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America Implementing Jewish Foreign Policies

Updated October 06, 2006

Jewish Power over America’s Foreign Policies in the Middle East.
Since the end of the second world war the Jewish lobby in America has had an increasing influence over American policies in the Middle East. It has bribed, blackmailed, manipulated, or pressured, a succession of American presidents into implementing policies in the Middle East that support the Jews-only state in Palestine (Jos) even though they have run counter to America’s national interests.

In 1948 the Jewish lobby persuaded the Truman administration to support the foundation of the Jos against the advice of many of Truman’s advisors and the opposition of all Moslem, oil-owning, states. Implanting a western colonial, and racist, state in the middle of the Arab/Moslem world has caused a succession of wars and continual strife which have done nothing to boost America’s credibility or interests in the region.

In 1973 America, and the rest of the world, suffered a major economic recession resulting from an Arab oil boycott in retaliation for America’s military support for the Jos.

In the mid 1990s, the Jewish lobby succeeded in persuading president Clinton to ban America’s gigantic, multi-national, oil corporations from investing in Iran. Over the last decade, this has meant they have lost out on tens of billions of dollars of profits which would also have given a considerable boost to the American economy. Even Dick Cheney protested against the ban. "Go back to March 1996. Cheney was CEO of Halliburton, which was eagerly seeking to win energy business in Iran. The Clinton Administration had imposed sanctions on Iran a year earlier. "I think," said Cheney, "we Americans sometimes make mistakes. There seems to be an assumption that somehow we know what's best for everybody else and that we are going to . . . get everybody else to live the way we would like." Two years later, in a speech at the Cato Institute, Cheney was even more scathing toward American sanctions on Iran." (Ken Silverstein ‘Dick Cheney, Dove’ May 17, 2006). Martin Indyk, a member of the Clinton administration, has pointed out another disadvantage of the bill. "Mr. Indyk criticized the Iran-Libya Sanctions Act signed by President Clinton as "counterproductive." He said it had split America from its allies in Europe. The bill had been championed by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee." (Ira Stoll ‘‘Israel Lobby' Caused War i n Iraq, September 11 Attacks, Professor Says’ September 29, 2006).

In 2003, the Jewish lobby, the jewish dominated media in america, and the Jewish neocons in the Bush administration, manipulated America into an invasion of Iraq even though Iraq was a military threat only to the Jos not to America or American interests in the region.

For the last few years, the Jos has been providing political and military assistance to Kurds supporting the formation of a greater Kurdistan even though such a new state runs counter to America’s geostrategic alliances with Iraq, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Egypt.

After the Jos’s barbaric attacks on Lebanese civilians American politicians are currently acting as the Jews’ proxy in Lebanon trying to achieve through the United Nations’ international force what the Jos could not achieve militarily. ""We have been driven into something we didn't want to do," said Anthony H. Cordesman, a military analyst at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington in an interview with the New York Times. "Far from Israel being the American proxy in a war against Iran, we've become Israel's proxy in its war against Hizballah," he said. "Israel's miscalculations have been so serious that its only hope for victory is to have the United States and the international community do for Israel what it can't do militarily, which is defeat Hizballah, assemble an international force in Lebanon and bring some sort of endgame to all this." And like in the case of any other client state, Washington should ensure that the Israeli tail doesn't wag the American dog by drawing it into unnecessary and costly ventures, like the current crisis in Lebanon." (Leon Hadar ‘Neocons Amid Lebanon’s Rubble: A Challenge to Krauthammer's Israel-as-Strategic-Asset Argument’ September 14, 2006).

As a consequence of its slavish devotion to the Jos’s serial, and illegal, pre-emptive wars, America has become increasingly reviled around the world.

Jewish Power over America’s Global Foreign Policies.
The Jewish lobby in America does not have merely a "stranglehold" (John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt) over American policies in the Middle east. It also influences America’s policies towards India and Russia, and thus, by default, China and South America.

