not going to surrender the territory they liberated from the Israeli army in an 18-year guerrilla war, least of all to Nato at Israel's bidding." (Robert Fisk ‘Smoke signals from the battle of Bint Jbeil send a warning to Israel’ July 27, 2006).

The Jews’ Cowardly War against Lebanon.
The Jews’ Aerial Bombardment of Lebanese Civilians.
The jews’ blitz on lebanon was cowardly because it was waged almost exclusively from a distance beyond the reach of any military retaliation by hezbollah. They fired artillery shells from ships anchored safely in the mediterranean and from cannons placed in the relative safety of the jos (usually alongside a palestinian home); they dropped vast number of bombs from aircraft which faced no anti-aircraft fire; and they used pilotless drones to attack small scale targets like civilian convoys. They believed they could win the war solely by using an aerial bombardment to trigger a civil war against hezbollah. So, during the first three weeks of the blitz, they launched only small-scale incursions into lebanon. It has to be added, however, that they also relied on this tactic because of their fear of confronting hezbollah in a ground invasion – they were already suffering heavy casualties even during these minor incursions. It was only when the jews’ realized that their psychotic bombardment of the lebanese people was failing to turn them against hezbollah that they launched a full scale ground attack.

Gabriel Ash.
"Israel is resorting to the one strategy it has perfected since the day it was created, murdering civilians and destroying civilian infrastructure. The Israeli defense doctrine, old as Israel itself, considers bombing of civilian targets a means for pressuring "militants" and uncooperative governments. So Israel bombs bridges and villages in South Lebanon, power plants in Gaza, orchards, fields, schools, hospitals, residential neighborhoods, beach barbecue parties, etc. Everything is a legitimate target. Israeli ministers announce publicly that their chief strategy is to cause civilian suffering. Every day sees its Guernica, and the U.N., which proudly displays a reproduction of the painting, is mum in the face of a hundred Guernicas. To be clear, Israel's actions fit the very definition of terrorism. Doubly so now, since the bombing campaign is a response to attacks on Israeli soldiers, not civilians." (Gabriel Ash ‘Israel's Terrorism’ July 18, 2006).

Saree Makdisi.
"After three weeks of devastating bombardment, Israel's much vaunted army finds itself unable to fight its way more than a few kilometers into Lebanon. The heavy resistance they have encountered on the ground is the most obvious explanation for why the Israelis prefer on the whole to go on dropping bombs on children from a safe distance: not only is it less dangerous, it also involves much less effort." (Saree Makdisi ‘Time to Call It Quits’ August 3, 2006).

Jews’ Aimed to Provoke a Civil War in Lebanon.
The objectives of a purely aerial attack on the lebanese people were either to provoke the lebanese military into attacking hezbollah or to trigger a civil war against hezbollah – either of which would make a jewish ground invasion a lot less dangerous.

Pepe Escobar.
"Thus Israel's real objective must be to provoke civil war in Lebanon …" (Pepe Escobar ‘Leviathan run amok’ July 19, 2006).

George Bisharat.
"It further hopes that a rain of death and destruction will turn the Lebanese people against Hezbollah, and pressure the Lebanese government to confront the stubborn resistance organization." (George Bisharat ‘Most Lebanese Now Know Who Their Real Tormentor Is’ July 25, 2006).

Uri Avnery.
"That is well illustrated by the planning and execution of the current war. This was based on the assumption that if we cause terrible suffering to the population, they will rise up and demand the removal of Hizbullah. A minimal understanding of mass psychology would suggest the opposite. The killing of hundreds of Lebanese civilians, belonging to all the ethno-religious communities, the turning of the lives of the others into hell, and the destruction of the life-supporting infrastructure of Lebanese society will arouse a groundswell of fury and hatred - against Israel, and not against the heroes, as they see them, who sacrifice their lives in their defense." (Uri Avnery ‘Is Beirut Burning?’ July 26 2006).

