Wednesday, October 11, 2006

North Korea and America’s Jewish Foreign Policies.

After north korea joined the world’s nuclear club on october 09, 2006, it has become apparent that Kim Jong-Il’s decision to go nuclear derived primarily from the bush administration’s judaeo-centric foreign policies.

Firstly, in america, the jewish lobby, the jewish dominated media, and the jews in the bush administration, have forced bush into focusing almost exclusively on the middle east to the virtual exclusion of all other foreign policy issues. Even though the nuclear threat posed by north korea was much more urgent than the nuclear threats posed by iraq or iran, the jews in the bush administration went out of their way to discourage bush from placing north korea at the top of the global political agenda because this would have distracted him from promoting the interests of the jews only state in palestine (jos) in the middle east which were overwhelmingly concerned with iraq and iran rather than korea. The bush administration did very little to deter north korea from going nuclear in comparison to the huge amount of time and effort it devoted to the alleged nuclear threats posed by iraq and iran. America’s disinterestedness in north korea in comparison to its invasion of iraq and its continual propaganda war against iran is bizarre given any objective assessments of the threats posed by these countries.

Secondly, in america, the jewish lobby, the jewish dominated media, and the jews in the bush administration all support a highly belligerent foreign policy in which negotiations are dismissed in favour of pre-emptive military strikes. The jewish neocons’ belligerence has infected the bush administration to such a degree that bush now prefers to threaten countries with pre-emptive military attacks rather than seeking negotiations to reach a mutually beneficial agreement. Bush’s belligerent attitudes towards foreign policies are an exact replica of those promoted by the jos. Bush’s judeo-centric hostility toward north korea is solely responsible for pushing the country into developing nuclear weapons to defend itself from an american military attack.

America’s Disinterestedness and Bellicosity towards Korea.
A number of commentators have pointed out these two attitudes, disinterestedness and belligerence, in bush’s foreign policies without ascribing their origins to america’s jewish ruling elite.

Ron Jacobs.
"Besides the very real threat of some kind of military action that could escalate into a full-scale war, the other distressing aspect of this entire scenario is that it could most likely have been prevented. If Washington had agreed to sit down with Pyongyang and hold head-to-head talks that included the signing of a peace treaty between the two nations, the world would not find itself in today's situation. Yet, for some reason known only to a relative few, Washington has refused to sign such a treaty (or even hold head-to-head talks), even though military hostilities ended over fifty years ago." (Ron Jacobs ‘North Korea's Big Bang’ October 9, 2006).

Justin Raimondo.
"The Clinton administration tried to engage Pyongyang, with notable lack of success, and the Bush administration has spent years ignoring the problem, convinced that if we talk to our enemies we'll have given them a "carrot" they can chew on to their heart's content without granting any concessions in return." (Justin Raimondo ‘North Korea's Nukes: Why Now?’ October 11, 2006).

Mike Whitney.
"The crisis with North Korea was entirely avoidable for anyone with even minimal diplomatic skills and an elementary understanding of human psychology. Instead, the Bush troupe persisted for 6 years with the same inflexible policy nudging Kim ever-closer to producing his first nuclear weapon. Now, half the population of the United States is in the gun-sights of a madcap tyrant whose basic grasp of reality has always been seriously in doubt. The Bush administration has known what Kim wants for 6 years and has had ample opportunity to find a peaceful resolution to the standoff. North Korea's demands go back to the original 1994 "Framework Agreement" in which Bill Clinton promised to provide food, fuel and 2 light-water reactors in exchange for North Korea's abandoning its nuclear weapons programs. The North agreed to these terms, but the United States has never honored its obligations." (Mike Whitney ‘Bumbling Toward Disaster: Bush and North Korea’ October 10, 2006).

Kaveh L Afrasiabi.
"The chances are North Korea will become more of a "reference" by Iran in the near future, in part to highlight the rather egregious double standards of the international community in turning a blind eye to proliferation in one case and vehement objection to the (allegations of) proliferation in another. This is not even to mention the proposed US-India nuclear-sharing agreement, which flies in the face of the United States' own non-proliferation commitments." (Kaveh L Afrasiabi ‘North Korea eases the heat on Iran - for now’ Oct 11, 2006).

John Feffer.
"Five years ago, when US President George W Bush took office, North Korea didn't claim membership in the nuclear club. Its plutonium-reprocessing facilities were frozen. It was even willing to negotiate away its missile program. Instead of pursuing the diplomatic route, the Bush administration tried to ignore Pyongyang. Then came the schoolyard taunts such as lumping North Korea together with Iraq and Iran in an "axis of evil". When indifference and insult failed to move the isolated Northeast Asian country, the administration accused North Korea of enriching uranium, which led to the unraveling of the 1994 Agreed Framework and the reigniting of a major crisis. To top it off, Washington began to squeeze Pyongyang economically with sanctions." (John Feffer ‘When the stick waves, the hornet stings’ October 12, 2006).

Yet again Bush’s Jewish Policies are Endangering America.
America is now suffering the consequences of pursuing foreign policies designed to protect the interests of the jos rather than its own strategic interests because it is endangered by korea’s nuclear weapons. "He (Kim Jong-Il) will soon be able to launch missiles with nuclear warheads onto U.S. forces on the DMZ and Okinawa. Given time and the testing of his long-range rockets, North Korea will one day be able to bombard the American mainland with atom bombs." (Patrick J. Buchanan ‘An Asian Nuclear Arms Race?’ October 11, 2006). Bush’s failure to dissuade north korea from developing nuclear weapons and intercontinental weapons which now pose a threat to america is yet another foreign policy disaster for america. "How could Bush let the situation get so out-of-hand? After all, the central tenet of the war on terror is: "We will not let the world's most dangerous weapons fall into the hands of the world's worst dictators"? Instead, they have elevated an unstable megalomaniac into a nuclear-armed menace. It could turn out to be the greatest foreign policy meltdown in American history." (Mike Whitney ‘Bumbling Toward Disaster: Bush and North Korea’ October 10, 2006).

Just as america’s ruling jewish elite pushed bush into an invasion of iraq which has turned into an economic and military catastrophe for america, so bush’s jewish foreign policies have ended up endangering america. Jews in america have foisted their paranoid, megalomaniacal, warmongering onto the bush administration but all this has achieved has been to push america towards yet another catastrophe.

The Conundrum of America’s Foreign policies.
It has been obvious ever since bush announced in his 2002 state of the union address highlighting an axis of evil consisting of north korea, iraq, and iran, that korea had a far greater capability for developing nuclear weapons than either iraq or iran. If this was the case why did the bush administration spend so much time push iraq and then iran to the top of the global political agenda whilst refusing to do anything whatsoever about korea? One commentator outlines the conundrum without providing any answers. "The faintest whiff of weapons of mass destruction had justified US military intervention in Iraq. And all the United States could do with North Korea was call it names?" (John Feffer ‘When the stick waves, the hornet stings’ October 12, 2006). Why has the bush administration neglected the biggest nuclear weapons threat to america whilst ignoring the non-existent nuclear threats from iraq and iran? The only answer to this is that america’s foreign policies are determined by america’s jewish elite which is far more concerned with the military threats that iran and iraq pose to the jos than they are with any military threats to america. America’s jewish traitors don’t care what happens to america. They are concerned only with the safety and military colonialism of the jos. Until these traitors are forced out of the bush administration they will push america towards even greater catastrophes.


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