In the mid 1990s the Jos formed a nuclear research pact with India to boost their development of nuclear weapons. The Jos and India had a common interest in countering Pakistan’s acquisition of nuclear weapons – what the Jos refers to as the ‘Islamic bomb’. However, America’s geostrategic interests were served by a nuclear balance between India and Pakistan to prevent the outbreak of a nuclear war between them. And yet this year Bush signed a nuclear agreement which will eventually provide India with nuclear superiority over Pakistan and thus seriously undermine this balance of nuclear terror. The Bush administration has also done its best to sabotage a pipeline agreement between Iran, Pakistan, and India, that would have helped consolidate good relations between the latter two countries. What is so striking about this change of policy is that since the Pentagon and New York bombings, America should have been tilting dramatically towards support for Pakistan since it has depended critically on Musharraf for help in invading Afghanistan, overthrowing the Taliban, and in curbing Al Quaeda.

The reason given by the Bush administration for this major change in America’s policy is that, geostrategically, it needs India to help counter-balance the emergence of China as a global superpower. But, this change of policy makes sense only if China poses a threat to America – which it does not. On the contrary, there is a considerable interdependence between the two economic super-powers. "After two years of consultations with more than 400 members of the US foreign-policy elite, a project headed by two leading international-relations academics is calling for the adoption of a new grand strategy designed to address multiple threats and strengthen Washington's commitment to a reformed and reinvigorated multilateral order. In a wide-ranging report released in Washington on Wednesday, the Princeton Project on National Security suggested that the policies pursued by President George W Bush since September 11, 2001, had been simplistic - even counter-productive - for the challenges facing the United States in the 21st century. On more specific issues, it calls for Washington to "take the lead in doing everything possible" to achieve a comprehensive two-state solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict; to offer Iran security assurances in exchange for its agreement not to develop a nuclear-weapons capacity; and to neither "block or contain" China, but rather to "help it achieve its legitimate ambitions within the current international order"." (Jim Lobe ‘An alternative way forward for the US’ September 29, 2006).

What is really going on here is that the Jewish lobby has succeeded in tricking the Bush administration into discarding America’s geostrategic interests on the Indian sub-continent for the sake of promoting the Jos’s regional interests. It has camouflaged the real purpose of this change of policy by pretending the new policy will counter China’s (non-existent) threat to America. But, as a consequence of the Bush administration’s failure to reward Pakistan for the huge political and military sacrifices it has made for America, it has recently started adopting policies which are far from America- friendly. "With a truce between the Pakistani Taliban and Islamabad now in place, the Pakistani government is in effect reverting to its pre-September 11, 2001, position in which it closed its eyes to militant groups allied with al-Qaeda and clearly sided with the Taliban in Afghanistan." (Syed Saleem Shahzad ‘Pakistan: Hello al-Qaeda, goodbye America’ September 8, 2006); "Pakistan's credibility as a leading ally in the war on terrorism was called into question last night when it emerged that President Pervez Musharraf's government had authorised the release from jail of thousands of Taliban fighters caught fighting coalition forces in Afghanistan." (Isambard Wilkinson ‘US outraged as Pakistan frees Taliban fighters’ September 15, 2006). The paradox of the Jewish lobby’s success in shifting this American policy is that it has undermined American interests. It not helped America to isolate China at all because Musharraf has decided that if America is going to boost India’s nuclear arsenal then he’ll have to develop a much closer relationship with China to help restore the nuclear balance of terror with India.

The Jewish lobby is so incensed about Pakistan’s recent changes in policy it has started lobbying for an American attack on Pakistan – as if America wasn’t having enough trouble in Afghanistan and Iraq. "Washington and NATO must give top priority to three policy objectives, said Rubin (Barnett Rubin, an Afghanistan expert at New York University): "Eliminating the Pakistani sanctuary [for the Taliban and al-Qaeda]; dramatically increasing international economic assistance; and pressing Karzai to take a much tougher stand against corrupt and abusive elements in his government." To achieve "strategic victory" over the Taliban, he told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee two weeks ago, the Western powers must above all exert much stronger pressure on Pakistan, including suspending all military and economic aid, until it moved to disrupt and dismantle the Taliban's Pakistan-based command structures, which he called a "major threat to international peace and security". "Contrary to the analysis of the Bush administration, whose response to September 11 [2001] wandered off to Iraq and dreams of a 'New Middle East'," Rubin noted, "the main center of global terrorism is in Pakistan, especially the Pakistan-Afghanistan border region. In the words of one military commander [he interviewed on a recent trip to Afghanistan], 'Until we transform the tribal belt, the US is at risk.'"" (Jim Lobe ‘'War on terror' returning to its cradle’ October 05, 2006).