Sidney Blumenthal.
"Her jaunt to the region is intended to lend the appearance of diplomacy in order to forestall it. As explained to me by several senior state department officials, Rice is entranced by a new "domino theory": Israel's attacks will demolish Hizbullah; the Lebanese will blame Hizbullah and destroy its influence; and the backlash will extend to Hamas, which will collapse. From the administration's point of view, this is a proxy war with Iran (and Syria) that will inexplicably help turn around Iraq. "We will prevail," Rice says." (Sidney Blumenthal ‘The neocon resurgence’,,1830932,00.html July 27, 2006).

Seymour M. Hersh.
"The initial plan, as outlined by the Israelis, called for a major bombing campaign in response to the next Hezbollah provocation, according to the Middle East expert with knowledge of U.S. and Israeli thinking. Israel believed that, by targeting Lebanon’s infrastructure, including highways, fuel depots, and even the civilian runways at the main Beirut airport, it could persuade Lebanon’s large Christian and Sunni populations to turn against Hezbollah, according to the former senior intelligence official. The airport, highways, and bridges, among other things, have been hit in the bombing campaign. "The Israeli Air Force had flown almost nine thousand missions as of last week." (Seymour M. Hersh ‘Watching Lebanon: Washington’s interests in Israel’s war’ August 14, 2006).

A Typically Jewish War – Getting other people to Fight their Racist Wars.
In 1990, the jews manipulated the bush administration into reversing its support for saddam’s invasion of kuwait. They encouraged the americans to force saddam out of kuwait.

In 2003, the jews got their dumb american serfs to do their dirty work for them by invading iraq.

The jews’ blitz against lebanon was doubly cowardly since they not merely dropped bombs on civilians from afar but because they tried to get other people to fight their war i.e. by provoking a civil war against hezbollah. The jews have used the same tactic against the palestinians. "Thus Israel's real objective must be to provoke civil war in Lebanon - just as it did everything to provoke civil war in Palestine. The strategy is always the same. Israel wants Fatah to crush Hamas in Palestine, and now it wants the government in Beirut to crush Hezbollah. Or else ..." (Pepe Escobar ‘Leviathan run amok’ July 19, 2006); "In Gaza, Israel has been engineering a debilitating struggle for power between Fatah and Hamas, while in Lebanon whatever hollow shell of national unity has existed till now is in danger of cracking under the strain of the Israeli onslaught." (Jonathan Cook ‘Israel's Disproportionate Violence No Surprise’ July 22, 2006).

When the jews started their aerial blitz against lebanese civilians they were totally opposed to the idea of an international peace keeping force being sent to lebanon to enforce a ceasefire. However within a couple of weeks they were demanding that such a force should be used to disarm hezbollah and police a buffer zone in lebanon between the racist jos and hezbollah. This was yet another ploy to get other people to do their fighting, and dying, for the defence and promotion of jewish racism. Hezbollah would not allow itself to be disarmed by what would appear to it to be a jewish protection agency. It has to be suggested that if the jews want a buffer zone from hezbollah then they should depopulate the northern part of the jos. Justin raimondo was fearful the jewish protection agency would consist primarily of american troops, "Israeli soldiers are too precious to be used in such a casualty-heavy operation: they're only good for bullying Palestinian civilians and bulldozing houses. It's time for the Americans to take bullets for the Israelis – to fight a war that is unambiguously for Israel's sake." (Justin Raimondo ‘Lebanon: Are the Yanks Coming?’ July 28, 2006).

The jews began a full scale invasion of lebanon just two days before a ceasefire was due to come into operation. The jewish army deliberately used the cover of a un resolution to launch a full scale invasion and then, when the ceasefire deadline arrived, called a halt to its operations to prevent hezbollah from launching a counter-act which would have caused it a considerably number of casualties. In other words, the ceasefire did not prevent the jewish army from winning in lebanon. On the contrary, it ensured that jewish losses were minimized and that the jewish army would not have to suffer an ignominious retreat under fire from hezbollah. That the jews could use a un peace resolution to launch an invasion, and then use the ceasefire to protect itself from any retaliation by hezbollah, adds to the cowardliness of its operations in lebanon.

The jews’ psychotic aerial bombardment against defenceless lebanese civilians symbolizes what the jos is all about.