As regards Russia: America’s belligerent attitudes towards Putin are almost entirely funded by exiled Jewish oligarchs seeking to restore their former dominance over the Russian economy and political system. They have financed anti-Putin propaganda campaigns by America’s Jewish dominated media, Jewish run think tanks, the Jewish lobby, and the Jewish neocons in the Bush administration.

One of the unintended consequences of America’s almost total preoccupation with boosting the regional supremacy of the Jos, is its failure to devote sufficient political efforts to discouraging a number of South American countries from adopting policies challenging American corporate interests on the continent. The most blatant example of which is Chavez’s Venezeula. The following quote seems to suggest that American politicians have been in hibernation over this issue. "The US military’s top general warned on Friday that forces unfriendly to the United States are brewing in the Americas, arguing that "together we need to do something about it." General Peter Pace, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, singled out Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez who this week attacked President George W. Bush as the "devil" in a speech to the UN General Assembly. "There have been increases in government actions that are not friendly to us," Pace said in a question-and-answer session with Pentagon employees. "President Chavez is clearly not a friend to the United States." (Unfriendly forces brewing in Latin America: US’ September 23, 2006). Noam Chomsky does not disagree, "Washington is now compelled to tolerate governments (in South America) that in the past would have drawn intervention or reprisal. Of course this shift is highly unwelcome in Washington, for the traditional reasons: The United States expects to rely on Latin America as a secure base for resources, markets and investment opportunities. And as planners have long emphasized, if this hemisphere is out of control, how can the United States hope to resist defiance elsewhere?" (Noam Chomsky ‘Latin America declares independence’ October 3, 2006).

America’s preoccupation with the Middle East is solely due to the influence of the Jewish lobby, the Jewish dominated media and the Jewish dominated congress. Geostrategically America’s focus on the Middle East and its disinterestedness in South America is bizarre considering that America gets more of its oil from the latter than the former. "The United States imports about 62 percent of its oil and other petroleum products. Only about 11 percent of domestic usage comes from the Persian Gulf countries. Saudi Arabia, for example, supplies about 7.2 percent of domestic usage. Our main imports by far come from Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, and Nigeria. From January to July 2004, Saudi Arabia was fourth, just ahead of Nigeria and behind Canada, Mexico, and Venezuela. Iraq was sixth. These figures are from the American Petroleum Institute. We are bogged down in the Middle East because of Israel, not oil. Iraq was perceived as a threat to Israel, not to Saudi Arabia and certainly not to us. A man who at one time prepared the president's daily intelligence briefing told me years ago that there was never any indication whatsoever that Iraq was going to invade Saudi Arabia. We just used that as an excuse for the first Gulf War." (Charley Reese ‘Not What You Think’ November 20th 2004). The freedom currently being enjoyed by many South American democrats has been paid for in the blood of the hundreds of thousands of Arabs/Moslems slaughtered by Jews and Americans in the Middle East.

The Jewish lobby in America, with the formidable help of the Jewish dominated American media, the Jewish fostered and financed Christian-Zionist movement, and the Jewish neocons in the Bush administration, has a critical influence on virtually all of America’s foreign policies not just those in the Middle East. It is pushing America into pursuing policies around the world which boost the regional interests of the Jos but undermine America’s geostrategic interests.

The Differences between American Interests and those of the Jos.
The Jos has never been America’s strategic asset in the Middle East. On the contrary, it has been an ever increasing strategic catastrophe. America’s intervention in the October 1973 war on behalf of the Jos triggered a global, decade-long, economic recession. The 2001 invasion of Afghanistan is turning into a military and financial disaster. In 2003, the Jewish lobby and neocons fabricated evidence to push America into an invasion of Iraq to depose Saddam not because the country posed a military threat to America but because it was a military threat to the Jos. This invasion has also turned out to be an even greater political and military catastrophe for America than its invasion of Afghanistan. "The war in Iraq has turned into a strategic catastrophe, with another disaster looming in Afghanistan. Anti-Americanism in the Arab and Muslim worlds is at record levels." (Patrick Seale ‘Pressures mount on Bush to bomb Iran’ September 16, 2006).