The Jews’ Mock Invasion of Lebanon.
An earlier version of this section appeared on the ziopedia website

Jewish ground incursions pushed gradually into lebanon over the five weeks of the war. First the jews took the border, then moved 1.5 miles into lebanon, then 4 miles, then 8 miles. Whilst they boasted about making territorial progress they never succeeded in subduing the areas they’d occupied. Small scale attacks and minor battles continued to rage even on the border. However, as the un security council got closer to an agreement over the terms of a ceasefire, the jewish army suddenly launched a massive invasion of southern lebanon involving thirty thousand soldiers. Troops in southern lebanon began moving north whilst a large number of paratroopers were airlifted to the litany river to secure the area before moving south. "Under cover of intense artillery fire, IDF forces reached the Litani River, which is some 20 to 30 kilometers inside Lebanon, military officials said Saturday evening. As part of the expanded operation, IAF helicopters dropped a large number of Israeli troops deep inside Lebanese territory on Saturday, in the largest operation of its kind since 1973." (Amos Harel, Yoav Stern and Eli Ashkenazi ‘24 IDF soldiers killed Saturday in south Lebanon’ August 13, 2006).

The strategy behind this audacious military manoeuvre was to cut off hezbollah warriors in southern lebanon preventing them from being resupplied from the north. Once the jewish army was established along the litani it would then begin to move southwards in line with the withdrawal required by the ceasefire agreement. Whilst this retreat was taking place the jewish army was supposed to conduct intensive mopping up exercises across the whole of southern lebanon which would put an end to hezbollah’s rocket attacks on the jos. The jewish army would thus use a un resolution, intended to bring peace in lebanon, to wipe out hezbollah. "Israel has nearly tripled the number of forces in Lebanon as part of its expanded ground war, and expects to fight for another week, despite a United Nations cease-fire resolution, IDF Chief of Staff Dan Halutz said Saturday. Halutz said IDF troops would stay in Lebanon until an international force arrives. "We have almost tripled our forces that are operating in Lebanon," Halutz told reporters. A top IDF official has said that the army will stop its offensive as soon as it is ordered to do so by the political leadership and later it will begin to retrace its steps to uncover any pockets of resistance that may remain in the area." (Amos Harel, Yoav Stern and Eli Ashkenazi ‘24 IDF soldiers killed Saturday in south Lebanon’ August 13, 2006). The prospects of the jews’ army slaughtering even larger numbers of innocent civilians than its air force, seemed an all too frightening possibility.

However, right from the start this massive military manoeuvre didn’t proceed as it had been publicly outlined. Hezbollah was waiting for the jewish army at the litany river and inflicted heavy casualities. "only hours after their leader, Sayed Hassan Nasrallah, warned Israel on Saturday that his men were waiting for them on the banks of the Litani river, the Hizbollah sprang their trap, killing more than 20 Israeli soldiers in less than three hours." (Robert Fisk ‘As the 6am ceasefire takes effect... the real war begins’ August 14 2006).

The jews’ massive invasion didn’t even stop hezbollah from launching its biggest rocket attack on the jos. "despite the IDF's advance, Hezbollah fired some 250 rockets on Israel, the war's heaviest one-day total to date. The strikes killed one person and wounded dozens." (Amos Harel and Aluf Benn ‘IDF troops kill Hezbollah man who opened fire at them’ August 14, 2006). Once again, hezbollah was sending out a message to the world in great contradiction to the impressions being created by the jewish dominated western media. How was it possible for hezbollah fighters to launch such a large scale attack on the jos when southern lebanon was supposed to have been under seige? What was going on?

Firstly, it transpired that the jewish army made no real attempt to take control of the litany river to cut off southern lebanon. "IDF sources admitted that in the time remaining until the cease-fire takes effect, the army will only manage to reach the Litani River - which was the goal of the current offensive - in a few places." (Amos Harel and Aluf Benn ‘IDF troops kill Hezbollah man who opened fire at them’ August 14, 2006). Secondly, and even more shockingly, it was reported that the jewish army wasn’t going to conduct any mopping up exercises during their withdrawal from lebanon. "The intention is for the forces to move back to a line north of the border with Lebanon within about 10 days, or as soon as the Lebanese Army is ready to begin entering south Lebanon. This means that the IDF will not be conducting searches for Hezbollah fighters or arms caches in the areas that it has captured over the last few days, which the army defined as "the heart of the operational campaign" against Hezbollah." (Amos Harel and Aluf Benn ‘IDF troops kill Hezbollah man who opened fire at them’ August 14, 2006).