The Jewish lobby in America is currently demanding that America launches a war against Iran. It is the main instigator of this war which will boost the regional supremacy of the Jos but will be an even bigger political and military catastrophe for America than the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. Increasing numbers of commentators have reached similar conclusions. "Have the neoconservatives learned nothing from Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon? Yes, I fear that it could be so. If we go down that road, (attacking Iran) gasoline is going to cost more than Chanel perfume by the gallon, the entire Middle East will go up in flames and the conflagration will wipe out our moderate Arab friends. We will end up in even deeper kimchi than we are already in." (Joseph L. Galloway ‘Who's Really Morally and Intellectually Challenged?’ September 04, 2006); "By incessant strategic blunders, the US has isolated itself internationally and fanned the fires of global anti-Americanism, which increasingly engulf the very regions where its own resources-based strategic interests lie." (W Joseph Stroupe ‘Russia spins global energy spider's web’ Aug 25, 2006); "For sacrificing untold numbers of American lives at the service of a foreign power, the Lobby and its political supporters in the US Congress will go down in history as traitors to our highest ideals as a free and independent country." (James Petras ‘Israeli-US Strategy: Lebanon and Iran’ September 06, 2006).

The Rogue Jos.
America’s invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, and the Jews’ invasion of Lebanon, have turned out to be economic and military disasters for the invaders – not forgetting the victims of these illegal invasions. But this could be just a prelude. A Jewish inspired American attack on Iran will be a civilizational disaster. The Jewish lobby, the Jewish dominated media, and the Jewish neocons in the Bush administration, lied about Saddam’s possession of nuclear weapons. This same group of liars is pretending that Iran poses a nuclear threat to the United States. That this lie has become accepted by politicians in America, and the rest of the Western world, is indicative of global Jewish power. That the Jos, and the Jewish lobbies in each country in the Western world, worked together to push Iraq, and more recently Iran, to the top of the global political agenda, when there are far more urgent global issues needing attention, is indicative of their grip over global politics.

The Jos is a kleptomaniac state which has stolen land from Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine. The Jewish lobby in America is the Jos’s political agent in America. It is an agent of a foreign power no different from communist parties in Europe during the 1930s and 1940s. It politically perverted America’s war against Al Quaeda terrorism into a global war against the enemies of the Jos i.e. all those seeking to free themselves from Jewish colonialism. "Rather than take care of business in Afghanistan after 9/11, Bush and clueless U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld allowed bin Laden to slip out of the Tora Bora caves to plan more attacks and the Taliban to regroup. Instead, Bush and Co. threw the bulk of our military and aid resources into a disastrous attempt to remake oil-rich Iraq, which had nothing to do with 9/11, into an American puppet state." (Robert Scheer ‘Afghanistan: High on Opium, Not Democracy’ Sep 5, 2006).

The Jos is trying to pretend it is a western, multi-cultural, secular, democratic society when in reality it is kleptomaniac, terrorist, militaristic, fundamentalist, apartheid, state. The Jewish lobby in America, and its counterparts in other Western countries, are endeavoring to present Jewish racism as a normal, acceptable part of the civilized world. But no civilized person or country can accept Jewish racism. The sooner the traitorous powers of the Jewish lobby in America and elsewhere are curbed the better. The sooner the malignant racist influence of the Jewish dominated media in the western world is curbed the better. The sooner the Jews’ racist state is abolished the better.

The Jewish Transformation of America in to a Rogue Hyperpower.
The Jos has been a rogue state ever since it was founded. If anything, it has become an increasingly violent, and racist, state. For the last sixty years America has been regarded globally as the leader of the free world, the beacon of freedom and democracy shining around the world. However, over this time America has not merely failed to force the Jos into abolishing its racist nature so that it could join the civilized world, it has been manipulated increasingly by the Jewish lobby until it has now become a rogue hyperpower which does the bidding of the racist Jos. The Jewish lobby has transformed America into the splitting image of the racist Jos.

Postscript: The Miracles Wrought by Hezbollah.
What is so remarkable about Hezbollah is its intimate understanding of the Jos. Prior to the 1980s southern lebanon was mainly a semi-feudal peasant backwater. It had virtually no prospects for a prosperous future nor any likelihood of winning renown in history. In 1982, Sharon’s army swept through the area in a matter of hours leaving carnage behind it.