Thirdly, and most shockingly of all, was that once the ceasefire came into operation, the jews started withdrawing their forces from southern lebanon almost immediately, "The army is recommending that once the cease-fire takes effect, Israel should begin withdrawing its forces from Lebanon relatively quickly." (Amos Harel and Aluf Benn ‘IDF troops kill Hezbollah man who opened fire at them’ August 14, 2006); "The Israeli army plans to withdraw from southern Lebanon in as little as seven to 10 days and to hand over some of its forward positions to U.N. troops within 48 hours, Israeli officials said on Tuesday. The expedited timetable reflects growing concerns that Israeli forces will become easy targets for Hizbollah the longer they stay. Uri Bar-Joseph, a professor of international relations at Haifa University, said that with a U.N.-brokered ceasefire in place since Monday, Israel's army had little choice. "We cannot clear this area of Hizbollah fighters and waiting another two or three weeks for an international force will mean more Israeli soldiers will die," he said. Israel had initially said its troops would start pulling out only once an expanded UNIFIL and the Lebanese army began deploying. But the Israeli political source said the army wanted to let reservists go home and avoid unnecessary casualties." (Adam Entous ‘Israel plans to leave Lebanon in under 10 days’ August 15, 2006); "We are hoping the last IDF soldiers will cross the border in a matter of days," Maj. Jonathan Davis of the Israel Defense Forces said in an interview near the border. "We want to do it as quickly and swiftly as possible. As soon as UNIFIL and the Lebanese army are ready to assume responsibility in the area, which we hope is as soon as possible, we will leave."" (Edward Cody and Doug Struck ‘Hezbollah Balks At Withdrawal From the South’ August 16, 2006). By wednesday august 16, 2006 a mere two days after the ceasefire came into effect, the jewish army had virtually disappeared from lebanon. "According to LBC satellite news, most Israeli troops have withdrawn from Lebanon, except for some villages right on the border between the two countries." (Juan Cole ‘Hizbullah Rejects Syrian Position’ August 17, 2006).

The famed jewish army, for decades deemed to be invincible, had basically scarpered out of lebanon. Reporters were having a hard job finding any evidence of the jewish army in lebanon. "Israel's mighty army has already retreated from the neighbouring village of Ghandoutiya after losing 40 men in just over 36 hours of fighting. It has not even managed to penetrate the smashed town of Khiam where the Hizbollah were celebrating yesterday afternoon. In Srifa, I stood with Hizbollah men looking at the empty roads to the south and could see all the way to Israel and the settlement of Mizgav Am on the other side of the frontier. This is not the way the war was supposed to have ended for Israel." (Robert Fisk ‘Desert of trapped corpses testifies to Israel's failure’ August 15 2006). Such was the speed of the withdrawal that fisk doubted the size of the invasion force. "Indeed, last night, scarcely any Israeli armour was to be seen inside Lebanon - just one solitary tank could be glimpsed outside Bint Jbeil and the Israelis had retreated even from the "safe" Christian town of Marjayoun. It is now clear that the 30,000-strong Israeli army reported to be racing north to the Litani river never existed. In fact, it is unlikely that there were yesterday more than 1,000 Israeli soldiers left in all of southern Lebanon, although they did become involved in two fire-fights during the morning, hours after the UN-ceasefire went into effect." (Robert Fisk ‘Desert of trapped corpses testifies to Israel's failure’ August 15 2006). Another reporter provided additional evidence, "While Israel claimed to have flooded south Lebanon with 30,000 soldiers in its final offensive, an AP reporter who drove Monday from Tyre to the Israeli border and through several destroyed villages along the frontier saw only one Israeli tank." (Steven R. Hurst ‘Rockets hit Lebanon despite Ceasefire’ August 15, 2006).