The people of southern Lebanon, like the Palestinians before them, were subjected to the cruel and brutal realities of life under an illegal Jewish occupation. They knew that unless they learnt from their Jewish oppressors they would never free themselves from oppression. Hezbollah organized all those opposed to the Jewish occupation whether Shia, Sunni, Christian, or secularist. It won popular support by promoting social, educational, health, and economic, policies alongside its political, and military, strategies. These policies utterly transformed the lives of south Lebanese peasants until they became capable of driving out their Jewish oppressors. This was one of the most dramatic social and military transformations in history. And, no matter whether those outside Lebanon like it or not, whether they approve of what was done or not, the ousting of the Jewish military from Lebanon was one of the most heroic fights against oppression in modern history.

After the liberation of southern Lebanon from Jewish terrorism, Hezbollah was confronted by the need to formulate a new strategy. It resisted the idea of going back to its terrorist past and decided to integrate itself into Lebanese society by participating in the political process. Hezbollah developed a rapprochement with all sectors of Lebanese society and dramatically diminished the fear of a return to the civil war that had ravaged the country for fifteen years between 1975-1990. But, at the same time, it knew enough about the Jos to realize another Jewish invasion was virtually inevitable. It knew the Jos desperately wanted revenge against Hezbollah to reassert Jewish military supremacism in the region. Ever since the Jewish military had been kicked out of Lebanon, it had carried out almost daily violations of Lebanese sovereignty – none of which were ever mentioned in the Jewish dominated western media. Hezbollah knew the Lebanese military could not defend the country from an attack by the Jos - it had neither the training, nor the resources, nor the determination derived from bitter personal experience - so Hezbollah alone had to prepare for this eventuality.

Nasrullah’s insights into the Jos led him to mock the Jews’ new political and military leaders for their incompetence and stupidity. Whilst the rest of the world feared the ferocious power of the world’s fourth most powerful military, Nasrullah knew its limitations. His insights turned out to be more accurate than anyone elses given the Jews’ disastrous attack on Lebanon. The war also exposed another interesting development – Jews’ listened avidly to Nasrullah’s broadcasts because he told them the truth about what was happening in the war - unlike the liars in their own government. Hezbollah has now triumphed twice over what was commonly deemed to be the invincible Jewish military.

From the outset of the Jews’ disproportionate and barbaric onslaught against Lebanese civilians many commentators predicted Hezbollah would never accept the presence of an international force on Lebanese soil. They looked back to what had happened in 1982 when the Jos manipulated American, French, and British, forces into the war on its behalf and also what happened during the Jewish occupation of southern Lebanon. That Hezbollah has now accepted United Nations’ resolution 1701, and thus the presence of an international force in its backyard, is indicative of its commitment to Lebanon’s democratic process. After its heroic stance against a vastly more powerful enemy, Hezbollah was faced by the choice of either consolidating its role as a state within a state - which would boost the prospects of a civil war or confrontation with the Lebanese army - or abiding by the Lebanese government’s decisions. It says much about Hezbollah’s multi-cultural, democratic credentials that it chose to prop up Lebanon’s fragile democratic system - even though it is rigged against the Shia.

In the mid-1990s. the Jewish lobby persuaded the Clinton administration to decree that Hezbollah was a terrorist organization. In the near future, it is likely the Bush administration will try to force the Lebanese government into renouncing Hezbollah as a terrorist organization even though it has committed no terrorist acts for over a decade. A couple of demands have already been made for the Lebanese government to eject Hezbollah from the political process on the spurious grounds of its support for terrorism. The Heritage Foundation has demanded, "Isolate Hezbollah and press the Lebanese government to expel it from the ruling coalition if it fails to disarm and halt terrorism. The U.S. should condition its offer of aid for Lebanon’s postwar reconstruction on the expulsion of Hezbollah from the ruling coalition. This will help to force Lebanese political leaders to do what they can to curtail Hezbollah’s political power." (James Phillips ‘Strong International Support Is Required to Build Peace in Lebanon’ Heritage Foundation Backgrounder #1969 September 11, 2006). If this happens Hezbollah will once again become a state within a state rather than a respectable part of Lebanese society. This will likely result in the collapse of Lebanon’s fledgling democracy, the re-emergence of civil war, and another regional war with the Jos. Only hysterical, pathologically violent, paranoid, megalomaniacs would want to drive Hezbollah back into terrorism.

The first section of this article on America’s foreign policies is a summary of views outlined in
‘Americans Vanquished: Americans groveling at the feet of their Jewish Masters’.

More specifically, please see Chapter 5: The Impact of America’s Jewish Elite on America’s Foreign Policies.


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