Over the weekend of 12-13 August the jos had launched what threatened to be a horrendously bloody ground war and yet, within minutes of the ceasefire coming into operation in the early hours of Monday morning, the jews stopped fighting and started retreating. At the same time, tens of thousands of lebanese citizens started heading back home to the devastation of southern lebanon. They would have made such a decision only if hezbollah had told them it was safe to return. Hezbollah knew the jewish army had been defeated in lebanon and weren’t going to prolong the war.

During the five weeks of the war, the jews had obtained overwhelming evidence that they could not remove hezbollah fighters even from the border let alone across the whole of southern lebanon. "The town of Bint Jbeil, for example, right next to the border, was taken by the army three times, and the Hizbullah fighters remained there to the end. If we had occupied 20 towns and villages like this one, the soldiers and the tanks would have been exposed in twenty places to the mortal attacks of the guerillas with their highly effective anti-tank weapons." (Uri Avnery ‘The Thirty Three Day War: From Mania to Depression’ August 17, 2006). If the jews had launched their massive invasion in the way they publicly outlined, their withdrawal southwards would have left them dangerously exposed to hezbollah warriors. They might have ended up suffering an ignominious retreat under fire.

So what was the jewish army actually trying to do by launching a last minute offensive? One commentator believes that hezbollah had been so successful that the jos implemented a full scale invasion in order to try and win a small victory to cover their abject defeat. "Israel's sudden push to the Litani River is a blatant act of political desperation intended to conceal the humiliating defeat the IDF has suffered at the hands of Hezbollah." (Mike Whitney ‘The Litani Gambit’ August 14, 2006).

Whitney’s argument fails because there was no mass invasion. Most of the small number of troops who’d been dropped off close to the litany river were airlifted out of the country after short clashes with hezbollah whilst the main bulk of the jewish army, close to the jewish border, took a short walk out of the country. The "full scale invasion" turned out to be just a mock invasion - a public relations’ gimmick designed to provide ehud olmert with the chance to declare he’d won the war because the jewish army had supposedly fought its way to the litany – a victory which would maintain the illusion of the jews’ military invincibility. "If so, why was it decided, at the last moment, to carry out this operation (a land offensive) after all - well after the UN had already called for an end to hostilities? The horrific answer: it was a cynical - not to say vile - exercise of the failed trio. Olmert, Peretz and Halutz wanted to create "a picture of victory", as was openly stated in the media. On this altar the lives of 33 soldiers (including a young woman) were sacrificed. The aim was to photograph the victorious soldiers on the bank of the Litani. The operation could only last 48 hours, when the cease-fire would come into force. In spite of the fact that the army used helicopters to land the troops, the aim was not attained. At no point did the army reach the Litani. This time, when the cease-fire took effect, all the units taking part had reached villages on the way to the river. There they became sitting ducks, surrounded by Hizbullah fighters, without secure supply lines. From that moment on, the army had only one aim: to get them out of there as quickly as possible, regardless of who might take their place." (Uri Avnery ‘The Thirty Three Day War: From Mania to Depression’ August 17, 2006).

It is a shocking conclusion but the jewish army had been dealt a crushing defeat by hezbollah. "Speaking at a journalists' conference in Damascus on Tuesday, Syrian President Bashar Assad said. "Today after almost five weeks, Israel is struggling to occupy a few hundred meters here and there" in southern Lebanon, while in a 1982 invasion, Beirut was surrounded within seven days, Assad said."" (Joel Greenberg ‘Israel, Hezbollah debate war's success, victor’ August 15, 2006).

The jews’ war strategy had been a military catastrophe. Their primary strategy had been to provoke a civil war. Once this failed to materialize they had no other strategy to fall back upon to achieve their ever more grandiose war objectives. Their incursions into lebanon at the start of the war would have indicated all too clearly that a ground invasion would be a military disaster, "This operation (the land offensive), which was planned and which the army spent years training for, was not carried out earlier, because it was clear that it would not bring any meaningful gains but would be costly in lives. The army would, indeed, have occupied wide areas, but without being able to dislodge the Hizbullah fighters from them." (Uri Avnery ‘The Thirty Three Day War: From Mania to Depression’ August 17, 2006). The only land invasion that was feasible was a gimmick which could be protected from a disaster by a un ceasefire.

It needs to be emphasized that the jews spent nearly three years preparing for this war. They knew from their last occupation of lebanon that hezbollah was a formidable fighting force which employed specific military tactics. And yet the jews never employed any special counter-tactics to eradicate hezbollah. Within a month of starting the war they ran out of contingency plans so the only option left was to scarper to safety. Such was the military catastrophe that it gave the impression that the jews hadn’t made any preparation for the war, which was after all their war of choice, but had attacked lebanon simply out of blind rage because olmert had been angered by nasrullah’s taunts. "The real cause of the latest Lebanon war, wrote (Haaretz columnist Doron) Rosenblum, was not seizure of two Israeli soldiers by Hezbullah, but an earlier TV speech by Hezbullah’s leader, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, that provoked Israel’s leaders to fury and an act of supreme folly. Nasrallah taunted Israel’s new triumvirate of PM Ehud Olmert, Defense Minister Amir Peretz, and Chief of Staff Dan Halutz, sneering they were "small" compared to Ariel Sharon. "Adding fuel to the fire," wrote Rosenblum, "Nasrallah emphasized the 'small' with his fingers."" (Eric Margolis ‘A Foolhardy War, Unleashed by Fools’ August 09,2006).

After the war was over, "a senior commander" in the jos’s military put his spin on the events – not surprisingly, blaming jewish politicians for the disaster. "The army asked the government for a five-day ground operation to reach the Litani River and was ready on Monday, Aug. 7, the commander said. "The government asked us to wait because of the negotiations, and we waited Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and most of Friday," he said. Only then, when the negotiations at the United Nations were going against Israel, did Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Defense Minister Amir Peretz order the expanded ground operation, which had only been approved by the Cabinet on Wednesday, Aug. 9." (Stephen Erlanger ‘Israel Committed to Block Arms and Kill Nasrallah’ August 20, 2006). A five day operation would have been even more of a bloody disaster and an even bigger defeat than a two day one but this is the last thing a jewish military leader is willing to admit.

The war against lebanon was also a political disaster for the jos. It pathologically implemented a long term plan for a nasty, vicious bombing campaign against lebanese civilians. Its psychoticly violent attacks shocked substantial sections of the western public. It showed itself to be utterly cowardly for its aerial attacks, its deliberate targeting of innocent civilians, and its attempt to resuscitate the lebanese civil war that, a couple of decades earlier, had torn the country apart. It launched a ground invasion only when it knew it could extricate itself from any significant counter-attack because of the ceasefire. The only things the jewish military are good at is killing innocent civilians, murdering women and children, and getting other people to fight their filthy racist wars. "Lebanon, which has never fought Israel and has 40 daily newspapers, 42 colleges and universities and hundreds of different banks, is being destroyed by our planes and cannon and nobody is taking into account the amount of hatred we are sowing. In international public opinion, Israel has been turned into a monster, and that still hasn't been calculated into the debit column of this war. Israel is badly stained, a moral stain that can't be easily and quickly removed. And only we don't want to see it." (Gideon Levy ‘Days of darkness’ July 31, 2006). The racist jos has shown itself to be not merely beyond contempt but militarily vulnerable. This can only be good for the sake of peace and justice in the middle east and around the rest of the world.

It is scarcely believable that hezbollah inflicted a catastrophic defeat on the world’s fourth most powerful military. The common view was that, "Israel has all the military muscle it needs to defeat Hamas and Hezbollah. If and when it achieves these goals, an outside interlocutor will have to broker a cease-fire between the belligerents, assist the Lebanese army in disarming Hezbollah ..." (Leon Hadar ‘Let Mideast be EU's problem’ July 21, 2006). The jewish army scarpered out of lebanon before hezbollah inflicted on it even greater casualties. If the jewish army had not used the ceasefire to defend itself, it would have been forced to endure another ignominious retreat like the one it had suffered in 2000. Jewish politicians in the jos are currently being condemned by the jewish military for agreeing to a ceasefire thereby preventing the army from doing what it had to do in lebanon to win the war. The reality is, however, that the ceasefire prevented the jewish army from suffering even greater losses than it did. The ceasefire did not stop the jewish military from winning - it prevented the jewish military from suffering an even more ignominious disaster. After a life time of ignoring un resolutions, the jews were suddenly insisting that everyone obeys every last detail of resolution 1701 in order to extricate its army from the mess it had got itself into. The jewish army lays in ruins exactly like much of southern lebanon. The words of ashraf isma’il turned out to be prophetic. "For all of these reasons, Israeli attempts to impose terms on Lebanon, or to redraw the political map of Lebanon, or even to impose a NATO force upon Southern Lebanon, are not militarily feasible nor politically achievable, and if attempted, will prove ultimately unsustainable. As will soon be demonstrated by events on the ground, Israel will not be able to destroy or even disarm Hizballah. Neither will Hamas, Hizballah, Lebanon, or Syria permit Israel or America to dictate terms to them. Consequently, if Israel lingers too long in Southern Lebanon, its presence will be paid for at such a high cost, that it will be forced to withdraw in ignominy, as it has so many times in the past." (Ashraf Isma’il ‘Why Israel is Losing’ July 25, 2006).

Jewish Supremacism on Display.
The Callousness and Viciousness of the Jos.
Uri Avnery.
"Years of the occupation regime in the Palestinian territories have caused a terrible callousness as far as human lives are concerned. The killing of ten to twenty Palestinians every day, including women and children, as happens now in Gaza, does not agitate anyone. It doesn't even make the headlines. Gradually, even routine expressions like "We regret…we had no intention…the most moral army in the world…" and all the other trite phrases are not heard anymore." (Uri Avnery ‘Is Beirut Burning?’ July 26 2006).

Dan Gillerman.
"Mr Gillerman said "something very important was missing" from Mr Annan's speech: any mention of terrorism. Hizbullah were "ruthless indiscriminate animals", he told reporters. "We must first address the core and the root cause of why these hostilities started in the first place, and who started them ... If there's a ceasefire while this cesspool continues to fester, we'll leave Hizbullah with the capability to do time and time again what they've done this time."" (Oliver Burkeman in New York and Ewen MacAskill "Israel angry, US wary as Annan peace plan calls for ceasefire",,1825727,00.html July 21, 2006

Jews left Landmines in Lebanon.
Perhaps one of the most sickening examples of the jos’ extraordinary perversity has been its refusal to divulge the whereabouts of nearly a third of a million land mines that it left behind in southern lebanon after it was pushed out of the country by hezbollah. Innocent civilians are still being killed and maimed by these mines. "About the only gift to Lebanon in the UN resolution was the expressed need to provide the UN with remaining Israeli maps of landmines in Lebanon. But Israel has again dropped lethal ordnance all over southern Lebanon." (Robert Fisk ‘This draft shows who is running America's policy... Israel’ August 07 2006); "Hezbollah's immediate objectives were the release of Lebanese and other Arab prisoners held in Israeli jails, return of the occupied Shebaa Farms, and the release by Israel, as previously agreed, of maps showing the location of some 300,000 land mines (now doubtless many more) Israel had left behind in Lebanon, Hijab said." (Thalif Deen ‘Israel's Military Invincibility Dented by Hezbollah’ August 9, 2006).

Rampant Jewish Paranoia.
The pathologically violent jos attacked lebanese civilians with such ferocity because of its paranoia not because of any realistic threat posed by hezbollah militarily.

Juan Cole.
"The wholesale destruction of all of Lebanon by Israel and the US Pentagon does not make any sense. Why bomb roads, roads, bridges, ports, fuel depots in Sunni and Christian areas that have nothing to do with Shiite Hizbullah in the deep south? And, why was Hizbullah's rocket capability so crucial that it provoked Israel to this orgy of destruction? Most of the rockets were small katyushas with limited range and were highly inaccurate. They were an annoyance in the Occupied Golan Heights, especially the Lebanese-owned Shebaa Farms area. Hizbullah had killed 6 Israeli civilians since 2000. For this you would destroy a whole country? It doesn't make any sense. Moreover, the Lebanese government elected last year was pro-American! Why risk causing it to fall by hitting the whole country so hard?" (Juan Cole ‘One Ring to Rule Them’ August 06, 2006).

Ken Silverstein.
Despite all the talk in the press of Israel acting to end the threat of "terrorist" attacks by Hezbollah, the border between the countries had been relatively quiet since the IDF withdrew from Lebanon in May 2000. According to Augustus Richard Norton, a professor of international relations at Boston University and Middle East expert, six Israeli civilians had been killed in the six years prior to the Israeli invasion - one by a falling anti-aircraft round fired at Israeli aircraft violating Lebanese airspace and five in an August 2002 Palestinian operation that was likely aided by Hezbollah. Meanwhile, Norton says, roughly twenty Lebanese civilians were killed either by hostile action or by mines left behind by the IDF. During the same period, 25 Israeli soldiers were killed in Hezbollah attacks; that number includes the eight soldiers killed in the July 12 incident that triggered the invasion. "The task of maintaining stability across this hostile border was neither impossible nor infeasible," Norton wrote in the Boston Globe today. "Indeed, the rules of the game were well understood by both Israel and its Hezbollah foe."" (Ken Silverstein. ‘Israel's March of Folly’ August 7, 2006).

The Third War of the Global Jewish Empire.
The jews merciless attack on lebanese civilians is not just another jewish war in the middle east. It is the third war of the global jewish empire. In 1990 the global jewish empire pushed the west into a war against saddam’s invasion of kuwait. In 2003 it pushed america into an invasion of iraq and now it has launched a war against lebanon. All that jews are interested in, is creating war, war, war, and yet more war returning much of the middle east to dust.

It has been suggested that this war has shown the western world’s disinterestedness in reining in the savagery and barbarism of the jos. So-called western civilization, which proclaims it is bound by laws which protect all important personal and political freedoms, has shown no concern over the utter illegality of what the jos is doing. "The ever more morally bankrupt "international community" sees nothing, hears nothing, and says nothing. Don't take my word for it. An aide of the Israeli PM said recently: "We are acting there [in Gaza] in an unprecedented manner; we're firing hundreds of artillery shells, attacking from the air, sea and land and the world remains silent."" (Gabriel Ash ‘Israel's Terrorism’ July 18, 2006); "This is especially because compounding Israel's trademark collective-punishment techniques - bombing bridges and an international airport, killing scores of civilians indiscriminately, turning Beirut into Gaza - shines President George W Bush's imperial indifference, not to mention the international community's. Just as in 1982 - when president Ronald Reagan said it was all right for Ariel Sharon to invade Lebanon - now Bush says it's all right for Israel to bomb Lebanese civilians." (Pepe Escobar ‘Leviathan run amok’ July 19, 2006).

This silence is not mere acquiescence in what the jos is doing but slavish obedience to their jewish masters. This war is yet further proof that the jews have conquered the western world and turned its politicians into jewish muppets. "The House of Representatives resolution, bought and paid for by AIPAC money, is the final nail in the coffin of American prestige in the Middle East. It shows that America is, indeed, Israel's puppet, just as Osama bin Laden says, and as a majority of Muslims believe." (Paul Craig Roberts ‘The Shame of Being an American’ July 22, 2006).

The jos has always insisted that its enemies were long time supporters of the nazis during the second world war. It has always sought to portray its enemies as if they were hangovers from the age of totalitarianism and that, in effect, the jews are fighting belated wars against the nazis in their various contemporary disguises. However, this does not apply in the case of either hamas or hezbollah. In the 1970s most of lebanon’s rural peasants had no quarrel with the jos. It was only after the jews’ successive invasions of their country and the jews’ prolonged occupation of the country that lebanese peasants banded together to form hezbollah to remove the jewish filth ruining their lives. Hezbollah is thus an enemy of the jews’ own making. It is an enemy formed solely because of its discovery of the truth about the jos’s barbarism beneath its supposedly civilized veneer. The reason for hezbollah’s successes against the jews is simply because whilst the rest of the world is fooled by jewish lies about the civilized nature of the jos, hezbollah knows just how evil jewish leaders and most of its people are and what must be done to curb the global imperialist ambitions of these monsters. Everywhere the jews invade they create enemies because of their merciless, nazi-like, oppression.

The jews are surrounding themselves with walls, security fences, and buffer zones as if they are trying to shut out the rest of the world which finds them all too repulsive. They are locking themselves into their own belligerent, barbaric, psychotic, paranoid world.


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